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text 2016-07-03 16:01
Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly
Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly
Amplified - Tara Kelly
The Foxglove Killings - Tara Kelly


Harmonic Feedback
young adult contemporary
Drea has "issues"
at least this is what other people tell her
in a world where always answering honestly isn't the norm
as a girl who doesn't always understand jokes
she is the weird one
music has always been one of her biggest passions
music makes her feel alive
music doesn't pressure or judge her
music is everything
just after moving to a new town she meets two teens who will change her life
who will break her heart
but will also bring her so much joy
this is an intense and special book
a story that touched me deeply
at times funny and beautiful
but also sad and heart-wrenching
the story isn't always light-hearted
one of the characters has issues with drugs
and some other things
the ending made me cry
of course once again when I was on the train
but it also made me smile
and it gave me hope
a great book
that makes me excited to read more by the author
I recently ordered "Amplified"
another contemporary book surrounding music by Tara Kelly
and her new YA thriller "The Foxglove Killings" also sounds great.
and I plan to get it soon.

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review 2013-08-27 06:30
Book Review: Amplified (Amplified, #1) by Tara Kelly
Amplified - Tara Kelly

I was about to give in to the small voice inside my head telling me to just give this a four-star rating already. But then, though I really liked the book, I didn't get hooked to it until I was about 20% percent through it. And it certainly wouldn't be fair to all those books that I've rated four stars which had got me gushing just from the very first page.

Okay, so Amplified.. 

I loved the musicality that was incorporated in it. It gave me the ambience like I was also part of the band. I admit that I got quite a bit confounded with the musical terms used but this just truly shows that Tara Kelly really knows her music well. And she bestowed that knowledge she has for music to the book's characters. Her characters really are true musicians. They not only passionately LOVE music, they confidently KNOW music. 

I can't say the same with the lyrics though. The lyrics were totally corny and cringe-worthy and I couldn't help feeling embarrassed for Kelly. I guess this just proves that Kelly won't be rocking poetry any time soon. 

I'm glad that there will be a sequel. There were so many issues that were left unsolved and undealt with that I knew right after I finished this book that there will be one. So I didn't really feel that dissatisfied with the ending. I'm contented with how it ended but not contented enough to not wish for a sequel. 

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review 2013-01-05 00:00
Amplified (Reign of Blood, #3) - Alexia ... Amplified (Reign of Blood, #3) - Alexia Purdy Expected publication: November 2013 by Lyrical Lit. Publishing
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review 2013-01-05 00:00
Amplified (Reign of Blood, #3) - Alexia ... Amplified (Reign of Blood, #3) - Alexia Purdy Expected publication: November 2013 by Lyrical Lit. Publishing
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review 2012-12-17 00:00
Amplified - Tara Kelly 4.5 stars.I really really enjoyed this book. Jasmine has graduated high school but has decided that the path her father has planned for her isn't what she wants right now. Her hope to convince him to let her put off college for now isn't working and he's kicked her out of his house. She has found herself stranded with a broken down car, a backpack of belongings and her guitars and an amp. She comes from a well-to-do area but that has no impact on her life, her father is no longer supporting her desire to see where music takes her. Her limited savings isn't going to go very far either so she lies her way into a band that is looking for a live-in roommate. I really enjoyed the path this story took. There was no easy resolution and things didn't suddenly fall into place for Jasmine when life started getting too hard. Her lies came back to bite her in the ass, and she had to own up to them. While this book is really Jasmine's story, and I loved her story, I really enjoyed all the secondary characters as well. The chemistry between Jasmine and Sean was so well written. Sean is the bassist in the band and also happens to work at the garage where her car is being repaired. From the get-go he comes across as a jerk, but as he realizes Jasmine really isn't the person he thought she was and even acknowledges that he hasn't been in the best frame of mind, their relationship evolves. Every other character in this book has their own things going on and Kelly weaves the story together so it is seemless and well paced. This group of late teen and early twenty year old's all are learning that you can't depend on others to make it... all in different ways, and most likely it isn't going to be easy. Admittedly there were times I felt such anger for her father and where I really sympathized for the way she was raised, and while I wanted to make him the bad guy and shake him while screaming "this is your 17 year old daughter" I can see past all that and it makes it all the more apparent that we can make our own families. They don't necessarily have to be the people we were born with. The thing that kept me from giving this a full five stars... I found myself skimming over the heavy descriptions of the guitar/band stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love music, but I don't know a thing about bands and guitars and so those parts kind of took me out of the story a bit. I tried to understand it but there were some things that I just kind of skimmed over when it got to be too much. But here... here is one of my favorite passages:My lips moved along with hers as I whispered every word, my mind giving each one personal meaning. I may not have written the song, but I could add my story to it. Everyone out there could. That was what made music so powerful.So... the writing was engaging, fresh and the story was realistic and believable with characters that had me invested. If you're looking for a wonderfully written coming of age story, then this just might be it for you. This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare:
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