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text 2020-03-13 18:16
Facts to know about acne treatment in Delhi

Is your beauty getting suppressed because of the acnes and the scars in your face? Is your confidence level going down because of this situation? Then read this article to get your answer as it is going to tell you about laser surgeries and how the popular acne treatment in Delhi or any other major cities can make your life better.


The Procedure of Acne Laser Treatment


Acne laser treatment basically involves a light or laser beam being focused on the top layer of skin. The heat generated from this disposes your scarred tissues so that new tissues can grow to replace the old ones. But to cure pimples, whiteheads, acne nodules or blackheads, different type of laser treatments are used. Therefore it is best to consult with your dermatologist before opting for the treatment.


Although it sounds very convenient to opt for laser treatment, the results differs from person to person. Also, although the treatment starts showing effects after 2 days of the treatment, the complete result takes time and are long lasting. Any acne scar treatment in Delhi or any other popular clinic in India normally asks the patient for multiple sittings to fully utilize the process and suggests follow up treatments to maintain the result.


Side Effects of the Treatment


Redness and Swelling are some minor and temporary side effects that normally takes place after the procedure. In some odd cases, however, the patient can experience continuous pain, blisters and burns on the skin. A sudden change in skin color may also occur. Therefore a person must carefully follow the pre and post instructions a dermatologist gives before the treatment.


Generally, laser treatments cost are not covered by insurances, so that is a shut door for you. The price of such procedures depends on the number of scars you want to treat, the area of the body you want to treat or the number of sitting you would need. In big cities, like the acne treatment cost in Delhi or Kolkata may vary from 3000-8000 rupees according to the clinics reputation.

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text 2020-03-08 04:38
Acne scar treatment in Delhi

With the increase in age, there are several hormonal changes in the body which leads to acne. The most severe problem that comes with the acnes is the spot that it leaves behind. If you are facing the same problem and confused with the best solutions, acne scar treatment in Delhi is one of the best solution points. Go through this blog and you will find acute remedies of the acne scar treatment.


Some of the remedies are:


Intake of Vitamin C


One of the most efficient and recommended remedies is the use of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in removing the mild as well as superficial scars by lighting the spots and makes the skin glow. It also increases the blood flow of facial veins and thus makes the face light and clear. There are several doses of Vitamin C in the market that improves the skin and its texture. 


Are you in need of the best Vitamin C products and also efficient doctors that can render effective treatment? Many acne scar treatments in Delhi are present in the market for your welfare.


Use of lemon juices


Lemon juices are considered as old age solutions for removing acne scars from the face. The juice contains the right amount of acidity that helps lighten the scars and does not affect the texture of the face. A good part is that it can be available in the market all around the calendar, thus you do not need to worry about the dark spots. 


First, extract the lemon juice from the lemon, and separate the solid residuals. Then you need to dilute it in the water before applying it on your face. Leave it for a while till the skin absorbs the juice. Wash it off gently with mild warm water.




When the scars are too deep, it is advisable to go for the microdermabrasion from a renowned clinic. Acne scar treatment in Delhi is well-renowned in the whole world that gives permanent relief from the deep scars that cannot be removed easily. It is best for those who have live pimples and dark spots on their faces.

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text 2020-02-20 04:55
Acne Scar Laser Treatment in Delhi

Are you looking for the best solutions for managing the acne scars? The only best remedy for it is the Laser treatment that helps in lowering down the dark spots and scars that are left behind after the acne disappears. Acne scar laser treatment in Delhi renders the best solutions for all those who are suffering from the scars and dark spots years after years.


Read this blog and you will know about the advantages and also the benefits of the laser treatment to cure the acne scars.


Some of the benefits of laser treatment:


Helps in boosting self-confidence


Acnes are the natural effects of your body and it enhances with the increase in hormonal activity. As your age increases there is a drastic change in the hormones of both males and females, which leads to the increase in the acnes. But the scars and the dark spots reduces the self-confidence and also lowers down the morality.


 The active acne and the pimple will reduce but will leave the scars that sometimes heal naturally, but there are instances where these scars stay forever in your life. Thus you should not take any risks and appoint an Acne scar laser treatment in Delhi as soon as possible. The doctors have years of experience and will give an effective remedy.


Minimizing the scars


The laser treatment not only heals the dark spots or the scars that are left by the acnes, but they also reduce the live acnes with this same method. Pulsed Dye laser helps in minimizing the current acne and also the pimple that is yet to pop out, and clears the skin and makes it glow. The acnes and the pimples are attached with the hemoglobin in the blood and due to this, it appears red or pink.


With the laser treatment, light is removed that holds the acne and also seals the area so that the acne does not appear again. Thus it renders a lifetime solution for all those who are suffering from acne. If you are having the same problems, connect with the acne scar laser treatment in Delhi at the foremost.

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text 2020-02-07 17:23
Acne treatment in Delhi for all age groups
Acne is a discomforting skin situation that affects people of all age groups. It is advised to treat acne at an early stage because as time passes, it gets more severe, penetrates deeper into the skin, and becomes hard to treat. To learn more about the causes of acne and the most appropriate acne treatment in Delhi read this article till the end. 
Causes of Acne
Acne is formed when dead skin cells block the hair follicles or pores on the skin. This traps sebum inside the follicles, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and leads to skin inflammation. You can take some precautionary measures in your daily life to prevent the breakout of acne. Keep your skin and immune system clean at the same time to avoid acne. 
Type and duration of treatment
The method of acne treatment depends upon the skin type of the patient under treatment. People with different skin types are treated differently. Consult an experienced skincare doctor who will help you out with your skin type and the best-suited treatment for you. 
This treatment usually takes a long period of time to give visible results. You need to have patience during the course of the procedure. Be prepared to try out a few options as finding the right acne treatment in Delhi is not an easy task. Always make sure that you consult a dermatologist before trying out any acne treatment. 
Mild acne can be cured with the use of home remedies and natural acne treatment products. Moderate acne is hard to heal because at this stage, acne has already started to penetrate the skin. This form of acne is treated with natural ingredients and topical creams. Often people use antibiotics in the hope of getting faster relief. 
How to choose the right method of curing acne?
There are a number of acne treatments available, which makes it even more confusing to pick the right one. At a skincare treatment clinic, doctors diagnose and suggest appropriate treatment after assessing the condition of the patient. Acne treatment in Delhi is used for curing acne cyst, acne spots, acne scarring, etc. 


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