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text 2016-11-01 10:31
All Your Love by KT Grant Release Day!
All Your Love - KT Grant

Now available to purchase, a Lesbian Women's Fiction with a side of small town romance (with many mentions of coffee and hot chocolate!)



(Lesbian Women's Fiction/Romance)


Available for $2.99:

Decadent Publishing


All Romance Ebooks

Google Play

Kobo (Coming Soon)


Nook (Coming Soon)





Cassie Slazak has been living a lie for a decade.


As the secret lover of Bianca Durand, the daughter of Massachusetts’ newly elected governor, Cassie wants Bianca to tell the world about their long term affair. But when Bianca gets engaged to a respected lawyer, who’s admired by both of Bianca’s parents, Cassie’s dreams are crushed. She not only rejected her high school sweetheart, and her small town life she adored, but her Catholic faith for a woman who has controlled her for too long.


When Cassie’s grandmother has fallen gravely ill, she returns to Delpoint, Pennsylvania to pay her last respects to the woman who raised her. Not only will she confront her past, but Freddie Koeman, the woman Cassie once betrayed for a possible future with Bianca. To her surprise, Freddie has forgiven Cassie, but Cassie’s guilt keeps Freddie at a distance.


Bianca refuses to let Cassie leave her, using threats and emotional blackmail to keep Cassie under her thumb. But Cassie is finished with Bianca’s deceit, turning to her family and God to give her the strength to move on, and perhaps find salvation in Freddie’s arms, who is more than willing to share all her love.


Exclusive Excerpt:

A loud beeping woke me up. I tried opening my eyes, but I was as comfortable, as one could be on a couch, half lying on someone. I was covered in a blanket, my entire body cocooned in its warmth, and my arms and legs twined with another’s—Freddie’s.


As awareness took over, I blinked away the sleep and drew the blanket down from my head. Freddie still slept, her mouth open, snoring softly. There was a milk stain in a corner of her lips from the ice cream we’d shared. We’d sat on the couch, eating bowls of ice cream, and talked late into the night. I fell asleep on her in the literal sense.


The intrusive beeping, followed by a squeal of tires and voices outside the window broke the silence. Freddie groaned and lifted her arm over her head, a loud yawn escaping her mouth.


I giggled and grabbed the top of the sofa to move off the sleeping beauty. But her hand on my back pressed down. She opened her eyes and studied me with a drowsy stare.


Hey, you.” Her hand slipped up to play with the back of my head.


I lowered my gaze, inspecting the middle of her throat and the lovely indentation that nudged me to kiss or lick. I also wouldn’t have minded licking away the leftover chocolate on her lips.


What time is it?” I blocked a yawn with the side of my hand so I didn’t blast her with my stale chocolate breath.


“Around seven-thirty based on the garbage truck I heard.” She swiped her finger down the bridge of my nose, leaving a pleasant prickling behind.


“Don’t you have to open the café?” I rested my cheek on the sofa cushion.


“Glory opens the café on Mondays. I’m not due until noon. We have the whole morning to ourselves.” The drowsy look in her eyes vanished and a warm look aimed at me appeared.


“I should call Aunt Lorraine and tell her I’m here. I forgot to last night. She must be worried.” Suddenly shy, I moved to sit up.


“Hmm.…” She stretched her arms over her head, and the middle of her throat I had become obsessed with mocked me.


“I can’t help it,” I whispered. When she said my name and clutched my shoulders, I shifted over to set my lips on that section of skin I’d wanted to taste ever since I woke up.


She arched back and lowered her right leg to the floor, allowing me to sink into her soft body. When she said my name again, I flicked the tip of my tongue along the top of her chest uncovered by her shirt. Her fingers tightened in my hair.


“I want you to kiss me,” she commanded.


“That’s what I’m doing,” I teased and licked further.


She brought my mouth to hers, sealing our lips in a tight suction. I sighed, and her tongue slipped inside my mouth to play with mine. Our chocolate breaths mingled, and we swallowed our moans while we kissed hello, becoming reacquainted again. Her arms came around my head in a protective clasp. I returned the favor by capturing her face in my palms and rocking forward, enjoying her gasp of pleasure.


With our mouths still fused together, Freddie turned on her side, taking my leg and wrapping it around her hip. I murmured some type of approval, encouragement, hoping she would take the lead so I wouldn’t have to.



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review 2015-01-28 17:52
All Your Love and Your Longing Behind by maxette
All Your Love and Your Longing Behind - ... All Your Love and Your Longing Behind - maxette

Lots of hot porny porn in this fic. Twenty five year old omega Jensen is attracted to his sixteen year old alpha stepson Jared.

“You’re not supposed to have a husband, Jenny. Omegas are supposed to be claimed, they’re supposed to have a mate. Your alpha treats you like a beta. It’s his just desserts that another alpha decided to give you what you need.”

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review 2013-12-07 00:00
In All Your Ways (Love is Always Write)
In All Your Ways (Love is Always Write) - Cari Z. As I was reading it, I kind of felt like I'd read it before/started it. Maybe it's just the subject matter; I have read quite a few angel/demon stories and when they begin, they all kind of seem the same.
I mean when it began after the little mini prologue-y thing.

Marvelously handled, I'd say. I think the author actually found the balance between demon, angel, human that actually - at least for me - works, and works extremely well. Each is nuanced in its own way and though the ending seems more of a HFN thing, it's incredibly beautiful in a tragic sort of way.
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review 2012-12-25 00:00
In All Your Ways (Love is Always Write) - Cari Z. Love is Always Write - Volume 5
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review 2012-09-10 00:00
In All Your Ways (Love is Always Write) - Cari Z. I was surprised by how much I liked this one. It may have had a lot to do with the fact that the mythology in it reminded me much more of the TV show Supernatural than of the Christianity I grew up with. So right from the start, my mind was filled with all of these delightfully lovely images. ;)

I also love that this is the most amazing example of love triumphing over everything, and the power of love to redeem and make us better.

While I admired both of the characters, I didn't really feel like I could connect with either of them. But I think i decided that that wasn't really the point of this one. This one seemed like it was about the bigger stuff, and I was entranced by the settings and the events and things so much that not knowing as well didn't really bother me.

Beautiful story, remarkably fantastically vivid.
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