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review 2019-08-18 07:51
The End of Something Wonderful: A Practical Guide to a Backyard Funeral
The End of Something Wonderful: A Practical Guide to a Backyard Funeral - Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic,George Ermos

This week I lost my sweet dog of twelve years, and in an effort to cheer me up my lovely co-workers got me this kid's picture book. I must say it did make me laugh (which is no easy feat right now). And even cry a little (which is significantly easier). Mini review below:


What a morbid, darkly humorous, deeply weird, and touching little book. Gorgeously illustrated and amusingly written, this is a book about pet loss that doesn't go the saccharine sweet ooey gooey route most kid's books do. The tone might be a miss for a super sensitive child, but for the somewhat serious it will strike a chord. The cover is a pretty good indicator for what you're going to get.

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url 2019-08-08 07:15
The Best Relationship Advice - Tao of Badass

Some techniques seem very good to split the ice, however they originate from actual life experiences. The Tao of Badass by is really different. Learn more about this dating guide now.

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text 2019-08-01 09:26
Do you care to buy best style eyeglasses according to your face shape?

Eyeglasses play an important role by adding extra zing to your personality. They not only complete your entire look by complimenting your outfit but also set you apart from the herd.  Like as an assorted accessory, eyeglasses are the first thing noticed when someone looks at you. It doesn’t matter if they are prescription or non-prescription, a simple yet striking frame can transform your look like a diva or may also debase your features altogether. So the question arises - how can you make out which style of eyeglasses suits the shape of your face?



Every face shape carries a different story and to make that smile broader, eyeglasses can play a great deal with your features. Selecting an exceptionally versatile pair of eyeglasses is easy, provided a few rules and tricks are followed to check out how compatible they are with face structure.  Determine the shape of your face to choose the right fit of glasses. Here is a checklist :




A round face is characterised with wide hairline and cheekbones, absence of angular points, the fullness of cheeks, soft facial lines along with narrow yet soft jawline.   This is one of the common face shapes among the masses. 


People with round face shape needs to give an angular touch to the features, by sweeping away the roundness of the face and adding bold curves.  Retro square, rectangle glasses and squared wayfarer glasses to give some edgy angles in full-rim or half-rim glasses styles for both men and women. However, enticing cat-eye eyeglasses tend to give a unique style statement to your feminine avatar.   A splash of vivid colours in green, tortoise, red, purple, etc. can lift up the mood and every starring eye.




The oval shape is proportional and longer among all face shapes, defined with longer face size, wider cheekbones, narrowing jaw, subtle jawline and rounded cheeks.  Oblong face shape is considered the luckiest of the lot, as they can pull off anything with exuberance. Experimenting with geometrical shapes like square frames with rounded curves, rectangle glasses, larger size classic ‘John Lennon’ circle glasses, browline glasses oversized unconventional frames and aviator glasses will balance out the face.  Things to avoid: small and thin eyeglass frames will highlight the flaws. Rimless, full frame or half-frame will add the high levels of sophistication.




Strong, horizontal and well-defined jawline denotes square face along with wide forehead, jaw and cheekbones.  Since all the corners of the face are angular, a dash of thin and circle glasses will do the job of softening the angles of the face. Rimless glasses and half rim glasses style in oval, round, browline glasses, softer aviators and cat-eyes frames will subtle out the sharpness. Fascinating Tortoise Shell, striking gunmetal, tinted lenses, gold metal frames and bold coloured frames will scatter the distinctive charm. Wearing squares and rectangular frames will spoil the beauty and enhance the sharpness.



A heart-shaped face has distinguishing features with wider forehead narrowing down towards pointed chin, high cheekbones, sharp jawline, somewhat resembling triangle shape. Eyeglasses with heavy and broader lower halves will fade away the sharp angular lines and draw attention to the upper part of the face. Eyeglasses including Cat-eye glasses, wayfarer glasses, round and oval-shaped glasses in thin, light and crystal clear material will affix softness to the face.  Rimless, Dual-tone, tortoise and shining metal win the favour of the heart-shaped face in amazing colour tones.




A diamond shape is characterised by the narrow forehead, pointed narrower chin, wider and sharp cheekbones.  Frames with top-heavy and rounded corners will generate softness to the will brighten up facial features.  Browline, round, oval, cat eyes glasses and tortoise glasses in rimless glasses style will accentuate eyes and highlight forehead while the sharp edges are covered up.  Plastic and various hues frames will create incredible appeal to elevate the style; just sprinkle some colours on them as well.




