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review 2014-08-15 09:18
Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall
Ten Days of Perfect - Andrea Randall
I wanted to reach out and touch him because he was so damned attractive but I feared that if I did, he’d scatter into the ocean breeze like the seeds of a long-gone dandelion.

I think it's safe to say this is a case of 'it's me, not you'. My days when I believed in love at first sight are long gone. The days when I believed you could fall in love in a matter of a few days are also long gone. I believe that strong connections between people can emerge in a matter of days. But deep, profound love? Not so much. And essentially, that is what Ten Days of Perfect is about.

Ten Days of Perfect tells the story of Ember (November) and Bo. It's the story of the first ten perfect days they know each other, and the story how they fall in love during this time. Even if Ember's last relationship ended years ago, she's still jaded by the experience. When she meets Bo she falls almost immediately when they meet as he's playing at a local bar. With both of them feeling the instant connection, they soon find themselves spending time together. But with family, work, and other obstacles in the way, it isn't so easy at all times.

You love him. You love him so much that you’re not even thinking about sex right now. You’re “guitar-playing, run-away-and-join-a band” in love with him.

My biggest problem, as I opened with, is the falling in love part. Because while Ember and Bo spend ten days together, they fall in love after four, maybe five days. I guess they have chemistry, but it's not enough to make me believe it's anything special that makes them deeply in love. It also didn't quite match up with Ember's personality. She proclaimed early in the book that, while her parents taught her to love freely, Ember herself is a realistic person. That little piece of information was quickly forgotten when pretty words were thrown around. 

[Bo] said his soul thumped inside of him and it felt like he’d known you and loved you for a thousand lifetimes.

And this. I liked Bo's character. He was sweet and kind. Nothing like the abusive jerks in most New Adult, so he was a breath of fresh air. However, this whole thing about having loved her a thousand lifetimes was abused. The expression 'thousand lifetimes' was used 21 times! For a love that comes off as doubtful, this made me gag each time the words came up. For another reader who isn't as picky about insta love, this might not be such a big deal, but it was to me. It bothered me and felt manipulative rather than romantic.

Anyhow. This is the author's debut (if I understand it correctly). The writing was in general decent with much less decent writing popping up once in a while. A few examples that either made me frown, or just wonder what the hell was going on:

If square had a taste, it was his jaw. If clouds had a touch, they were his lips.

My goosebumps punched the frigid stainless steel.

He cried out in ecstasy as sweat rained from his forehead, splashing gratuitously across my breasts.

I think that with some better editing, the prose could've been better. But, I keep in mind this is the author's debut novel, and the overall writing is better than many others'. Especially considered this is self-published work. I'm curious to see what this author has to offer in her other books. I do have In The Stillness, which isn't in this series, that I look forward to reading. Despite Ten Days of Perfect fell flat for me, I can see the appeal. And, as I said, this was a good book in its genre (New Adult). The absence of hostile slut-shaming and abusive jerks gives me high hopes. So no, this did not work for me, but it will for others. If you're less likely to be bothered by insta love, this can be a great read. Sadly, the heroine and insta love reduced my liking for this story.

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text 2014-08-12 18:29
Reading progress update: I've read 34%.
Ten Days of Perfect - Andrea Randall
"[Bo] said his soul thumped inside of him and it felt like he’d known you and loved you for a thousand lifetimes."

(They sang together the first time they met, FYI, and that's the time they refer to here.)


Now Ember and Bo's love is so great that it made Ember's best friend's boyfriend want to take a break from said best friend, because he wasn't sure they had the same kind of love Ember and Bo share. The kind of love they share after knowing each other five, maybe six, days. Yes people, this is happening.

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text 2014-08-12 13:50
Reading progress update: I've read 13%.
Ten Days of Perfect - Andrea Randall

"If square had a taste, it was his jaw. If clouds had a touch, they were his lips."









This is a job for Sherlock:


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review 2014-06-08 00:00
Bar Crawl
Bar Crawl - Andrea Randall Bar Crawl (a novella) releases on June 16th! New Andrea Randall! Yay!! :)

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review 2014-03-19 10:30
In the Stillness - Andrea Randall

In the Stillness was intense, emotional, and breathtakingly honest. This is a story that touches your heart & mind and left me speechless in the end.

“They took his soul over there, fuckers, and left me with the breathing carcass.”




♦︎ The Story ♦︎


“But, the thing about guilt is, no one can take away for you; you have to unpack it yourself.”

Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW. This is a story someone can easily love. This wasn't even on my to-read list, but I though eh, what the hell and decided to go for it. Best. Decision. Ever. It's completely realistic... her hopes, struggles, voice, everything. To me, it's what made this a five-star read.


Natalie once had her life in order. She was going to get her degree in anthropology and travel the world.



But things changed when she unexpectedly becomes a mother and wife. In order to stay strong for her family, she patches a bandaid on a festering wound that, over the years, becomes too much to ignore. In order to escape, she seeks an old friend, her blade. And for her to get better, she's going to have to face her past and learn to let go.





In the Stillness does deal with the issue of self-multilation, but it's so much more than that.




♦︎ Characters ♦︎ 




I exist. Right?


Natalie is one of my favorite heroines ever. You can't help but share in her pain, betrayal and loneliness. There were so many things weighing Natalie down and holding her back, that cutting was her only way of escaping, of staying sane. She had dreams and aspirations, just like any of us, and although she loves her children, she can't help but yearn for the life she could have had.


I have mixed feelings about Eric... and they lean towards the negative. He's a perfect example of sometimes, love just isn't enough. Do I understand why he did the things he did? Eh… yesish. Does it justify it? Absolutely not. To put it in simpler terms, all he cared about was himself and his image.



“His body came home, but his soul had been devoured in the firefight of a godless desert.”


Oh, how my heart went out to him! His character was fictional but his stubble wasn't.


Ryker was swoon-worthy and so playful and sweet... ♥ it was difficult to read of how much they struggled to piece each other together and find their way... whether it was together or alone. I was so proud to see how much he grew as a person. ____________________________________________



♦︎ Overall ♦︎


“How’d you get through it? The uncertainty, I mean.” “Because I was never uncertain about our hearts.”

This book is a must-read, for sure. From beginning to end your experiencing and feeling everything that goes on. I can't stress enough how realistic this book was, even the ending was fulfilling without being overdone.


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