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review 2014-05-20 14:10
4 full moons - "Rush Into You" by Brianna Lee

Rush Into You is Brianna Lee’s debut novel and it definitely made my emotions go haywire, especially with the constant moments of holding back tears during certain scenes. (I’m still sobbing thinking about those particular scenes)

 Brianna’s writing style is very descriptive and emotional, specifically with going into detail with what the main character, Gabby endured with her addiction problem and her emotional state.  I’ve only known a few authors that made me feel the emotions of the characters and actually feel like I was there witnessing what the character was going through.  Brianna is one of those authors.  My previous Creative Writing professor would be giving this book an A+ on how well detailed each scene was and how the characters reactions were.  (Not only Gabby)  

Brianna made me feel for Gabby immediately, even in the prologue.  Brianna starts off Gabby’s story with a heart wrenching scene that continues to haunt her, then she immediately gives us the hardship of what the past did to her.  Gabby needed a someone to see the good in her though, specifically with what happens to her in the first couple of chapters.  Ryker is introduced in the story and I would classify him as the knight in shining armor riding in with a white horse.  He came in Gabby’s life for a reason and I immediately fell for him…just like Gabby fell for him.  He’s the tattooed sexy bad boy that rides a Harley during the day and races a Ducati at night illegally. He’s such a sweetie though with a kind heart.  (One scene with his niece…yup…instant attraction.  I adored how he was there for his niece.) Here it is Ryker doesn’t care what Gabby did in the past.  He just wants her to open up to him, but she refuses.

And that is something that bothered me about Gabby from the beginning.  She keeps everything inside without sharing what she went through.  She hasn’t properly grieved with what happened in the past.  She shuts it all off.   She even tries to keep this secret from Ryker, even after he comes back into her life a year after an incident that he was there to help her.  Ryker though…doesn’t push her.  He just wants to make her happy and try to get her to realize she’s a good person no matter what she did.  Again…I love him!

Let me just say, some people may be bothered with what Gabby did.  I was at first until the very end when Gabby tells how she feels.  I’m not one person to condone what Gabby did, and what she did to try to get through it all.  When she finally opens up at the end with Ryker and every one else that she needed to open up to…I felt for the poor girl.  She didn’t mean for it to happen and it has affected her for years.  It takes a stranger…Ryker…to open her up and show her happiness.  She really needed that happiness. Brianna doesn’t make it easy with the drama towards the end of the story and even in the middle for Gabby.  Happiness did not come easy for the poor girl.  =(

Brianna does an amazing job on her debut novel and the first in her Rush series.  I look forward to reading the next books in the series, which will be different couples.  I definitely found another author I need to keep up with now, and her future books automatically have gone on my automatic buy-list.

I give this book 4 full moons and recommend it to new adult readers out there.  I do warn you…certain scenes may be graphic and very emotional.  You may feel angry at times and at other times happy.  But…be prepared for a ride inside a young woman’s head who has been through hell and is trying to better her life and still deal with her demons.  Her guardian angel/knight helps her though.  ****Oh…before I forget another thing about Ryker…involving the bedroom…one word…HOT!!!****  (Brianna definitely put in some very steamy scenes with the characters.  Gabby is definitely a lucky gal.)

I received a complimentary copy of the book for the blog tour (from the author) in exchange for an honest review.

Source: booklovinmamas.com/2014/05/20/blog-tour-rush-into-you-by-brianna-lee-review-giveaway/#more-21181
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review 2014-05-19 05:17
5 full moons - "A Hunger Like No Other" by Kresley Cole
A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

1st read - March 03 to 06, 2010
2nd read - April - May 18, 2014 

Review finally posted to Book Lovin' Mamas

I first read A Hunger Like No Other back March 2010, and never wrote up a review on it because during this time I was still in the Navy. My schedule was chaotic so I couldn’t stay up at night like I do now to type up my reviews. (Believe me I needed my beauty sleep in the Navy, especially with working 12+ hours a day or more depending on duty days)

Now…I’m doing a re-read of the Immortals After Dark series…so I can go back and remember everything I can about the previous books before the next book comes out. Yup…I’m doing this with a crazy college schedule and long review list…but I’m determined to do it. I have missed this series…Damnit!!!

It’s been 4 years since I read this book, so it was like I was reading again for the first time. Well at least some parts I did not remember…but I did remember how Lachlain was. Holy CRAP!! Lachlain definitely is the CAVE man of all Alpha Males…meaning he gets what he wants whenever he wants and he will do anything to get it. He has his reasons to be the way he is though. Imagine being tortured for centuries! You would be a raging maniac just like Lachlain. He happens to finally escape the Vampires that tortured him for those centuries and ends up finding his mate…who happens to be the one creature he hates. (Queue…instant hatred at first.) But he’s a male that finds his mate and ends up fighting that hatred. (Hello…the poor Lykae has been waiting for her for many, many centuries.) I felt terrible for him even with his crazy ways.

