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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-05-23 09:00
Love Letters,Are they?
Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira


What actually is required to sort out a problem is to share it with your closed ones!Your family or your friends or anyone whom you trust.Because sometimes the only solution of the problem is sharing.And that's what Ava Dellaira's novel :'Love Letters to Dead' teaches.

            The style with which ava has presented an emotional as  well as a frightening journey is praise worthy!There are many instances when the reader is awestruck with what has happend to the protagonist.The pain and suffering is so real that many of the people can relate it to.Whether it's about the hesitation of talking to people at the first day of school or being honest with everyone.



(spoiler show)

 Laurel loved her sister (who is dead) very much.It's been one year still she was not able to free herself from that deadly incident.(what  that incident was,well you have to know it for yourself by reading!)In the meantime she began writing letters to all the great personalities and legends most of whom were singers.She began to understand the pain and intention with which they have written and sung songs.She discovered about their life,their sufferings ,their daily struggles etc.Cut short,she began to understand life.She comprehend the poetry and find beauty in it.In all as she was alone from inside she found company in other things.


                But very soon she realized what love means.A kind of love which your friend and family showers on you! And that was the end of her endless pain.


        It may seem to you that something drastic has happened and the very cause is you.And you just take the whole guilt of it forever in your life which does no good other than make your heart heavy and hate yourself but opening it up to someone lift it up like a bubble in the air.



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review 2016-04-09 09:53
Aufwühlender Jugendroman
Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira,Katarina Ganslandt

Es fängt mit einer banalen Hausaufgabe im Englischunterricht an. Es soll ein Brief an eine verstorbene Berühmtheit geschrieben werden. Laurel schreibt an Kurt Cobain und hängt weitere Briefe u.a. an Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin und Judy Garland an. Denn nur den Toten kann Laurel erzählen, wie ihre Schwester May gestorben ist.

Laurel ist an einer neuen Schule, sucht neue Freunde und findet dabei auch die erste Liebe. Sie sieht es als Neustart, denn niemand in ihrer neuen Umgebung weiß, dass sie die Schwester des toten Mädchens ist.

Nur den Verstorbenen kann sie sich anvertrauen. Sie erzählt vom Unterricht, den ausgeflippten Freundinnen, dem coolen Jungen Sky und den Schmetterlingen im Bauch, vom Zauber der Jugend und dem Fluch des Erwachsenwerdens und sie erinnert sich an May, der sie ihren Tod nicht verzeihen kann.

Dazu schreibt sie u.a. Judy Garland, sie sich schon als Kind mit „Somewhere over the Rainbow“ in den Himmel sang, Amy Winehouse, die sich immer auf’s Neue auf der Bühne selbst erfand und an Kurt Cobain, der sich wahrscheinlich schon im Uterus seine Wut von der Seele schrie.

Denn Laurel empfindet diese Wut ebenso, hat den Drang sich selbst zu erfinden und möchte sich eigentlich nur in den Himmel singen, denn ihr geht es gar nicht gut. Die Trauer um die Schwester überwältigt sie, ihre Familie ist schon vor diesem Schicksalsschlag zerborsten und sie gibt sich selbst die Schuld daran.

Die Autorin gibt einen eindrucksvollen Einblick in eine gequälte jugendliche Seele. So gern hätte ich Laurel in den Arm genommen, auch im Bewusstsein, dass es nicht viel geholfen hätte, denn diese Wut, mit der wohl jeder in der Jugend umzugehen lernt, wird durch Mays Tod ins Unfassbare verstärkt. Laurel trauert nicht nur um ihre Schwester, sie trauert auch um ihre Familie, die zerbrochen ist, um ihre Kindheit, der sie brutal entrissen wurde, um ihre alten Freunde, denen sie nicht mehr unter die Augen treten will und um die Frau, die May eigentlich hätte werden sollen.

Es hat aufgrund des leichten Erzählstils wie ein lockerer Jugendroman begonnen, nahm aber von Seite zu Seite tragischere Züge an und hat mich Laurels jugendlicher Gefühlswelt auf sehr intensive Weise ausgesetzt.

Der Bezug zu den verstorbenen Persönlichkeiten hat mir sehr gut gefallen, weil sie der ganzen Geschichte eine besondere Note verleihen. Laurel geht in ihren Briefen immer wieder kurz auf das Leben dieser Menschen ein, was vielleicht nicht ganz glaubwürdig wirkt, aber wahrscheinlich manchen Leser weiterhilft. Die außergewöhnliche Briefform ermöglicht außerdem behutsam in Laurels Seele zu blicken, aber immer nur so weit, wie sie es gerade zulassen will.

Ava Dellaira hat mit „Love Letters to the Dead“ einen aufwühlenden Roman geschrieben, der auch den erwachsenen Leser noch einmal durch die emotionale Hölle der Jugend schickt, dabei stark bewegt und zum Nachdenken anregt.


© NiWa

Source: zeit-fuer-neue-genres.blogspot.co.at
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review 2016-02-25 00:00
Love Letters to the Dead
Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira Dropped this novel. Will not do a objective review on my blog because of it.

I didn't like this because the teenage main character was portrayed very well as a naive teenager. She was a pretty bland character, in my opinion. I couldn't get over how much telling was in this novel. It's basically a entire novel about a "grief" struck teenager writing letters to dead people about how her day went. Yes it was a coping mechanism, however, it's not a type of format I want to read.

Being told daily events in the most blandest of ways is quite boring.

I was interested on how her sister died, but not that interested to sit through the entire novel.
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review 2016-02-10 00:00
Kærlighedsbreve til de døde
Kærlighedsbreve til de døde - Ava Dellai... Kærlighedsbreve til de døde - Ava Dellaira So incredibly boring! Nothing made any sense.
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review 2015-09-27 04:49
Love Letters to the Dead
Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira

I got frustrated with this book. I know that a lot of people love it, but I had a hard time getting through it.


In English class, Laurel is assigned to write a letter to a dead celebrity. She uses the assignment as a way to cope with the death of her sister, her parents’ divorce, the drama of high school, and her own past.


I think my issues with this book come from the fact that I read a ton of contemporary YA. I read more of that genre than any other. I feel like I’ve read this book before. Many, many, many times. For me, the ending was so predictable that I had a hard time sitting through all of the angst to get to the big reveal. It’s a slow book, and there is a lot of angst. I know that there are real-life teenagers who are going through similar problems to what Laurel experiences in the book, so this is an important story, but I don’t think it’s a very interesting story. It’s just been done too many times.


I also think that Laurel’s character is inconsistent. She’s very childish for a 13-15 year-old, but sometimes she suddenly gets philosophical and sounds like a 40 year-old poetry professor. Laurel’s love interest, Sky, also bothers me. I’ve seen this character too many times in YA fiction. He’s a sexy, mysterious, loner with a troubled past who shows up to save Laurel whenever she needs saving. I wanted to like him, but he doesn’t have much depth.


I’m probably making this book sound terrible. It’s not. I like the secondary characters. Hannah and Natalie are my favorites, and I found their relationship believable. I also think that some elements of Laurel and Sky’s relationship are very realistic. They both have communication issues, and Laurel sometimes expects Sky to be a mind-reader, which causes tension in their relationship. I like that Laurel learns how to communicate over the course of the story. She learns not to be afraid of her own voice, and that’s a very good message for the reader to take away from the book.


This novel reminds me a lot of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I think that Perks is more successful at doing everything that this book is trying to do. This one just didn’t work for me.

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