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text 2019-01-05 21:16
Authors and Readers

It almost feels like 2014 around here again. We have authors showing their butts and some readers arguing that if you can't say anything positive, that we shouldn't post reviews. That we love negativity and that those that post "critical" reviews are doing it for publicity and to become famous. 


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Yep, I know when I post reviews for free after spending my own time and money on books that I somehow get all the accolades (deliberate eye-roll).


A lot of us ran to Booklikes back in 2014 after the mess going on at Amazon and Goodreads. We had the STGRB joke of a group running around and threatening retaliation for every negative review. They freaking doxxed people. And some authors stood around saying how bad and went about their day. We only had each other to lean on and support us. Heck, I stopped reviewing for four months after being doxxed. I finally said screw it though when all of that crap came out with Blythe and Kathleen Hale.



I was straight up livid, people were laughing at a stranger who was stalked at work and home. I am sure if Kathleen Hale wasn't young, blonde, and white, it wouldn't have been so damn funny. Moonlight Reader broke it down a lot better than I can though, check out her blog, The Shaming of Blythe Harris. And people are doing the same damn thing more than four years later. Blythe read a book, posted her comments about it, and then posted a review, like we all do. Apparently that meant that Kathleen Hale had the right to do what she did. Her coming back to write some BS personal essay about it is gross as hell. 


Hale's publisher has pushed back with mumble mouth excuses about the importance of what she has to say. I wonder how in the #metoo movement anyone thinks that's it's cool that one woman harassed and stalked another one and it's cool to praise her. I hope that book bombs like a motherfucker and she chokes on the reviews coming her way.

That said, it looks like we need to break it down for the reading community one more damn time. 


1. My reviews are not for the author of the book. If I wanted the author of the book's comments about my reviews, I would send it to them. Since I am not an asshole, I would ask they respect my space and stay the hell out of my reviews. 


2. Critical reviews are just as necessary as positive reviews that say nothing except regurgitate the book summary and say this was great.


3. Goodreads and other book review sites need to do more to keep up the separation between authors and readers. I am a little tired of street teams popping up on Goodreads getting pissy because I dissed their lord and master by not loving a book. And I am also tired of authors popping up in my review comments asking me to please review their book. Stop it. 


4. I use a pseudonym because I am a woman on the damn internet. The world at large has shown that it's not safe for us out there, and I will be damned that I am somehow less than because I won't show you my face or tell you my name. As it is, I am reluctant to even give people my address that I am friends with here and on Goodreads. This incident has brought up all of those old fears again about someone trying to harm you. 


5. The last time we all had enough we did a blogger blackout, and with the release of Hale's book in June, I am wondering if another one is warranted? 


I hope everyone in 2019, reads what they want, reviews how they feel, and doesn't have to keep defending themselves to authors or other readers out there that complain we are not nice enough. 

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text 2019-01-03 18:02
In Honor of the Dems Taking the House....Review Wave

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text 2018-12-31 21:56
Thanks Chris for the books and gifts!!




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text 2018-12-29 23:23
Top 10 Books of 2018!

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Towards Zero (Superintendent Battle, #5)

1. Towards Zero by Agatha Christie was fantastic. I really wish we had gotten more Superintendent Battle books since he was a great protagonist. This book surprised me with the ending. Dame Agatha definitely can spin a tale and I love that this was one was sort of a locked door mystery.


Together: Our Community Cookbook


2. Together by Hubb Community Kitchen is a great cookbook! Now that my kitchen is put mostly back together, I had some fun with some of the recipes in here. Having the book divided up by meal was great, and if you are looking for something to cook that doesn't involve a lot of steps, some of the recipes in here are probably what you are looking for. I also love how this cookbook came together as did the community after the Greenfell Tower Tragedy. FYI, "hubb" means love in Arabic.


The Hollow Man


3. The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr was outstanding. You get a perfect lock room murder mystery that still has me baffled even though I now know the solution. Moonlight gifted this book to me and I have already loaned it to someone else who has always wanted to read it, but couldn't find a copy anywhere else either. 


The Witchcraft of Salem Village


4. The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson. Jackson did such a good job of breaking down the ins and outs of the accused and what was behind so many villagers turning on each other to accuse them of witchcraft. Jackson provides new information about how the accusations also spread to Andover, but were not believed. One wonders what would have happened if those in Salem had decided that the young girls who came out accusing others were liars.


A Monster Calls


5. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness was heartbreaking. I want another story.


Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels, #10)


6. Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews. Andrews ends the Kate Daniels series on a high and to me perfect note. I can't wait to keep up with everyone in the Iron & Magic series though. 


Charm City (Tess Monaghan #2)


7. Charm City by Laura Lippman. Lippman gives you a PI you can root for all while the action takes place in Baltimore. 


Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1)


8. Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews. Well they did it again. They set up another series that is an automatic buy. Getting to see Hugh's story and actually like him still galls me. Gall.


So You Want to Talk About Race

9. So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. This book is a must read for everyone out there. Oluo does a great job of breaking down topics and giving you real world examples.



Winter Solstice


10. Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher.  Absolutely adored this book and I can see why many readers have Pilcher on their must read list. So many people told me if I loved Binchy I had to check out Pilcher, and they were right. Great book and lovely ending.




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text 2018-12-24 18:35
Merry Christmas!

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