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review 2017-04-14 22:21
Unknown - Wendy Higgins

♪♫My Pick For Book Theme Song♫♪

Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse   --One of my all time favorite songs…feels just right for Amber and Rylen and also for the overall feel of the story.♫


Book Title:  Unknown

Author:  Wendy Higgins

Series:  Unknown #1

Genre:  New Adult, Apocalypse

Source:  Own Kindle eBook

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My Thoughts


This book…wow, I loved this book and I am desperately wanting to read book 2 and I think it's killing my chances of liking anything else (book wise), lately.  I just don't want to read it quite yet, because book 3 doesn't come out until November.   I'm trying space them out…


This is my first book by Wendy Higgins, and I have to say I loved her superb writing, I loved that we were able to know Amber and Rylen's back story, from when they were kids, up to the day that everything went to hell… and wow, it's an intense ride.  This reminded me of another similar series by Paige Weaver, her Promise Me Series.  I might like this series even more, though…I guess I'll have to wait and see…


Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  5/5

Main Characters:  5/5

Secondary Characters:  5/5

The Feels:  5/5

Addictiveness:  5/5

Theme or Tone:  5/5

Flow (Writing Style):  5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  4/5  

Ending:  5/5  Cliffhanger:  ummm…yeah


Will I continue this series?  Heck Yes!!!

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review 2017-03-18 18:21
The Themis Files --Part 2
Waking Gods: Book 2 of The Themis Files - Sylvain Neuvel

Book Title:  Waking Gods

Author:  Sylvain Neuvel

Series:  The Themis Files #2

Genre:  Science Fiction, Fantasy

Publisher:  Del Ray

SourceI received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review




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♪♫My Pick For Book Theme Song♫♪

It Has Begun by Starset  --If a book or series has anything to do with outer space, aliens, or just persevering…than Starset wrote the soundtrack for it.  This lyric video is awesome…like Themis herself is stomping around.♫



⇝Ratings Breakdown⇜


Plot:  5+/5

Characters:  5/5

The Feels:  5/5

Addictiveness:  5+

Theme:  5/5

Flow:  5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  5+/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Ending:  5/5  Cliffhanger:  …you could say that.


Will I continue this series?  Umm…YEAH!  This is a must read series for anyone, at least I think so.




⇝My Thoughts⇜


I wished for this on Netgalley, right after I did that; I thought I really would rather listen to this on Audio.  Since I listened to the first book in the series, Sleeping Giants, on Audio and it was one of the best audiobooks ever.  I figured I wouldn't actually win the chance to read this one, and I was okay with that…guess what…I won.  I never win anything.

I missed the full cast of characters giving each person their own voice, but I still was freaking totally engaged in this story.  It Rocks!  I'm fairly certain I will still have to listen to this on Audio, maybe, right before the 3rd book comes out.  Overall, I'm not disappointed I won this and had the opportunity to read this before it releases in April 2017.

There is some buzz out there about Sony Pictures adapting this series to film.  I really hope it happens, because it will rock as a movie series.  I also fervently hope they make it everything that it can be…




If you click the pic above it will link to the source of the movie info.


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review 2016-12-27 22:22
I would have liked this even more if it just had a little less going on.
Prelude to Mayhem (Mayhem Wave Book 1) - Edward Aubry

Book Title:  Prelude to Mayhem

Author:  Edward Aubry

Series:  Mayhem Wave #1

Genre:  Apocalypse, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Publisher:  Curiosity Quills Press

Source:  I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.




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 ♫ Radioactive by Imagine Dragons --ugh…this one was hard to find a song for…because it just has so much going on to pinpoint a song that felt right for it.♫ 



⇝Ratings Breakdown⇜


Plot:  3.5/5

Characters:  4.3/5

The Feels:  4/5

Addictiveness:  3.5/5

Theme:  4/5

Flow:  3/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  4/5

Ending:  4/5  Cliffhanger:  Not exactly…


Will I continue this series?  I don't know, maybe.






 ⇝My Thoughts⇜


This book is…in one word…crazy.  



