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review 2018-09-09 22:45
The Recess Queen - Alexis O'Neill,Laura Huliska-Beith


Brief Review:

The Recess Queen is about a young girl who is a bully to her classmates. She is not liked very much by her peers because of this, but before the students went on school break another girl was assigned to work on a project with the Recess queen and learned why she does what she does.

Idea of how it can be used in a classroom:

The Recess Queen could be used to show students just because someone is being a bully it doesn’t mean that they are a horrible person and they might be, being treated that way at home. The teacher could have the students write/discuss about a time where someone wasn’t nice to you and it made you want to do the same to others because you needed a way out of it too or have the students write about a time where they were the bully or the bullied.

Reading Level & Leveling System:

Lexile Scale


Pre-k to 2nd

Book Rating:

I would rate this book a 5 because it shows the students the different perspective of why the Recess Queen was doing what she was doing and I think would let the students be a little more understanding of their peers and know that they really don’t know what each other is going through at home and its best to try to understand where each other are coming from.

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review 2018-09-05 03:50
The Recess Queen
The Recess Queen - Alexis O'Neill,Laura Huliska-Beith

Mean Jean is the Recess Queen. Every day at recess, Mean Jean blasts through the playground to swing, kick, and bounce before everybody else. "Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung. Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked. Nobody bounced until Mean Jean bounced." Until one day, Katie Sue arrives. Katie Sue, unaware of the playground rules, swung before Mean Jean swung, kicked before Mean Jean kicked, and bounced before Mean Jean bounced. Katie Sue then offers Mean Jean an invitation to play together


In my classroom, I would have students, in groups, complete a character trait analysis on Mean Jean and Katie Sue. The students will compare and contrast the two characters based on texts and illustrations. 


AR Level: 3.0

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review 2018-08-05 18:48
Dance With Me by Alexis Daria - My Thoughts
Dance with Me: A Dance Off Novel - Alexis Daria

This was pretty much a fun and sexy read that I enjoyed for the most part.  I had a couple of issues, but I believe that they're on me for the most part.

Natasha is the Latina heroine, extraordinary dancer and choreographer who has a huge problem with confidence in her herself and her talents thanks to her upbringing by a shitty mom who never supported her in her dreams.  I had a problem with this character in that I just wanted to sit her down so often and just TALK to her. She spent far too much time in her own head and actually needed a mom-type figure to shake some sense into her - I felt.  And that was the problem.  I had a rough time identifying with her, something that always makes a romance better for me.  If only Natasha would TALK to someone.  She never even talked frankly and honestly with her best friend (the heroine of Book 1).  I guess I never was able to bond with her.  And you know... it's kinda shallow of me, I think, but Natasha for a Puerto Rican girl?  Especially when there are a bunch of other characters, including the hero's family that are Russian?  Stupid, I know, but it twigged me every time.

The hero I could get a lot better handle on, probably because he's most likely based on my fave dancer from Dancing With The Stars.  *LOL*  I understood where his insecurities and stupidities were coming from and I spent a lot less time being exasperated with him than with Natasha.  Although maybe that's from years of dealing with men who have a terrible time opening up about honest feelings and emotions on my part.  There were times I wanted to throw things at him though.  Very exasperating at times.  *LOL*

The first half of the book is very, very sexy.  Almost to the point where I was ready to believe that's all Natasha was there for - but it's a romance, so I knew better.  The second half, where we start to learn more about both characters and they begin to open up - a bit - to each other was much more satisfying for me. I did like Natasha and Dimitri's dialogue - a lot.  It was very natural, very earthy at times and very believable. 

All in all, I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first one. I think if I'd felt more of a connection with Natasha I'd have been happier, but it was still satisfying for the romance reader part of my brain.  :)   Also, I think painting the show as a sort of villain so often might be a mistake. 

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review 2018-06-11 01:47
Above the Star - Alexis Marie Chute

I received this book for free from the publisher (SparkPress) as part of a promotional blogger unboxing campaign. 



This is probably the most unique book I have read so far this year. 


Up until I got about halfway through the book I thought it was weird. It was odd and bizarre, kind of in a Roald Dahl way, but stranger. It took me a while to get used to it and the world. I’ve never encountered a world quite like this one before, so there was definitely a learning curve. 


One thing that really threw me for a loop early on was the amount of death in this book. I wasn’t expecting there to be so much of it and for it to be somewhat gruesome. 


But once I got used to the peculiarities of the book, I started to really enjoy it. This book follows the typical quest storyline, but it was still a lot of fun. 


As for the characters, it was interesting to see a grandfather as a main character in YA book. You don’t see that too often. I think my favorite character was Lady Sophia. She was a supporting character but she was so funny! 


I also really liked the illustrations in the book. There is a hand drawn map of the world and various sketches that the character, Ella, draws dispersed throughout the novel. 


The glossary at the end was a nice touch. It was super helpful in figuring out how the world worked. 


Even though it took me a while to get into it, I’m really excited for the rest of the books in this trilogy! 



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text 2018-06-08 06:59
Reading progress update: I've read 63 out of 368 pages.
Above the Star - Alexis Marie Chute
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