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quote 2015-10-03 21:00
The best way to accomplish something is to just do it, and then find the courage afterwards.


Source: jasonharvey.com
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photo 2015-10-03 20:59
Source: jasonharvey.com
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review 2012-11-08 00:00
In Deed Accomplish Our Designs (The Good... In Deed Accomplish Our Designs (The Good Morrow, #2) - greywash All the stars for the first half!

This starts as perfectly enjoyable PWP, but then there's an interlude where both characters act like teenage girls about ring issues (seriously, I still do NOT understand what the issue was there for two guys over 35), complete with pages and pages of stilted sentences full of em dashes in awkward conversations. And then we actually get plot. Not bad, but then the plot ends in the middle of the story arc and I am looking at the 99% mark on my kindle and the author notes that are all that's left and going "Wut?"

So, yeah, read all the porn in the first half because pretty much the entire first book should be considered foreplay, but once you hit North Dakota....
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review 2009-04-01 00:00
Less: Do Less, Accomplish More, and Transform Busyness into Composure and Results
Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less - Marc Lesser Ideas:A weekly sabbath.Ask positive questions for feedback. What can I do better, rather than what am I doing wrong? Ask for feedback, but then listen, just listen. Don't argue or try to explain the feedback, just listen. Make requests. This allows you to be transparent -- you are revealing what you want. Pay attention to when you make requests, and when you do not make requests. What stops you or gets you in your way. How do you feel when you make a request? What happens if you don't make a request? Also, how do you usually respond to other people's requests?With a yes or a no? If a yes, does it feel wholehearted or tepid?All of the exercises and experiments need to be approached with a large dose of patience and a fundamental appreciation that human relationships can be immensely complicated. Envision success. Visualize a magazine with a story about you. What does it say that you are doing? You're on the cover -- how do you look? Smiling? Serious? Confident? -- What activities did you see yourself engaged in? What colleagues or loved ones were with you? What was the major creative breakthrough or innovation you had? What was your mood? What did you learn from this exercise and how will it impact your life?Managing projects is a lot about managing meetings. What is your vision of success about the specific project? State it simply and clearly, in a way that conveys an aspect of larger, perhaps noble purpose; to do so is energizing to all participants, including you. What are the specific next steps towards success? Key players to accomplish the goal?Is yours already a shared vision or will you need to build consensus? What problems are you trying to solve? Does your vision directly address these problems?What will success look like in the next 3 wks, 3 mos, year, 3-5 years?Work like a great athlete. Referencing a HBR article of 2001, The making of a corporate athlete. "the real enemy of high performance is not stress. . .Rather,the problem is the absence of disciplined, intermittent recovery. Chronic stress without recovery depletes energy reserves, leads to burnout and breakdown, and ultimately undermines performance."Recovery, intervals, stress breaks. Routines. We all have routines, why not create positive ones? Routines can support personal growth and the transformation of old, unwanted patterns. Examples. Practice meditation, daily if possible. Write every day in a journal. Exercise three days per week.The power of positive priming. The next time you anticipate a meeting, etc., try to think of it in a positive way. .I don't have time. == I am clear about my priorities and my ability to respond.I don't have enough experience.==I know my strengths and what I still need to learn.I'm not smart enough. == I love to learn new things and I'm smart enough.I'm not worthy enough. == I'm more effective than I think I am.I'm usually stubborn. == I can learn from my mistakes.I don't have the resources. == I know how to enroll and enlist others and gain resources. If you want to do less, be precise about how. What are your benchmarks, timelines, and measurements for downsizing your workload or adjusting your schedule?Preparation. Batter "on deck". Take away the distractions and impediments. What do we want to do? Mindfulness, focus, relaxation.
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