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text 2017-07-09 10:53
For the Love of the Game: "Lions vs. All Blacks - 2017 Series - Third Game"


Series tied 1-1 (third's test score: 15-15).


What a game, the Lions put on a defensive effort. I don't think any other country or countries could have withstood the All Black onslaughts, so good and heavy was the defense that I have never seen the All Blacks drop so much ball. At one stage the All Blacks had 78% possession and whilst the Lions never looked like scoring a try they continually repelled the All Blacks.


I don't think the All Blacks tight 5 have received enough praise, they virtually dominated the scrum and negated the Lions platform over the advantage line, something they could do in the 2nd test although with a man advantage. I was slightly perplexed with some of the penalties given in the latter stages of the game by Poite to the Lions that evened up the possession somewhat. Warburton was fantastic at breakdown and stole or slowed down so much ball, with Johnathon Davis a colossus in the mid field.


The question asked earlier in the tour who of the Lions players would make the All Blacks team, currently I would say Davis and Warburton, whilst Itoje is the flavour of the month in the press, I still don't believe he could oust Retallic and Whitlock. I was skeptical with Hansen calling in Laumape and Barrett for their first run on debuts however they were both fantastic, I am not saying Smith and Crotty could have done better however we will never know. It was also good to see the fridge running over people as is his want, with himself and B Barrett making incredible running metres along with the Lions Williams.


If you're into Rugby, read on.

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review 2015-02-19 03:11
Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs - John Lydon,John Lyndon,Keith Zimmerman,Kent Zimmerman

“Any kind of history you read is basically the winning side telling you the others were bad.”


If that doesn't perfectly describe this book, I don't know what does. 


I am of two frames of mind thinking about this book.  One is that I found John Lydon's stance on the entire punk scene to be outstanding, and one that I agree with also, so I'm biased.  When the punk scene started it was something completely different than what it evolved into and a lot of punks now don't seem to realize that.  The fact that it is a scene now is the greatest indicator of that.  Punk's origin wasn't about looking and thinking the same to fit in with a group. I respect Lydon for recognizing that and harping on it so much throughout the book. 


What wasn't interesting was how repetitive and bitter he still was about the Pistols.  I won't fault Lydon for his bitterness, I'd be bitter as hell too, but 200 pages of incessant whining about it is more than my patience can take.  The book starts to lose it's emphasis on the contribution of the Pistols and turns into a giant manifesto on why Malcolm McLaren is the worst person on the planet.  But hey, he doesn't harbor any feelings of hatred toward him. Ha.  I guess you should expect no less from Johnny Rotten though. 


Despite the overabundance of bitterness, I still enjoyed this read.  It's written like John Lydon talks: brash, nihilistic, narcisstic and incredibly entertaining.  It talks about the British punk scene like no other artist would be able to do in the same way.  I may not agree with a lot of Lydon's "truths", but you can't deny that he was a major player in the punk world.  This book is worth a read just for that aspect alone. 

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text 2015-01-12 18:21
The Princess and The Queen, or, The Blacks and The Greens - George R.R. Martin

Ok I liked this one much better. My main beef being so many characters  have the same names. So confusing.

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text 2015-01-11 18:39
The Princess and The Queen, or, The Blacks and The Greens - George R.R. Martin

Im hoping this will shed a little light cause after numerous wiki of asoif pages and fan theories  I'm still a little  confused on the Targaryen civil war.

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review 2014-07-13 00:00
The Princess and The Queen, or, The Blacks and The Greens
The Princess and The Queen, or, The Blacks and The Greens - George R.R. Martin I've rated everything A Song of Ice and Fire five stars so far -- even A Feast for Crows! -- because I look at the series as one complete work, and each volume gives a lot of detail to that complete work. I understand that's how some folks look at Tolkien's work, too, so I don't see that as being an unprecedented position.

With these two "stories," though, that trend stops. I wanted to like them. I liked the Dunk and Egg stories, so I expected this one to follow in the same vein, but what I got was a couple of dry history lessons narrated by an old Maester. So much of the events in these stories were glossed over to the point of them reading like analytical pieces and less like stories. There were antagonists and protagonists (or as close as you can get to them in this series), and there were clear conflicts and resolutions, but the lack of the point-of-view characters killed what interest I should have had with these sto-- ... er, essays.

Taking the broad view, I can appreciate that they fill in more of the Targaryen's history, and find that a lot of the content here is reminiscent of what would normally be found in Westeros. Political machinations, deceptions, assassinations, battles, betrayals, and power struggles are just the surface of what you'll find in these recountings of the Dance of Dragons. In fact, what's in these pieces could easily be the outline for another novel set in Westeros without it being part of the series proper. I just wish that Martin had treated them as such.

I mean, anyone who's interested in the series and the expanded history beyond just A Song of Ice and Fire should read these stories. Just don't go expecting them to be anywhere close as interesting as the series proper.
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