Oblong is the elongated face shape with narrow cheeks, rounded chin and chiselled jawline.  Eyeglasses that are broader on top and narrower on the bottom, steals the show with oversized browline glasses, rectangular, wayfarer and aviators glasses. Full rim or half rim glasses in thin and rounded edges can boost up the look while hiding the length and size of the face.  Bold, black, grey, brown, white and gold are sure to pose the best picture.




Triangle face structure has narrow hairline which widens down to the large jawline, small cheekbones and small forehead.  Eyeglasses containing heavy upper part will balance the heaviness of the lower part of the face. Browline, rectangle, tortoiseshell, aviator and cat-eyes can bring out the desired softness in the heavy chin and balance the facial features.


The abovementioned indicative factors are helpful at length in selecting optimum frame suiting according to your facial features while hiding the flaws and enhancing the beauty. Apart from the face shape, due attention must be given to skin tone, eye color and hair colour while selecting the colour of the frames and tints of the lenses.




Tom Archer’s unique range of eyeglasses and sunglasses in various shapes and sizes, crafted with perfection and extensive quality. Tom Archer is laden with an unmatched line of branded designer eyeglasses including classic cat eyes frames, geek round frames, sporty aviators, tempting oval frames, bold rectangle frames, dramatic browline frames, vintage wayfarers, trendy tortoiseshell frames and enticing dual-tone frames, all under the umbrella of Specscart.co.in. Each pair of eyeglasses narrates a unique and bold fashion statement.  Blend of comfort and attraction, Tom Archer’s affordably priced eyeglasses are sure to grab your eye-balls and make you snatch away not one but many pairs for every occasion. Tom Archer eyeglasses are fabricated in top quality material including plastic, metal, acetate, stainless steel, TR90 and titanium to pace up with current modern trends. Various colour combinations take the level of sophistication at its peak while you divulge in modern and luxury of Tom Archer’s eyeglasses. Check out which Tom Archer frame enhance your facial feature and face shape.


Related Article: The ultimate guide to shape your style!

Source: specscart.co.uk/blog/guide-shape
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text 2019-07-26 11:14
Pipeline Bagpipes
Temptation in a Kilt - Victoria Roberts

Gerry Rooney is the founder and owner of Pipeline Bagpipes Celtic Themes. He was born and raised in Uddingston, near Glasgow, Scotland. His piping tuition began in the 1970s at the College of Piping in Glasgow, Scotland with Fred Morrison, Sr., P/M Angus J. McClellan, and P/M Angus MacDonald, M.B.E. In America, he studied Piobaireachd with James McIntosh M.B.E., Donald F. Lindsay and P/M George M. Bell. Between 1983 and 1985 he earned over 40 first and second place prizes in various piping competitions, including Piper of the Day at the Delco Scottish Games in 1985. He competed in the Open Grade Competition in Scotland in 1986, and was asked to join the Strathclyde Police, whose pipe band at the time was in the middle of a six year winning streak at the World Championships.

In 1987 he was forced into temporary retirement due to a serious hand injury (from a circular saw), and was told he would never play again. Despite the injury, he made a comeback in 1993 and took over 45 first and second place prizes including Piper of the Day at the Capital District Scottish Games in 1994. Gerry is a member of the E.U.S.P.B.A. and the Isle of Arran Piping Society, on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, where he keeps a holiday home called Braehead House. He has been interviewed by newscaster Jane Hansen, and has appeared as a featured bagpipe instructor on NBC’s 'Today'. For ten years, he served as the piping instructor at West Point Military Academy and continues to give piping tuition. 

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text 2019-07-20 12:54
History croudsourced
A Guide to Early Irish Law - Fergus Kelly
The Emperor of All Maladies - Siddhartha Mukherjee
A Chorographical Description of West or H-Iar Connaught; Written A.D. 1684 - Roderic O'Flaherty

Please please, pretty please with sugar on top.  If you're going to write anything about pre-Tudor Ireland, or even pre-19th Century Ireland read A Guide to Early Irish Law by Fergus Kelly


Heck, even today there are cultural echoes of this stuff in Ireland.  If I read another medieval or earlier book based in Ireland where they assume common law (and Primogeniture) it will be yet another book too many.


(as an aside to this, read some Irish Saints Lives, then tell me Ireland was isolated during the pre-conquest period, I read a book about Galway once where it revealed that there was imports of Olive Oil in the medieval period into Galway)


If you want to look at how Cancer existed and about strange ways it was treated read Emperor of All Maladies.



A chorographical description of the West or Iar-Connaught by Roderick O'Flaherty (in 1648) is an invaluable text for describing life and customs in Ireland during the period.  There are several public domain copies circulating of this.



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