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review 2017-09-04 11:44
Book Review - Bad Boys After Dark: Carson by Melissa Foster
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson - Melissa Foster

Carson got me from the very first page with 'his rich cocoa eyes', from then it just got better and better!  The electricity between Carson and Tawny simply burnt through the pages as I read, stunning.

Prompted by her dying father asking her if she had any regrets, her loveless marriage and her lost dreams, Tawny takes the big decision to make her life worth living.  She divorces, moves to Paris and starts to put her life back together, there was just one thing stopping her from moving on.....Decades of lustful memories from her student times with her real true love and 'experimental' lover Carson.  Both Carson and Tawny had grown so much more than intense lovers in their passionate time together, they were soul mates, and if they had only communicated, owning up to their feelings for each other, they would have prevented so many lost years. but instead sharing none.  Was that the end of the dream?  Oh absolutely not, from the moment they re-connected it was the beginning of a new chapter creating another exciting and passionate ride.

Carson's kindness and love for Tawny absolutely melted me, the never-ending love they had for each other brought such an emotional edge to the story.  The way Carson's family and friends embraced Tawny into their lives brought Melissa's familiar sense of loyalty and friendship to the story.

Another wonderful steamy read that will surely take your breath away.  I'm so looking forward to joyful Brett next and the woman who tries to tame him down!




Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2017/09/book-review-bad-boys-after-dark-carson.html
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text 2017-07-11 12:23
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson (Bad Billionaires After Dark) by Melissa Foster​ - 5 FLAMES hot romance has arrived!!!
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson - Melissa Foster
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson (Bad Billionaires After Dark) by Melissa Foster​ - 5 FLAMES sizzling hot romance has arrived!!! 
"Like the most potent of perfumes or the most decadent of desserts, I'm hooked. There's something about a bad boy and Carson wears that surname like a badge of honor or a weapon of choice." - reviews Isha Coleman @ I Love Romance
"The chemistry is off the charts between Tawny and Carson and despite a lengthy time apart you can just tell these two are destined to be together. Bad Boys After Dark series is a much more steamier version from Melissa and boy is it hot hot hot! " - reviews E Book Addicts
Available right now..
ೋღ Book Description ღೋ
Indulge your inner vixen...
Bad Billionaires After Dark are a series of stand-alone hot and sexy romances.
Indulge your inner vixen with these sexy billionaires!
Meet the Bad Boys... Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.
Second chances really do exist...
As the founder of a multimillion-dollar international security business, Carson Bad exposes secrets for a living. He knows better than to forge relationships built on them. But for years he did just that with his best friend, and secret lover,
Tawny Bishop. She brought a sense of calm and understanding to his life—in and out of the bedroom. Until one fateful night when a knock at the door changed everything. Tawny is no longer a naive college student. She’s a sought-after perfumer living in Paris. She has plenty of resources at her fingertips, and lots of lonely nights to think about the only man she’s ever loved—the one she ran away from all those years ago. She needs to move forward with her life, but how can she when Carson still owns her heart?
Maybe showing up in the middle of the night unannounced isn’t the best route to unraveling the past and figuring out her future, but Tawny has played it safe for ten long years, and it's only made her long for the man she never should have walked away from. Now she's back in Carson’s life, and he’s determined not to make the same mistake twice. If only he knew what that mistake was…
The Bad Boys are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.
**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**
Read the full book reviews here...
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review 2017-07-08 00:00
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson - Melissa Foster

Like the most potent of perfumes or the most decadent of desserts, I'm hooked. There's something about a bad boy and Carson wears that surname like a badge of honor or a weapon of choice. His electric eyes and his dark rebel persona draw women in like a moth to a flame. The beauty of Carson is that Ms. Foster dreamed up a puzzle in need of solving. The seducer becomes the prey. Mr. Bad is about to face his toughest challenge yet. And her name is Tawny Bishop. They have a past that started with friendship and ended in seduction. Now the student has become the teacher and the lesson plans have changed. The conundrum of Carson is that he exudes complicated but he's really a simple boy at heart. Carson and Tawny blend sensitive and sensual into a brew that flows smoother than the softest silk.

