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review 2017-01-23 14:00
Uncensored (The Manhattanites Book 7) by Avery Aster
Uncensored (The Manhattanites Book 7) - Avery Aster
Uncensored (The Manhattanites Book 7)Uncensored by Avery Aster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As with all of the other books by Avery Aster that I have read, this is one HOT story! If you enjoy the Enemies to Lovers trope this is a perfect book for you.

You can see my entire review for this book as well as others on my blog: http://nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blog...


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review 2017-01-22 23:32
Wagering On Wendy (Playing for Love #4) by Tara Crescent
Wagering On Wendy (A MFM Ménage Romance) (Playing For Love Book 4) - Tara Crescent

Tara Crescent is one of my FAVORITE Authors because I know no matter what the subject matter, or, whether it's contemporary or science fiction, it will be a STEAMY read, and this book is proof positive of that. Melt your panties HOT! The chemistry between Asher, Wendy, and Hudson was combustible.

I am loving this series, Wagering on Wendy is the fourth book in the "Playing for Love" series, each book is based on one of the friends that meet each Monday night for their Thursday night get together...yes their Thursday Night meeting for drinks and gossip is held on Monday nights....strange but it works. I have loved getting to know each of the women and although each of the women pop up in all of the books each story can be read as a stand alone makes it easier for jumping into the series at any time.

Wendy is a divorce lawyer and from her upbringing she doesn't trust men very much, that being said, she is going to learn how to trust Asher and Hudson because the three of them are perfect together! Asher and Hudson have their own reasons for not putting their hearts on the line, Hudson was previously married to a gold digger, and Asher...poor Asher was in love with a client and he was heartbroken when she was no longer in the picture. To say that all three of them have had events in their lives that left them with a wall around their hearts would be an understatement, BUT, when the walls finally start to fall....its a wonderful thing to witness



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review 2017-01-22 22:57
Seduction: A Bayfront Billionaire Novella (Bayfront Billionaire #2) by Calista Fox
Seduction: A Bayfront Billionaire Novella (Bayfront Billionaires) - Calista Fox



Seduction is the first book that I have read by Calista Fox even though she has been writing since 2004, I'm not sure why that is but I am very glad I was given the opportunity to read and Advanced Readers Copy of this book.


Lily has been hired to be the personal butler for both Jax and Lex on a temporary basis. Lily is thrilled to be hired because not only can she use the money that she will be paid for this two month contract but she is also a fan of their music. It had never even occurred to Lily that there would be anything other than a professional relationship between them, but once each of the men meet Lily they are craving more of her, and she is fantasizing about both of them.


I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jackson (Jax) Sterling, Lily Hart, and Lexington (Lex) Alexander. While it took some time for their relationship to begin you could definitely feel the heat that was simmering just waiting to turn to a full boil.

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review 2016-12-25 16:07
This author was definitely NOT Off Base with this one!
Off Base (Out of Uniform #1) - Annabeth Albert

Off Base (Out of Uniform) - Annabeth Albert 


OFF BASE is the latest book by Annabeth Albert and it was just amazing. I really can't say more than that, but the characters, the story, the romance...it was all just perfection. Annabeth Albert has the uncanny way of making the characters so real to me and in such a a way that had me so invested in the story.


Zack and Pike are characters that we have met before. If you've read Connection Error, book 3 in the #gaymers series by the same author, you will remember Zack as the young soldier that Ryan roomed with while in the military hospital. Now that young man has just completed his SEAL tryout and is settling down in San Diego, but life isn't so great. He has to move off base to get away from the harassment that he's been dealing with from his teammates. Now he's ready for peace and quiet. But life has got other plans.


Pike considers himself to be an "acquired taste", but he is desperate need of a place to stay. So if he has to keep his flirting with oh so straight Zack in line so that he will be able to get his life together, then so be it.


But there has always been some part of Pike that suspects that there more to Zack--some part of him that he's not sharing. And Pike wants to uncover it. After spending time together, it's clear that the two have more in common than just an address. However, Zack isn't ready to share that part of his life. So, the question is will Pike be willing to wait or will Zack possibly miss out the best thing in his life?


