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review 2017-11-12 13:25
In Three-Quarter Time by Pam Lecky
In Three-Quarter Time: A Short Story - Pam Lecky

So much happens in these few pages that I found myself wanting more. The characters were just starting to feel like friends when suddenly my time with them was over. What greater recommendation can I give than that?

Lecky gives readers a glimpse of life in Dublin during WWI, the excitement, the romance, the tragedy, the loss. There's a lot of emotion packed into this short story with the main character's sister suffering long-term illness, her brother enthusiastically volunteering to take his part in the glorious war, and the man she secretly loves hoping to find his fortune in America.

Did I say that I wish it was longer?

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review 2017-07-25 09:22
A Short Time To Die
A Short Time to Die - Susan Alice Bickford,Rachel Dulude

Deep in Central New York in village ruled by a crime family, Marly escaped her stepfather and his father, but she is nowhere to escaping their grasp. When some bodies turn up almost fifteen years later, Marly's story will slowly start to unravel.

I found the story of Marly quite interesting, and also the murder mystery itself was quite nice. I thought I had figured it out quite early on, but some questions remained unanswered for some time. All female characters, both good and evil, were particularly strong characters. In the end, I thought the conclusion came a bit quick compared to the rest of the story, but all in all it was a very nice mystery book.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2016-04-16 21:39
Audio/Book Review of Champion of Dead Time (A free short story /Prologue of The Cathedral Of Known Things) by Edward Cox
FREE SHORT STORY: Champion of Dead Time - Orion Publishing Group,Edward Cox,Imogen Church

In the heart of the Retrospective, a demon is awakened from never-ending war with a terrible new purpose....
'Champion of Dead Time' is as a standalone prologue to The Cathedral of Known Things, the second book in the Relic Guild series by Edward Cox.


Review 5*


This is a free short audiobook story which features as the prologue in the written book.


This is again narrated by Imogen Church. I love her voice, it is melodic and she has the ability to bring the characters to life.


In this short story, we are introduced to "The Woodsman", who is a demon living in the desolate lands of the Retrospective. However, he may have been an Aelfir, loyal to the Genaii before/during the war which saw the human settlement of Labrys Town become isolated and he became a demon. He has an active role in The Cathedral of Known Things, the second book in The Relic Guild Trilogy that this snippet comes from. In this story, which is told through his eyes, we get to see the savagery and brutality that he lives with on a day to day basis. We follow him as Fabian Moor, a Genaii, makes contact with him. I love this series, the world building and character development is extraordinary.


Some people may find themselves slightly confused as to what this short story has to do with the main plot line, but as I said, he has an active role in the second book. Who he was/is remains a mystery, but I am hoping to find out when the third and concluding book, The Watcher of Dead Time is released.


Edward Cox has written an intriguing short story that introduces a new character into the world he created. I love his fast paced writing style, and the flow of the story was wonderful; it kept me hooked. He has a firm fan in me.


Due to scenes of violence and gore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers under the age of 15. However, I highly recommend this book if you love science fiction and dark fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton

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review 2016-02-07 22:57
Review: Extant
Extant: A Time Travel Short Story - Anthony Vicino
I originally read Extant, by Anthony Vicino, as part of the Time Travel Chronicles (Future Chronicles) and it was a wonderful book to start out the collection with, and to this day it is probably one of the stories that stands out in my mind the most from the collection... and that's saying a lot, because ALL of the stories in that collection were good. Extant is something special, though, giving us a look into a complex universe that I want to learn more about.

In this short story, the author takes us into a world where the gifted can freeze time, race through it, or blink to the past. With all powers, there are those who want to use them for their own gain - but when a young woman is kidnapped, can rest of her team save her? With all good stories, not everything is perfect, even powers that allow you to relive and change time. Can knowing that you're saving the world make up for the horrifying consequences?
Source: www.amazon.com/review/RL101F5DHSNBQ
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review 2015-08-21 11:38
The History of Time: A Very Short Introduction
The History of Time: A Very Short Introduction - Leofranc Holford-Strevens


Description: Why do we measure time in the way that we do? Why is a week seven days long? At what point did minutes and seconds come into being? Why are some calendars lunar and some solar? The organisation of time into hours, days, months and years seems immutable and universal, but is actually far more artificial than most people realise. The French Revolution resulted in a restructuring of the French calendar, and the Soviet Union experimented with five and then six-day weeks. Leofranc Holford-Strevens explores these questions using a range of fascinating examples from Ancient Rome and Julius Caesar's imposition of the Leap Year, to the 1920s' project for a fixed Easter.

North Korea celebrates new time zone, 'Pyongyang Time'

Inneresting, however somewhat dry.

3* Ancient Egypt
3* Paul
4* Witchcraft
3* The Book of Mormon
4* Druids
4* Forensic Psychology
3* Forensic Science
3* Socrates
3* The History of Time
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