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photo 2016-04-23 02:07
The Mountain Bike Trail

I believe that much of literature, whether fiction or not, is a recounting of what we do and what we learn. My second hiking excursion was enlightening to me and I wrote a journal entry about it.




Source: rayfoy.com/rays-journal/the-mountain-bike-trail
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url 2016-04-16 01:05
Hitting the Sandhills Trail

I have so much going on right now: much work in the day job, possible consulting work (IT), pushing on my novel to get it ready for editing, some book reviews due, checking out a local writer's group. 


In the midst of it all, I need to stay active, and I want to follow in the footsteps of some literary hikers. So I'm foraying into the world of hiking and backpacking. Last week, I journaled about my training. I also took my first hike on a real trail in a State Park. I journaled about that too.


You can find the journal entry here:




Sandhills Trail Bridge

Source: rayfoy.com/rays-journal/hitting-the-sandhills-trail
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photo 2016-04-10 03:52
Taking a Hike: My Latest Beginning

“…a religious pilgrimage has always been one of the most objective ways of achieving insight.


So says Paulo Coelho in The Pilgrimage.  I've started testing the waters of hiking and backpacking, and so maybe will do my own pilgrimage one day. Inspired by Mr. Coelho, Cheryl Strayed, and Robyn Davidson, I've made tentative first steps. If I keep it up, I’ll commit it to my journal. Here’s my first entry:




Source: rayfoy.com/rays-journal/taking-a-hike-my-latest-beginning
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review 2014-06-20 13:13
The Allure of Deep Woods
The Allure of Deep Woods - Walt McLaughlin
"You're going to get wet."


This is the memoir of Walt McLaughlin's 122 backpack on the Northville-Placid trail in the Adirondack's.  A lowland trail, which like it sounds, stretches from the town of Northville in the southern Adirondack to Lake Placid in the Northern Adirondacks.  I have always wanted to hike the entire N-P trail, but have not been able to coordinate an entire two weeks off.  We have, however been able to hike several small sections.  Walt decides to take on the N-P trail when he is 50 years old.  He hikes in early fall when it is guaranteed to be wet, but not as buggy. Walt hikes to not only prove that he can do it at 50, but to revel in the solitude and beauty of the Adirondack wilderness.

I loved that Walt is very real in his memoir.  Even as an experienced hiker, he makes mistakes and talks about the not-so-glamorous parts of a long thru-hike. He gets wet, his pack is too heavy (50 lbs. yikes!), he falls down, he smells, there are idiots at a few of the lean-to's; but even through all this Walt is able to appreciate the beauty of being alone in the woods for an extended period of time.  Since I read this while camping and backpacking in the Adirondacks, I was able to easily connect.  I enjoyed reading about the sections of the places that I have actually been along the trail. Some of my other favorite parts were when Walt discussed the history of the park.  I do wish, though that he discussed a little bit about what exactly he put in that 50 lb. pack of his.  We learn some of the things as he goes along, but that is a really heavy pack.  Mine usually weighs in at around 35 lbs. for a longer route.  I also wish he broke down his itinerary for the trail a little more, he hikes about 10 miles a day, but has some longer days and some shorter days.  Although, this is a memoir, not a back-packing how-to, so they aren't necessary.


This can count for 'About plants or wilderness' for spring bookish bingo!


Source: stephaniesbookreviews.weebly.com
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