 It's a mash-up of genres, that keeps you guessing.  From a apocalyptic pov, this was a really fantastic idea, the timelines converging thing was genius. Then with the fantasy/magic elements added, this has amazing potential.  The Author just needs to know when to say when on some things.  On one hand I found it inventive, on the other hand I found it almost outlandish.  I felt like, maybe, it was trying to hard to be everything, that it lost track of something.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, it proved me wrong; and did it over again and again.  From dinosaurs to demons, it seriously, had a little bit of everything. 

 While it seems many were a fan of the writing style, I just found it difficult to stay focused.  It was, at times, too jumbled and sporadic feeling.  I did adjust for the most part.  I just didn't get fully invested until about the halfway mark.  Seriously, though, there is a lot of unanswered questions that I have concerning this world and I hope they are answered if I continue this series. 



⇝Sex Factor⇜For language it's definitely rated for adults, this has a swearing pixie after all...but for sex…there is none.



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review 2016-08-20 05:25
“Everything I thought was happening is not the thing that’s happening.”
The Last Star (The 5th Wave) - Rick Yancey

Book Title:  The Last Star

Author:  Rick Yancey

Narration:  Phoebe Strole & Bill Yannette

Series:  The 5th Wave #3

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic, Alien

Source:  Audiobook (Library)


☆My Pick for Book Theme Song:  Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars  -- I think this song could give some people closure to this series with how it all went down.



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  3.5/5

Characters:  4/5

The Feels:  3.8/5

Addictiveness:  4/5

Theme:  4/5

Flow:  2.8/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Narration:  4.5/5

Ending:  3.5/5  Cliffhanger:  No


Will I read more from this Author?  I don't know???



3.7/5 STARS



My Thoughts


The opening line at the top is taken from a chat with Rick Yancey pertaining to the twist at the end of The Infinite Sea.  For me personally, I was just confused at the end of that book.   Sometimes, Yancey just went on and on about something, which in turn, just made me lose sight of what he's actually trying to say.  


Overall this series is not going to go down as one of my favorites…I did like it…just not that much.  Like it was almost too complex for me.  While I mostly believe the ending went just as it should, it could have been a little less bleak and hopeless.


I'm satisfied with my choice to listen to this 3rd book, as I also did with the 2nd book.  I believe it makes the constant switch from one character to another a little more seamless than actually reading it.



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review 2016-08-12 03:04
Is there love after the end of the world...I sure hope so.
Promise Me Forever - Paige Weaver

Book Title:  Promise Me Forever

Author:  Paige Weaver

Series:  Promise Me Series #4

Genre:  Apocalyptic, New Adult

Source:  Own Kindle E-Book


☆My Pick for Book Theme Song: The Way I Feel by 12 Stones mixed with Get Me Away From You by Hinder.  --These two seem so confused, so they get two songs.



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  4.3/5

Characters:  4.5/5

The Feels:  4.3/5

Addictiveness:  5/5

Theme:  4.5/5

Flow:  4/5

Backdrop (World Building):  5/5

Originality:  4.5/5

Book Cover:  3/5

Ending:  4/5  Cliffhanger:  No


Will I continue this series?  I think it's done now…It turns out it's not done, so yeah, probably.



4.3/5 STARS



My Thoughts


Straight off I need to say this series is a favorite of mine.  While I've relished Cash and Cat's story, adding this second book just seems like she's dragging out their story.  Just let them get together already.  One book would have been sufficient.  So I implore you Paige Weaver please don't drag Keely and Gavin's story out for two books…ok?  Oh yeah, and what's with that cover, that is not Cash, hello, he's a cowboy.  That looks like a guy taking a stroll on a pier in Maine, which is nowhere near Texas.


If you like an end of the world/apocalyptic story mixed with an angsty new adult love story, then you should give this series a go.  The first book is Promise Me Darkness in the Promise Me Series and that link will take you to its goodreads page.  I should warn you though, it might make you stockpile canned goods and may make you want to learn how to turn fresh meat into jerky.


Sex Factor:  Awesomely done as always…oh yeah, it's also rather explicit.

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