Emmaline (I just love her name) is the sweet petite halfling who is just minding her own business when she is attacked by the sexy possessive Lykae, Lachlain. (Imagine a cave man dragging off his cave woman by her hair) Yup…that is exactly how Lachlain acted, but in a way of jumping her bones. She is trying to find out about her father…and when she’s captured by Lachlain, she’s wondering what her Aunts are going to do to him. (I just love each and every one of her Aunts..especially Nix)

Kresley Cole is one author who can world build like crazy in her books. She throws you into this fictional world full of mythical immortal creatures that you fall for. You just want to know each and every one of them personally. That is how Kresley Cole is though. She’ll give you bits and pieces of each character and leave you wanting to learn more about them. She even throws in a very dramatic action-packed adventure with the characters…especially in A Hunger Like No Other. Lachlain was dealing with getting his revenge, and Emmaline was trying to figure out about her father and also about herself. In the beginning of the book Emmaline is the sweet girl, but in the end she’s a very intimidating character. I loved how Kresley had Emmaline develop in the story and how Lachlain changed too.

Another thing I enjoy about this series and why I loved it back in 2010 and still to this day. Kresley Cole has a storyline going on throughout the books for the series. Here’s my question still and it’s 2014…will Nix ever get her book? She really needs to find love. She deserves it even with her crazy funny self. I just adore her and I’ve missed her dearly…and I’m so glad I’m back to the IAD world.

If you have not read this series, you need to. Start off reading The Warlord Wants Forever though first. (it actually starts off the series) I read this when it was in Playing Easy to Get back in 2010 before reading A Hunger Like No Other. ( I didn’t read in order this time)

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to paranormal romance readers out there.

Kresley Cole will always be one of my favorite PNR Authors and her books will continue to be bought in paperback no matter what. I just love looking at the covers and I definitely will be reading this series over and over again. =)

Source: booklovinmamas.com/2014/05/18/review-a-hunger-like-no-other-by-kresley-cole
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review 2014-04-05 18:19
How would you start over again?
Forgotten - Catherine Mckenzie

Opening Line: “My mother’s funeral was a small affair on a hot Tuesday."

Emma Tupper never imagined herself going to Africa that was always her mother’s dream. All she’s ever wanted was to be a lawyer and through eighty hour work weeks to make partner at the firm. So when her mother falls ill and dies, leaving Emma a ticket to the (made up) country of Tswanaland, it might be grief forcing her decisions or an anguished sense of wanting to connect with her mother but Emma suddenly finds herself taking (an unheard of) month off work and boarding a flight to Africa.

Six months later… We join Emma on a dirt road attempting to get home; it seems her 30 day safari hasn’t gone exactly according to plan. Falling ill early on the tour Emma was left in a remote village to recover only to get stranded by a massive earthquake. Completely cut off to the outside world and any form of communication, her ordeal has finally come to an end. Now she can just slip back into her old life, or can she?

These early chapters were my favourite parts of the book as we watch no nonsense Emma naively return home expecting to pick up where she left off. It quickly becomes apparent though that everything has changed. To start with someone forgot to tell her that she was missing –presumed dead.

The fact that no one meets her at the airport should have been her first clue something was wrong, then her bank cards won’t work, her accounts frozen. When she discovers some (cute) guy living in her apartment everything falls apart. She’s also been replaced at work (that bitch!) her boyfriend has found someone else (awfully fast don’t ya think?) And her car and all her possessions have been disposed of. It seems that everyone has just moved on and that Emma has been “forgotten.”

This was a great read I loved the original storyline. I mean when everyone thinks you’re dead, how do you start your life over again? Would it be the same or would you change a few things? Throughout Emma’s story we get intermittent flashes back to Africa and her experiences after the earthquake. Personally I would have liked this section to have played a bigger role as it was the catalyst for the entire story yet sometimes felt like an afterthought.

I should also mention how funny this is, even though there a lot of heavy issues Emma’s determination, new appreciation of Scotch and dry wit is hard not to enjoy. I especially liked her hilarious, flirty interactions with Dominique (the reluctant roommate) who, you guessed it also becomes the love interest. The dialogue here is so clever and well written. He was a lovely character ultimately dealing with his own issues and starting a new life.

Catherine McKenzie has quickly become an auto-buy author me. I just love her style of chick-lit; she manages to avoid all the clichés and gives us an original, smart story with fast paced writing and addictive characters. Definitely check out her first book (Spin) Cheers

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