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review 2019-01-11 20:32
Fantastic Romantic Suspense!
Cowboy Lawe (Dangerous Curves) (Volume 4) - Donna Michaels

Cowboy Lawe by Donna Michaels is an awesome romantic suspense.  Ms. Michaels has once again provided readers with a well-written story loaded with phenomenal characters in a book that you won't want to put down once you start it.  Warning to readers that haven't yet read a Donna Michaels book, they are addictive.  Tara is sent to protect Rook by her commander...without telling him she is part of the same agency that he just started working for.  Rook believes Tara is a school teacher that witnessed a murder and he's assigned to protect her.  Tara and Rook's story is loaded with drama, humor, sexybits, action and suspense.  I loved this book from the first page till the last and my next Donna Michael's book is already on my nightstand waiting for me.  Cowboy Lawe is book 4 of the Dangerous Curves Series but can easily be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

I voluntarily read a print copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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review 2019-01-01 22:14
Happiness is spending the holidays with friends...
Forever & Ever: A Collection of Stories - Tere Michaels

and that's what it felt like reading these stories. Even though it's been 4 years since this series wrapped up and 3 years since i read the final book it was so effortless to slip back into the lives of Evan, Matt, Jim and Griffin along with all their families and friends.


For the most part I'm not a fan of anthologies or collected stories...usually. But I will always makes an exception and happily so when it's something that leaves me smiling and just simply delighted with every word that I've read.


I'm not going to bother with rating each story or going into the details of each story but what I will say is if you haven't read the series than probably best to skip this book until you do. Most of these stories are set around the Christmas season There's not messing with anyone's HEA and there's no big storyline. This is more a case of the author sharing their HEA with us.


Everyone has a different vision of what happily ever after holds and for Evan, Matt, Jim and Griffin happily ever after isn't about fame and fortune but family and love and in 'Forever & Ever' the author takes us through the lives of these men sharing with the reader the good times and yes the bad...but often it's the bad that defines the good and reminds us that we need to appreciate and treasure them and during the worst of times it's their memory that give us the strength to get through the bad. But this time we are treated to the best of the good times...family time, births, weddings, love at it's sweetest and the bad thankfully is the kind of bad that happens to people and often times at the end of it all we realize that rather than the bad it's more of life's way of reminding is to treasure, love and appreciate all the good that we've been given.


There were far more times that made me laugh and smile with delight while shedding tears of happiness than there were moments of tension and truthfully I had no tearful, sad moments.


I think my only regret about this one was that I didn't have the time to re-read the original series and I know that when time permits I'd love to curl up and re-read the original series before once again enjoying the collected stories contained in 'Forever & Ever'.


In 'Truth & Tenderness', book #6 of Tere Michaels' 'Faith, Love & Devotion' series, we said good-bye to this series but here in 'Forever & Ever' it feels more like the characters of 'Faith, Love & Devotion' have come to say good-bye to us and share with us a bit of the 'happy ever after' that they fought so hard to get and for me it was simply perfect and so comforting to know that while the series may have ended these men didn't they lived on and got to enjoy their happily ever after.




An ARC of 'Forever & Ever': A Collection of Stories'. was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-12-21 17:25
Borrower of the Night -- a disappointment
Borrower of the Night - Elizabeth Peters

Disclaimer:  I purchased the Kindle edition of this book in December 2018.  I do not know the author nor have I ever communicated with her regarding this book or any other matter.  I am an author of contemporary and historical romance.



This was a re-read, after many, many years.  I'm guessing I first read Borrower of the Night in the late 1980s, though it was apparently first published in 1973.  This is the first book in Peters's Vicky Bliss series.  I already own books 3, 4, and 5, but I'm not sure I want to pay for book 2.


For some reason or other, I remembered Borrower of the Night as being more mysterious and less slapstick. Frankly, I don't enjoy slapstick comedy at all, and I really don't enjoy it when mixed with mystery and romance.  So the silly humor in this book rubbed me the wrong way every time it occurred.


Vicky's romance with Tony also rubbed me the wrong way, and that may have been because I knew that in subsequent books, her affections got directed elsewhere.  I knew, therefore, that Tony was not going to be a lasting romantic partner.


