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review 2018-09-16 16:35
The Crane Diaries: Homecoming by Apryl Baker
Homecoming - Apryl Baker

Homecoming by Apryl Baker is the first book in the The Crane Diares Series. I did not know when I chose to read this book that the story actually starts in a previous series called Ghost Files . So at times I was a little lost. The book does give a little insight into the past story but I do think this book would be better read if i had read other books from The Ghost Files.

Homecoming is a very intense book. Mattie Hathaway now goes by Emma Rose Crane. She grew up in the foster system. Now sh is living in New Orleans where she feels her gifts of seeing ghosts and being a reaper will not set her as far apart being as New Orleans is the most haunted town, and pretty much everyone believes in ghosts, spirits, and hauntings.

She is with her honorary sister Mary and best friend Eric and all is going well until Mary meets Wade leader of Ghost Chasers. Mary asks Emma to go with her on her first outing with Wade since she doesn't want to be alone while meeting the rest of the Ghost Chasers crew. Once at the house Emma realizes that the place is really haunted, and also another character from the previous series is also invited, Dr. Lawrence Olivet. She also meets more members from her blood family

Can Emma's powers save the family living in the home? Who does she trust in her real family? Like I said this book would be better if you had of read the Ghost Files series but it is a standalone and is really very good. I will be looking for the Ghost Files books to catch myself up, and am also looking for book 2 in this series

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review 2018-09-13 21:59
Blood Thirsty by Elizabeth St. John
Homecoming - Elizabeth St. John

Overall a great plot and story line for this book. Seemed so short and a lot of the pages read like a middle or high school diary. Some of it was easy while other parts was more like books of famous authors. Written like butter and slowly feed to you while you soak up every word that is on that page. Turning page by page before you know it half of the book is gone but with this one it seemed the author changed writing styles halfway through as if the author wasn't the author anymore. More editing would be lovely and come out with a revised version. Much work needed by this author but her dreams can be reached. The one character I loved was not the main one but Es or Esmeralda which comes into play a handful of times. Overall I give this book 2.5 stars due to the ending, the way the author seems to change and readability of this novel.

Source: thetiredbuyer.wordpress.com/2018/07/04/homecoming-blood-thirsty-1-review
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text 2018-08-12 16:01
Amish Homecoming the proposal - Samantha Bayarr

Amish Homecoming, The Proposal, is a heartwarming book written by Samantha Bayarr.  This book deals with love, faith, and grief. The author has written a story that keeps you reading to see what happens next. The main focus of this story is the proposal which may have you wondering what is going on. This is a very enjoyal read for those who love and understand the Amish genre.



The characters appear real and they are likeable. I do admit there were a few characters which I wondered what they could be thinking. Lila is a wonderful young Amish woman who is dealing with the loss of her sister. Before she has a chance to deal with her grief a proposal is made and Lila is sent in a downward spiral. When Lila meets Ben Mast she knows what she has to do. I found Lila a loving, strongwilled young lady who knows what she wants out of life.



I was not given a complimentary copy of this book to read and review.  I was not approached by anyone to post a favorable review.  I have rated this book with five stars because it has meant my expectations of a wonderful story that I can highly recommend to anyone. 


Congratulations to Samantha Bayarr for writing this fantastic story. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. 

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review 2018-06-20 05:49
good book and characters
The Homecoming - Alan Russell The Homecoming - Alan Russell

Stella had a seven year old daughter named Stella. Her dad- Duncan- called her a pixie. There were ten kids including Stella at the beach with their parents. The had the beach mostly to themselves and every so often a parent did a head count. Stella liked one of the other kids - he was her brother’s best friend- Luke. Stella liked to do things her own way. The next day Stella wasn’t in her bedroom and hadn’t slept in her bed. Stella couldn’t be found and there was no clues to where she was or what had happened. Then seven years later a teenage Stella showed up at her parents door, she had reappeared just as mysteriously as she had disappeared. What was really odd was Stella’s mom Eleanor had planned on taking her life on that seventh anniversary. But she wasn’t the same girl. She told the story of the Travelers and their journey beyond the stars. Travelers were extraterrestrials that communicates telepathically. Detective Cheever is the detective who had Stella’s case from the beginning and had never given up. Another group was tracking Stella as well. Everyone even Stella’s therapist feel’s Stella’s story isn’t true. I enjoyed this book. And felt it was well written and I didn’t want to put this down as I wanted to see what would happen next. I do feel that many questions were left unanswered. And that kind of annoyed me. I do feel the author handled the way the family would act realistically. I also liked the twists. This drag for me at times. I did like the mystery part of this book as well as the romance. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2018-05-20 17:57
Spider-Man: Homecoming: Meet Spidey (Pas... Spider-Man: Homecoming: Meet Spidey (Passport to Reading: Level 2 (Paperback)) - Charles Cho
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

"Meet Spidey" is a pretty accurate title for this. That's pretty much all that happens. You meet the characters in Spider-Man: Homecoming and then the book abruptly ends. 

This book is based on the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Because it's a Passport to Reading Level 2 book, it's kind of choppy due to the simplifications of the story to make it easier for young readers to read and comprehend. It's a decent introduction to the story. But just when things are getting good and Spidey has to figure out what's going on, the books ends. Kind of a letdown. 

Okay book for fans of Spider-Man.
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