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review 2017-01-06 11:00
Book Review - Bad Billionaires After Dark: Dylan by Melissa Foster
Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - Melissa Foster
Our Beck Valley Book Review - Bad Billionaires After Dark: Dylan by Melissa Foster plus ebook giveaway - 2 winners! "The heat pours of these pages straight from the beginning, this is one HOT Read!"....
"The heat pours of these pages straight from the beginning, this is one HOT Read! You feel the immediate sexual heat and desire between these two as well as enjoying their humor all the way through the read, I loved them both.
Dylan so reminded me of my hubbie after we first met, his persistence at the beginning to get the relationship started properly, the lovely little things he did and said. Dylan's words melted me I have to admit, he enjoys the game of seduction making it impossible for her to say no as she reluctantly is unable to resist every inch of his body and his sensual, sometimes humorous, lines that seemed to roll effortlessly from his tongue giving the most powerful impact. Their connection and banter between them had me smiling and laughing throughout and at the hot times my heart was definitely in a total flutter!
I also loved Tiffany and totally got her, a top sports agent who built her business up from scratch, absolutely loved and lived for her work, her phone glued to her hand, on call 24/7 with no time for anything else, her passion was her work and work was her life until Dylan arrived and slowly and carefully peeled back her deeply guarded layers to start to uncover who Tiffany the person was.
I honestly didn't think this would compare to Bad Boys After Dark: Mick but I was totally proved wrong. I absolutely loved Mick, but Dylan oh my what a guy, both in and out of the bedroom, added to that their hidden traumatic pasts they both hold deep, the way their relationship blossoms and how they help each other move forward, the inclusion of their family and friends and the emotional storyline it is definitely another winner from Melissa Foster. She has a way with her writing that makes you desperate to find out more, it holds all your attention and melts you to the core.
A book not to be picked up thinking you will only read a couple of chapters today and some the next, these two will have you eagerly following their relationship unable to put the book down."
Read more on the #book and author here...
Source: beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/book-review-bad-billionaires-after-dark.html
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review 2017-01-06 02:10
Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan - Melissa Foster

Oh, my! Oh my! I need me some more Dylan Bad. That man is absolute perfection. Not only is he hot, sexy and bad he is compassionate, passionate and understanding. Melissa Foster sure knows how to create the perfect hero.


Dylan is the type of guy who loves when he can help a woman who he feels is in need of being rescued. That’s the type of woman he is attracted to, so you can imagine his surprise when he finds himself drawn to Tiffany Winters. She was the furthest thing from someone who needed to be rescued. She is the type of woman that some men may find intimidating. She is strong, independent, driven and a total ball buster. She has no interest in a long-term relationship, but she has nothing against the occasional hook-ups when time permits. Her main focus was on building her career as a well sought after sports agent. She likes to be in control both in the boardroom and the bedroom. When she laid eyes on Dylan Bad, she only had one goal on her mind and that was to have a night of unbridled passion. What she never counted on was that night would leave her wanting more, which tested her need to always be in control.



Initially, she was not a likable character, but as the story progressed, I saw a side of her that she never revealed to the outside world. To them, she was considered an ice princess, but it took Dylan to show that there was indeed a softer side to her. I liked that he accepted her for who she was. He never tried to change her, but instead showed her that there was more to life than work. He helped her to see that sometimes it’s good to let loose and enjoy what life had to offer.


This story is a perfect demonstration of how issues from our past help shape our actions in the present which can either have a positive or negative effect. It was good to see Dylan and Tiffany moving pass the pain from their past and in doing so, was able to cease the opportunities that their new found relationship had to offer. The story was well written and the characters were well developed. There were some steamy scenes and a few laugh out loud moments. There was one particular scene that had me in stitches. In spite of the humour of the situation, it made me realise how much Tiffany had grown since she met Dylan.


Verdict This was an enjoyable story of unconditional love. Melissa Foster has proven once again why she is on my list of must read authors. She knows how to create a story that is humorous, sweet, emotional, and has enough steam to cause spontaneous combustion. I enjoyed every moment of Dylan and Tiffany’s story and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.


Favourite Quote


"Relationships don’t work because people change. They work because two people want to be together, and one’s strengths complements the other’s weaknesses. I like who you are. It’s pretty awesome not needing to fix or save you, and just being able to enjoy you. But soon all this great sex and intrigue will hit a wall. To go further, we have to get to know each other on a deeper level. If you want that, if you want me, you have to let me in.”

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