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review 2020-05-16 07:53
Love is Contagious : A Charity Anthology by J. Saman, J.L. Beck, C. Hallman, M.A. Foster, C.L. Matthews, Gabrielle G., Jolie Vines, Bella Emy, Amanda Siegrist, Casey Hagen, Jane Blythe, Mackenzie Lane, Brooke O'Brien, D.L. Gallie, Erin Lee, Nicole Rodri
Love is Contagious : A Charity Anthology - J. L. Beck,Casey Hagen,J. Saman




Love Is Contagious: A Charity Anthology by J. Saman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actions speak louder than words. Love is Contagious gets the ball rolling when it comes to sharing the love. From sassy to sensitive, sexy to heartwarming this anthology is an introduction to an emotion that is often taken for granted. With fresh eyes, an open heart and an open mind this group of authors prove that one act of kindness can leave it's mark on the world by sharing the love we can move mountains.

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review 2020-04-29 15:27
Elements of Horror: Earth
Earth - Anthology

various authors


This was a particularly good collection of Horror stories by a variety of authors, two of whom I've read before and the others new to me. The theme is Earth, so not surprisingly many of the stories have monsters of some sort, often from underground places, or something else to do with Earth.


One of the stand-out best stories of the collection was written by the editor, Quake by P.J. Blakely-Novis. This bodes well for the standard of the future volumes. Two other exceptional stories, Beneath the City and Mamaw's Beast, put this collection way above par for anthologies I've read.


The other stories were also of high standard. There was only one that left me wondering what actually happened there, the same one that could have used a closer edit. The others were pretty much pristine and there was no godforsaken present tense!


This volume is the first of a four volume series of Horror story collections based on the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. All are slated for release by the end of 2019 and I plan to collect hard copies of all of them, based on my experience of the first.

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text 2020-04-23 01:11



Forty years. Forty stories.

In honor of the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, this collection features Star Wars stories by bestselling authors, trendsetting artists, and treasured voices from Star Wars literary history. More than forty authors have lent their unique vision to forty “scenes,” each retelling a different moment from the original Star Wars film, but with a twist: Every scene is told from the point of view of a background character. Whether it’s the X-wing pilots who helped Luke destroy the Death Star or the stormtroopers who never quite could find the droids they were looking for, Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View places the classic movie in a whole new perspective, and celebrates the influence and legacy of the unparalleled cultural phenomenon, Star Wars.




AUDIO PERFORMED BY Jonathan Davis, Ashley Eckstein, Janina Gavankar, Jon Hamm, Neil Patrick Harris, January LaVoy, Saskia Maarleveld, Carol Monda, Daniel José Older, Marc Thompson


Title & (My Rating)
"Raymus"  (4.5/5) 
"The Bucket"  (4/5)
"Reirin"  (3.5/5)
"The Red One"  (4/5)
"Rites"  (3.5/5)
"Beru Whitesun Lars"  (2.5/5)
"Not for Nothing"  (5/5)
"Added Muscle"  (3.5/5)
"Born in the Storm"  (4/5) 
"Laina" (5/5)
"Change of Heart"  (4.5/5)
"Eclipse"  (5/5)
Cassio Tagge  
"The Trigger" (4/5)
"Bump"  (3/5)
"End of Watch" (3/5)
"The Baptist"  (3/5)
"Time of Death"  (5/5)
"Palpatine"  (2/5)
"Sparks"  (4/5)
"Duty Roster"  (4.5/5)
"Desert Son"  (4.5/5)
"Grounded"  (4/5)
"The Angle"  (5/5)
"By Whatever Sun"  (3.5/5)
"Whills" (4/5)

**This one isn't on Audio version...because it's in comic form.  From what I've read on reviews...I'm not missing anything.


This is an entertaining collection of stories, it is even more fun to listen on Audio since the narration has basically a full-cast of voices and sound effects.  Some of the stories are too short and some are too long because I found them so annoying (Of MSE-6 and Men) and one of them is in verse (Palpatine) and I don't really like that sort of thing.  But all in all, I really enjoyed most of them.  The chart above is from the Wookieepedia, and someone has put some time in explaining each of these stories in relevance to the OG Star Wars Movie (A New Hope).  The number after each story title is MY ratings for each, not the Wiki.

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review 2020-04-17 17:37
Otherworld Secrets
Otherworld Secrets: An Anthology - Kelley Armstrong

Most of the stories in this I've already read. I got this for the 2 I haven't.
Life After Theft
It was nice to see a peak into what Hope (1/2 Chaos demon) and Karl (werewolf) were up to. They are happily married with a daughter and another child on the way. Karl is a retired thief who works for Hope's brother in security systems. (He was an excellent thief). Karl is framed and has to go back and steal one last thing to clear his name. I liked this couple from previous books and it was wonderful to see what was going on with them a few years after the series ended.

Zen and the Art of Vampirism
A short story featuring Zoe (I don't remember her from the series) and how she gets rid of 2 vampires who want to take over her territory.

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text 2020-04-15 19:30
Upcoming Release: DEVIL'S WAYS
Devil's Ways - J.M. Sidorova


If you've got a taste for speculative fiction featuring the Devil, keep an eye out for an upcoming anthology, Devil's Ways, in June. The Dragonwell Publishing volume features award-winning authors Nancy Kress and Michael Swanwick and delivers on tales about the Adversary. It's not a straight horror antho, but it's all about the Devil so you can't really go wrong! Here's the synopsis:


There is no light without dark; no highlights without shadows; no good without evil. The Devil is where things happen. Where stories begin. This collection brings together stories from multiple cultures, featuring the Devil both as an abstract concept and a creature, a terror, a force of nature, an enemy, a trickster, and so many more. Step into the world of shadows, and travel through Devil’s many incarnations spanning centuries of history and myth, from Ancient Greece, African and Caribbean folklore, dark ages in Europe, all the way to the present day.


Devil's Ways features people with diverse backgrounds and points of view. The TOC features Persephone D'Shaun, Ben Loory, R.S.A. Garcia, Michael Swanwick, Andy Duncan, Curtis C. Chen, Darrell Schweitzer, Imogen Howson, Edwina Harvey, Nancy Kress, Avram Davidson, and J.M. Sidorova.


The Publishers Weekly review says "readers are in for a devilish treat", so if you think this is up your alley you can pre-order on Amazon U.S. here: DEVIL'S WAYS

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