I just adored this story. Pike and Zack were some fantastic characters. They both had their flaws, but they also showed an incredible amount of growth during the course of the story. I really felt for Zack. He was in such a difficult situation with his work, his family, and even himself. I was glad to see that finally did something for himself that made him happy.


Call me cynical, but I am not sure if Zack's coming out to his unit would have been so seamless. Maybe things have gotten better. I loved though that there were people who were willing to stand up for him. I love how the story dealt with changes in the military since DADT has been repealed. I just hope that having that kind of support for our LGBTQ military is more fact than fiction.


These two were very hot together, I must say. That first sex scene with them was smokin' and it only got better from there. I loved how even that part of their relationship grew as the story progressed. It wasn't all over in one night. It made the story more realistic. I wasn't surprised though because I thoroughly enjoyed everything I've read by this author.


OFF BASE is the first in the Out of Uniform Series, and what thrills me about this the most is the fact that there is going to be more stories coming out of this world. I'm just wondering who is going to be next. Is it going to be the Lieutenant who's husband died? I really liked that character, so I'm hoping for that. Either way, I'll be there ready to read what this author will come up with.


So, OFF BASE was a huge hit for me. From word one, I seemed to be hooked. And the story didn't let me out of it's grip until I was at the end. After reading this book, I think that Annabeth Albert will be an autobuy author for me. She knows how to write characters that speak to me. I love what she does and will be looking forward to see what it is she comes up with next.



*Advanced Reader's Copy provided by NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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review 2016-12-25 15:54
Stone never looked so good!
Heart of Stone - Christine Warren

Heart of Stone - Christine Warren 


HEART OF STONE is one of those books I probably wouldn't have given a second look to just by looking at the cover. I mean, a hot guy with no shirt on the cover...those are a dime a dozen in the romance world. But, I didn't see the cover first, I saw the description and the name of series first. And that made all the difference. Reading a paranormal romance about a gargoyle was something I can say I've never done before and I was intrigued. I'm happy to say that the uniqueness of the story definitely lived up to the hype. And the humor and wit that I've loved in other Christine Warren books was front and center. With that combination, HEART OF STONE was a definite hit for me.


Ella Harrow has always known that she was different. There was something inside of her that made her shy away from other people. She likes her solitude and if it wasn't for the fact that she is a tour guide at an art museum in Vancouver, British Columbia, she'd never be around anyone. Well, somehow she wakes up the gargoyle statue that she's been drawn to since it came to the museum, and now the stone statue is a living, breathing being.


Kees has no idea what woke him from his slumber but the little human in front of him is in danger. She also has magic in her that she doesn't know how to use. Things seem off kilter in the world and the demons that he's sworn to fight appear to be taking over. So, now that he's awake he must do his duty and fight the evil trying to take over the world. However, for some reason he can't seem to let the little human go.


So, HEART OF STONE, had it all: Mystery, action, paranormal elements, humor, and some strong sexual chemistry. I enjoyed each individual element, but coming all together in the way that it did kept me thoroughly entertained. Just when I thought the story was getting too serious, one the main characters would do something that would make me chuckle out loud. It's refreshing to get a story that doesn't take itself so seriously once in a while.


Kees and Ella were an interesting couple, but they worked. I was glad that they both helped each other through their issues. Kees didn't think he had any emotions which was obviously not true, and Ella thought that she was a danger to normal society and kept herself apart from everyone. Their love helped heal them both and made the stronger.


The plot in HEART OF STONE is far from over. It didn't end on a cliffhanger or anything but there is definitely more to come. This book is the first one in the Gargoyle series and I'm really interested in seeing where things go from here. I felt so invested in the story by the end of the book, I have to continue on with the series. I would also like to get more of glimpse of Kees and Ella because I don't think their story is over either.


My only complaint here is what I just mentioned. I didn't feel like the relationship between Kees and Ella was fleshed out enough. I wanted more development there. I just hope it comes from future books because I truly enjoyed them as a couple. With that though, I give this one *4 STARS*. It was definitely a fun read. And that's what will keep me coming back to read of this author's work.


*Advanced Reader's Copy provided by NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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