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review 2016-12-29 05:11
Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas,Abby McDonald

A tad bit predictable, but I enjoyed this.

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review 2016-12-29 00:00
Dangerous Girls
Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas,Abby McDonald I've been meaning to read this book for some time now. It was originally published in 2013 so it has been out for a while but recently I've seen several reviews of it on booktube and they were really intriguing so I actually went to my local library, signed out a copy, and read it in less than 24 hours. I was really impressed with everything about this story and frankly I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been more hype around it because I thought it was just that good. I want to be very careful to not say to much to risk spoiling this reading experience for anyone because although I watched a "spoiler free" review of [b:Dangerous Girls|16074758|Dangerous Girls|Abigail Haas|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1356513050s/16074758.jpg|21869436]I think in a way I had an idea of what to expect because of what was said in the review and that took away from my reading experience so I will recommend going into this book knowing as little as possible and just see where it takes you and enjoy the ride!

I will say that although this is considered a YA novel, and the characters in this book are mainly teenagers, it's not one of those PG rated YA books with the squeaky clean Pollyanna types, because honestly, nothing annoys me more then when that happens. On the contrary, these teens were realistic and believable, they drank, partied, had sex, went on spring break in Aruba without parents present - all things that I would expect out of seniors in high school, relatable to my own high school experience and I appreciate that. Haas doesn't sugarcoat and she really captures the dynamics of the relationships and emotions that teens experience when discovering their independence and coming into adulthood (minus finding their BFF stabbed to death, of course).

Along with the authenticity of the characters, I also appreciated the way the story was set up, it's all told from Anna's point of view but it jumps all over the place to different points in time to really give a well rounded account of her perspective and I don't think I've ever read a book that is told in such a way but I think the execution was both brilliant and beautiful. This book is pretty thick but it was a really fast read, the story line kept me guessing and needing to know more and more so I couldn't put it down and overall I just really enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it! There is another book by Abigail Haas called [b:Dangerous Boys|19732381|Dangerous Boys|Abigail Haas|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1401967915s/19732381.jpg|27789580] but from what I understand the two books don't go together although I believe that the style of writing is similar in both- but don't quote me on that. Either way I'm very impressed with [b:Dangerous Girls|16074758|Dangerous Girls|Abigail Haas|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1356513050s/16074758.jpg|21869436] and look forward to reading [b:Dangerous Boys|19732381|Dangerous Boys|Abigail Haas|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1401967915s/19732381.jpg|27789580] very soon.
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review 2016-08-31 23:01
Dangerous Girls Book Review
Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas,Abby McDonald

I  want more YA thrillers and mystery's, like Malice, The Fixer and now Dangerous Girls. They're written well, have complex characters and keep you on your toes. 


Dangerous Girls is the story of a vacation to Aruba gone bad. Anna, her best friend Elsie and her boyfriend Tate can't wait for spring break away from their parents. But the fun ends fast when Elsie is found dead, blood everywhere, and Tate and Anna are thrown into jail. 


I loved reading about Elsie, Anna and Tate. Elsie is especially a character with layers beyond layers. Your never really sure who to believe and who to trust throughout the entire book. 


I'd be hesitant to recommend this to younger teens, its barely a young adult, if only because of the age of the characters...but such a gripping and dark read. 

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review 2016-05-08 00:00
Dangerous Boys
Dangerous Boys - Abigail Haas I was so excited to read this after reading Dangerous Girls, which was an incredible psychological thriller.
But even though the writingstyle is good (therefore the extra star) the story itself was really dissapointing.

Where Dangerous Girls was dark, thrilling and compelling, Dangerous Boys felt more like a contemporary novel.
Where the characters in Dangerous Girls were twisted and well put together, in Dangerous Boys you literally have a good guy and a bad guy (also twisted, but lacked of any more personal traits).
Where in Dangerous Girls you can understand the killer, why he or she has done it and even root for this person, in Dangerous Boys it was al poor decisions that led to the killing point anyway, so I couldn't feel sorry or compasionate to the killer at all.
Where Dangerous Girls made you pull your hair and scratch out your eyeballs because of that amazing mindf*ck ending, Dangerous Boys had the exact same plot which made it predictable this time.
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review 2015-09-07 00:00
Dangerous Girls
Dangerous Girls - Abigail Haas,Abby McDonald Wauw, wat een fantastische thriller!
Als je eenmaal in dit boek begint, laat het verhaal je niet meer los. Het is zo goed geschreven, en dan het einde... kippenvel, m'n oogballen zowat uit m'n oogkassen, rillingen, gewoon PERFECT voor een thriller.

Ik raad dit boek iedereen aan!
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