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review 2016-11-04 01:51
Daddy's Back-to-School Shopping Adventure - Alan Lawrence Sitomer,Abby Carter

This book is about a back-to-school shopping trip the kids take with their father. While shopping the father tells the kids they are only getting what is on the list, but when the father sees a lunchbox from his childhood he attempts to make an exception but is unsuccessful. Later on the mother takes the kids back shopping when they then decide to buy him the lunchbox. I would use this book in 2nd-3rd grade, I would use it to show students that caring is important. Buying someone something they have a connection with is not only a sweet gesture, but is also important to do.

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review 2016-10-25 20:58
The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister,J. Alison James

Rainbow Fish is a great book for students to learn about making friends by sharing. I would use this during the first week or month of school to create a community environment in my classroom. This book is a guided reading level M and I would read this to 1-3rd grade.

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review 2016-09-27 18:46
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell! Book and Audiocassette Tape Set (Paperback Book and Audio Cassette Tape) - Lucille Colandro,Jared Lee,Skip Hinnant

'There was an old lady who' is a great beginning for readers of all ages!  The classroom age range is likely 5-8 which means any class kindergarten through third grade would enjoy this book. 

I would be most likely to use this book at the beginning of the year when we talk about our summer vacations.  There is sure to be mention of the beach and this would fit right in.  I would use it to teach cause and effect, and as a writing prompt for older students.  What is the outcome of swallowing all those things??  A sandcastle?  Well imagine if a farmer swallowed.....  Students could certainly be creative in making their own stories to mimic this one and enjoy it!  This could even be an assessment of writing abilities and styles to kick off the school year.


grade level equivalent: 2.2

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review 2016-09-08 03:21
Leo the Late Bloomer
Leo the Late Bloomer - Robert Kraus,José Aruego

Leo is not like his friends.  And in a classroom, no two students will be alike.  We don't look like one another; we don't write like one another; we have different habits and quirky ways like no other.....  This is a brightly illustrated, simple story of Leo, who finally figures some things out that his friends have been doing for a while.  An excellent story to make students aware of the differences within the classroom, Leo the Late Bloomer is sure to be a hit at the beginning of the school year with any elementary grade.  It is always important to remind students that we are all unique in our abilities.


grade level equivalent: 1.7

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review 2016-08-31 05:18
If You Take a Mouse to School - Laura Joffe Numeroff,Felicia Bond

I could use this book during the first week of school. Sometimes starting back to school can be scary, so I would use this book as a way to help make this transition easier. I would tell the students to bring their favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or animal toy with them on the second day of school to be their buddy for the day. They would be able to have their buddy during snack and play time. They would also be able to have their buddy while I read this book aloud. The guided reading level is L. I would read this book to first, second, or third grade.

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