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review 2019-12-11 23:28
Alligator Pie
Alligator Pie (Collector's Edition) - Dennis Lee

An uneven collection. Some poems were funny and clever. Others were just eh. Reminiscent of Shel Silverstein and Edward Lear, but rarely as good as either. 

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review 2016-03-17 18:10
There's an Alligator under My Bed - Mercer Mayer

There's an alligator under my bed is such a fun read for children. As the story progresses and the little boy finds many ways to deal with his problem it teaches students to think through the process. This book would also be a great way to teach sequencing. I would incorporate this text in a kindergarten, 1st, or second grade classroom.

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review 2016-03-15 04:35
There's an Alligator Under My Bed
There's an Alligator Under My Bed[THERES AN ALLIGATOR UNDER][Hardcover] - MercerMayer

There's an Alligator Under My Bed is an adorable book about a boy who believes he has an alligator under his bed; the only problem is that when he looks under his bed, the alligator disappears. The boy sets a trap for the alligator, and is successful in luring the alligator into the garage, where the boy leaves a warning note for his Dad to read in the morning. Is there really an alligator under the bed? Who knows? This book would be a great book to read to kindergarten, first, and even second grade. All children are scared of monsters under their bed, and this boy tackles his fear head on. Plot could be introduced to the class using this book. Who are the characters? What is the problem in the story? What does the character do to try and resolve the problem? Does the problem get solved? There is a lot of imagination involved in this story, why not encourage your students to use their imagination? Have them write a short story about what they would do if there was an alligator under their bed. 

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review 2015-06-19 01:50
I like cute picture books
If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't! - Elise Parsley

What do you mean I am too old to be reading picture books? SHUSHHHHH.  I READ WHAT I WANT and what I want to read are cute picture books like this one.


A couple months ago, I decided I wanted to read picture books and it’s been an interesting experience. I read middle grade novels often these days and sometimes my age does become an issue, but it’s even harder to ignore that picture books are written for an audience that is NOT me. It is why it’s even harder to come across picture books that completely win my heart over and cross over from the territory of being enjoyable and cute.


This one did. For starters, all the artwork in the book is GORGEOUS. I am actually flipping through the pages again as I write this review to see the amazing artwork once again. The story is also really cute and features a little girl who decides to bring an Alligator to school for show and tell. As the title already lets you know, it’s not such a great idea and she ends up not having such a great day.


This is the perfect book to read aloud to kids, and to read aloud to yourself (hush, don’t judge). This book not only has my approval, but the approval of one little 6 year old girl who enjoyed it too so you know it’s going to be a great little picture book.

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text 2015-05-09 22:18
Reading in Progress: Mort by Terry Pratchett - Ceiling Crocodile!
Mort - Terry Pratchett

I've been meaning to read Pratchett for years. In fact - as is usual for me - there's an ebook of his somewhere on my ereader this very moment. Recently, when Pratchett died, a friend said "oh really, you must read this" and gave me her copy. Which, because it is Someone Else's Book (capitalized to indicate respect!), I treat as though it's made of glass and only read it when at home, when I'm no where near food or anything else potentially damaging. If I'd been reading it as train/bus-commuting material I'd have definitely buzzed through it by now, because it's great stuff. As yes, many have told me.


Here's the quote from this book that I've waited way too long to read Pratchett.


Wait - first, for those who've probably missed it, my rambling on about The Ceiling Crocodile:


Why I Will Eventually Have A Stuffed Crocodile Hanging From My Ceiling (Aug 2014)


Reading in Progress: A Traveler in Italy: Return of the Ceiling Croc (Aug 2014)


So there, that's background.

And now on to today's quote:


p. 44 (see? I'm just poking along), Mort has entered the home of the wizard Igneous Cutwell:

"The big low room inside was dark and shadowy and smelled mainly of incense but slightly of boiled cabbage and elderly laundry and the kind of person who throws all his socks at the wall and wears the ones that don't stick. There was a large crystal ball with a crack in it, an astrolabe with several bits missing, a rather scuffed octogram on the floor, and a stuffed alligator hanging from the ceiling. A stuffed alligator is absolutely standard equipment in any properly-run magical establishment. This one looked as though it hadn't enjoyed it much."

Having looked at a fair amount of drawings and photographs of ceiling crocs I can say with a small bit of authority, most don't look as though they enjoyed it. The really old ones look moth eaten at best.


Also, I know, I haven't posted much of late. I need to get back into a pattern. But the usual time that I'd write is sort of removed from me - and now after work I'm basically brain-fried and good only to watch a bit of videos before I crash. (Seriously, this is even taking time out of my video gaming. Though mostly because once I start playing I lose track of time and end up not getting enough sleep.) Hopefully I'll manage better in a few more months when I've built up some stamina.


On the plus side, I do love mass transit - it is the greatest thing for anyone who reads. Because given the choice between an hour plus car ride or the same via bus and train during which I can read - NOT a hard decision.


(Oh and if you bother to read that first linked post of mine? Pratchett quote is in it. Which I only just realized while writing this. Which is probably why Mort was so high on my I Need To Start With This Pratchett list.)

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