The plot is fairly straightforward: Vicky and Tony discover clues to a missing 16th century German art treasure and they set off to find it.  They are joined/pursued by George Nolan, a famous art collector.  The three end up in an ancient German Schloss that has been converted to a hotel.  The other main members of the cast are a German physician, a German historian, the Countess who runs the hotel, her English companion, and the

countess's niece Irma who is the actual heir to the title and the castle and the treasure, if it can be found.  There are various adventures and threats and accidents and injuries.


What there wasn't was atmosphere and intrigue of anything resembling a serious nature.  The characters were all cardboard -- intrepid Vicky, macho Tony, presumed-evil-villain George, menacing Countess, beautiful victim Irma.  I couldn't make a mental connection to any of them, and that's the main thing I read fiction for -- the characters.




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text 2018-10-20 16:04
Halloween Bingo - Southern Gothic
Houses of Stone - Barbara Michaels

I started this re-read a few weeks ago in anticipation of a buddy read that kind of fizzled.  Hey, it happens.


My objective was to solve the last lingering puzzle - for me - that a dozen readings had left unsolved. 


The same had happened with Michaels' Be Buried in the Rain. I must have read it ten times or more before I finally found the missing clue that answered the last question.


Houses of Stone retains its secret.  


I've read most of Michaels' gothics, and I have to say they're hit or miss with me.  Houses of Stone, despite many readings, is pretty much a hit.  It has its problems, and there's still the issue of one unsolved mystery, but I enjoy the story and I enjoy the characters.


Professor Karen Holloway has come into possession of a mysterious 19th century manuscript of a novel by an unidentified woman author.  The physical manuscript is damaged and missing some pages, but Karen has staked her academic reputation on both deciphering the fading script and identifying the author.


Her partner in adventure is Professor Margaret "Peggy" Finneyfrock, one of my favorite sidekick/mastermind characters of all time.  This story would be nothing without her.


The rest of the supporting characters are great, too.  Michaels isn't afraid to poke a little fun at the stereotype of romantic hero, but she doesn't rob him of all his dignity either.  She does, however, strip away the polite facades of many other stereotypes and does so with almost fiendish glee.


Set in the Virginia Tidewater region, this fits the Southern Gothic Halloween Bingo square.

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review 2018-10-18 20:06
The tale of the Weekend Warriors a Review!
Weekend Warriors - Fern Michaels

Good hello everyone and how are you doing today?! I hope all is well with you all! I'm doing pretty awesome myself. I'm enjoying being back and sharing book stuff with you all! Today is going to be another review and this time I'll be reviewing "Weekend Warriors" by Fern Michaels. I have a lot to write about so Allons-y!


This is book one of the Sisterhood series. I believe there are 28 books so far, but I'm not to sure. I got into this book because my Step Grandmother had recommend that I read this! So, here I am finally sharing what I thought about it!


This first book is about how the Sisterhood was formed, it started when the main characters Nikki lost her best friend Barbara in a hit and run. She and Barbara's mother Myra witnessed it! Unfortunately they couldn't do anything about it, because the person who killed Barbara had diplomatic immunity. Then one day after witnessing something crazy. Myra and Nikki come up with an idea of bringing together a group of women who was failed by the Justice System, to go and find the people responsible for the wrong doings of these women and get them back! This one focuses on one member of the group, who was raped by three men, and it is up to the group to come up with a way to avenge her and she gets to decide how it will happened.


This story was so good, right away it grabbed my interested and held me til the end! I was surprised at how quickly everything was done. It's a fast pace read. I like all the female characters and Myra's Boyfriend Charles. At first I was a little hesitant with one of the characters named Yoko Akia, but she came out fine, then there are the other women in the group: Kathryn Lucas, Alexis Thorne, Isabella Flanders, and Julia Webster. They make up the sisterhood of course along with Nikki and Myra. Charles is the honorary member. Then I can't forget to add Nikki's Ex Boyfriend Jack who is a bit of a douche and I don't like him! 


I really did enjoy reading this one and I will slowly continue making my way to reading the other books as soon as possible! This one made me laugh quite a bit and of course getting annoyed at certain spots. I don't want to give to much away, so I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead.


 If you're into thrillers, suspense, and women power! Then, this is a book for you!  I will be back on Tuesday with a new review, yes, I know another review, but I'm making up for lost times. Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be the days I will be posting on here, so make sure to stick around to see what I have! Until then have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday!






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