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review 2014-04-27 22:11
A May Bride (A Year of Weddings #6) by Meg Moseley
A May Bride - Marybeth Whalen
Okay this book has some good points, but I did not liked Ellie mother, she's mean and only thinks about the past. Ellie is trying really hard to have a normal life away from her mother, you can clearly see things are strange when they barely talk. 
I liked Gray and the way he pointed out to Ellie how to change, but I also believe he could be a little more understand, their relationship was way too fast for me, but I liked the couple and the changes we could see in Ellie. 
Ellie spend way too much time worrying about what her mother or other people will say, she changed a lot and I think it was for the best, so Gray was perfect for her.
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review 2014-04-12 18:18
Romance Review: A January Bride by Deborah Raney
A January Bride - Deborah Raney

Maddie was such a wonderful woman, she chose to move states just to be closer to her mother and help her sister. She's truly a great woman and her life is all about creating fantasy worlds. She's an author, a very succesful one and decided to move because her sister asked her. It's not that simple to create a story and she has a deadline, but the house she was in made things extremely difficult. We can see her having a difficult time to concentrate with strange noises. But her friend and neighbor helped a lot with the offer to find her a place to work.

The inn was perfect and we can see that in the end everything would turn okay for her characters, but the best part for me was Maddie falling in love with the inn's owner. Art was a man suffering, after losing his wife we can clearly see that nothing is keeping him alive and after those letters from Maddie each day demonstrated such a change. Loved Ginny and Maddie. Art was a difficult guy to love, but a good guy too. Super sweet romance.

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review 2014-04-12 18:11
Romance Review: A December Bride by Denise Hunter
A December Bride - Denise Hunter

I love marriage romances. There's always something too sweet to end a romance novella with a wedding and celebration. So when I found this series on NetGalley my first though was the pretty cover. Loved the colors and the flowers and so rich. I understand that in the US a wedding in december is all about the winter wonderland with lots of snow. The story made possible for us to fall in love with Layla and Seth.

Seth was a great guy and I could not understand the reason for Layla to hate him so much when the guilt person was her ex-fiance. Seth was only the best-friend and had no idea about the affair with Layla cousin. So for me the drama should be only about the affair, but in the middle of everything Seth was considered guilt from Layla POV, only because he did nothing and neither told her about it.

I loved the sweet way he treated her and tried to change her anger. I don't understand why her family let her be treated that way, but Seth was perfect and I loved seeing those two together, when he got the idea to pretend a marriage I was super on his side.

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review 2014-04-10 02:09
Romance Review: An April Bride by Lenora Worth
An April Bride - Lenora Worth

I was disapointed with this book because Stella and Marshal were not likable to me and everything they did rubbed me wrong. She had trouble understanding his difficulties after years serving his country, but he lost his memory and has no idea who she is.

Another problem for me was the rush to the wedding when he was just now getting his life back together and trying really hard to connect the dots in his glimpses of the past. I don't think this was the right time for start a new life together. I understand they were planning and loved each other before, but a little time waiting wouldn't hurt anyone. Stella seemed lost in everything and didn't help.

So this book was not for me.

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review 2014-03-26 12:07
Book Review: A January Bride by Deborah Raney
A January Bride - Deborah Raney

Deborah Raney created a wonderful story for the Year Of Weddings collection! I loved this one to pieces. Ms. Rainey created a heartwarming novella that is filled with tenderness and faith. From start to finish, I was hooked!


Maddie and Arthur are truly amazing characters! With an exchange of "notes" between them, they have a fun time getting to know each other. When they finally meet, the sparks click and fly! Watching them fall in love was an exciting time for me! And sweet Ginny! She is a character I won't soon forget!


I highly recommend this 4 star novella to all who want a quick, romantic story of finding love, letting go of the past, and trusting in Him to fulfill your hopes and dreams. Ms. Raney's work is unique and I'm definitely glad to add this to my re-read collection! Well done, Ms. Raney!

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