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review 2019-12-12 23:01
4.7 Out Of 5 STARS⇢ The Wicked King by Holly Black
The Wicked King - Holly Black

The Folk of the Air #2


⬥Book #1 Rating: 4.3 STARS
⬥Fairy High Court
⬥Intrigue & Betrayals
⬥Unforeseen Twists
⬥A Darkly Fantastical Fae World
⬥Sprinkled With Immoral Wantonness




My love for this series keeps growing...and I don't usually like Fae Stories.  This second book in The Folk of the Air Series, I liked even more than the first book, despite not understanding why Jude wants to live in the fairy world, to begin with.  I mean these fairies are evil, just because they can't lie doesn't mean they have to tell the truth.  They could just not say anything...after all... 

Fair warning, this is said to be YA, but I think it's more like risque-YA (I love it when shit rhymes).  Holly Black's fairies are not only mean they are quite naughty, debaucherous, even..  I think this naughtiness is a part of its appeal, at least for me...possibly a few others.

Seriously, though, that ending was hella crazy...I thought I had it figured out, but no.  Such an interesting turn of events...I can't wait to see where she is taking this story next...

I'm starting Queen of Nothing posthaste.


Plot 4.5/5
Narration Performance 4.5/5
Characters 5/5
The Feels 5/5
Pacing 5/5
Addictiveness 4.5/5
Theme or Tone 4.3/5
Flow (Writing Style) 5/5
Backdrop (World Building) 5/5
Originality 5/5
Ending 5/5 Cliffhanger "To be continued"
Book Cover Love it...
Setting Elfhame & the Mortal World
Source Libby Audiobook (Library)
Length 10 hours, 21 minutes.

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review 2015-05-16 21:40
Hugs and Misses: 30 Postcards of Awkward Romance - Wilhelm Staehle

this was so cute! I loved all the postcards. Beautiful pictures and witty captions made me love these even more. I want to give some away but I don't want to lose any of them I want to keep them all lol. A must have for any humor lover!

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review 2014-09-23 04:13
A tad disappointing
Jackaby - William Ritter

***This review has also been posted on The Social Potato

When I first saw that this book was being pitched as Sherlock meets Doctor Who, I lost it in the best way possible. My expectations sored and as I saw my friends enjoying it, I started to really look forward to reading it. The sad thing is that while this book was good, it just wasn’t the kind of good you would expect when a book is pitched as Sherlock meets Doctor Who. I only watch one of the two shows and have seen season 1 of the other, but even with that, this novel doesn’t even begin to cover the awesomeness of the two tv shows and that’s what majorly let me down.

Instead of being the mind-blowing, addicting as hell book that I expected, I got brain candy. It was fluffy.FLUFFY. It also read a tad bit like Sherlock fanfiction. That I didn’t mind too much considering how the author built her own world and the book was overall fun, but there wasn’t a whole lot originality to this book.

I think my favorite character in this entire book was Jackaby and if you have read the book, it won’t be hard to understand why. He is a fun enigmatic character who is characteristically similar to Sherlock, but unlike Sherlock, he isn’t a sociopath; he can be empathetic when the situation requires him to be, but for the most part, he is lost in his own world. He is a supposedly silly being no one can take seriously and the heart-breaking thing about this whole thing is that we never get to find out more about him. He has no back story; there isn’t much to him aside from endearing characteristics; in fact, we don’t even find out his first name.

The main character, Abigail, on the other hand does have a back story. Not one that really makes me think highly of her, but still, there is more to her than there was to Jackaby at least. She actually seemed to read more like a whiny child at times than she did a young adult. I was never really sure what her age was. I’d put her around 17/18 and maybe teenagers sound whiny at that age, but for all her talk about being an independent young woman, she could be pretty silly at times.

Throw into the mix the fact she may or may not have fallen in love within 2 days. I wouldn’t say there was a romance, not really, but there were feelings… feelings after never having really talked and just seen each other a handful of times. Feelings involved when the two don’t even really know anything about each other. Although admittedly, the author never really said the L word, but I don’t believe I am reading ‘too’ much into this. Abigail did admit to being smitten and that counts in my book!

All those little problems I had with the book aside, it really does make for a good comfort book. It’s the perfect thing to curl up with on a rainy day and it’s just fun.

The mystery admittedly was a little weak. It was done well but it was so glaringly obvious to me who the villain was so the mystery kind of felt flat in some ways. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I did. I wholeheartedly did, I just needed more and the mystery fan in me was somewhat disappointed. Especially considering that it was pitched as SHERLOCK MEETS DOCTOR WHO.

You may be wondering why I keep on repeating that and that’s just because I felt like the book didn’t meet the expectations it set by declaring the book as such.

Even the paranormal aspect was a little disappointing . There was SO much potential and strong emphasis on the so because seriously, this book could have been amazing, mind-blowing and just all around fabulous but it wasn’t.. it was just fun.

This could probably be the result of me setting my expectations incredibly high after seeing the pitch but I just wish this book could have been more.

It could have done way more than just make me laugh, it could have told me to strap in because it was going to take me on a fucking crazy ride but that’s not what happened.

My disappointment with this book aside, I definitely do recommend this book, it may not be the next big thing but it is most definitely worth the read. It is fun; won’t fail to make you laugh and I promise, Jackaby is WORTH IT.

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