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review 2018-01-30 21:20
Silver Fox
Silver Fox - Misha Elliott,Barren Acres,Furious Fotog


Title: Silver Fox
Author: Misha Elliott
Publisher: Dream Reads LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Silver Fox" by Misha Elliott

My Thinking:

I liked this cute and sweet romantic story that featured Jill Caldwell and Richard Sisk. It was beautifully well written by this author giving us a story of a younger woman and older man relationship. It was no doubt that after Jill meets Richard much earlier from her babysitting his daughter would they meet again under different circumstances now that she was 26 and he was 40.

The story takes off so very well with the additions of a few other supporting characters that will add light to the read that will only keep you turning the pages to see what is going on next. After Jill and Richard meet for the second time will there be something that will keep each other interested? "From the moment I first laid my eyes on Richard Sisk I felt an attraction to him." What was up with their 'FriendZone?'' Was this what Richard wanted and just why was that? Well, to get all of the answers and so much more you will have to pick up "Silver Fox" to see how well this author will bring it all out so well to the reader. I don't want to leave out how well I enjoyed how this author brings in on top of each of her chapter headings that will give the reader some 'thought provoking quotes' that one will ponder long after the read. In the end "Silver Fox" was definitely a beautiful read that I would recommend as a good read.
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review 2017-07-22 00:00
Barren Cove: A Novel
Barren Cove: A Novel - Ariel S. Winter Barren Cove: A Novel - Ariel S. Winter

Barren Cove was a book I received unexpectedly from Atria books. While I am always grateful for books, I was somewhat dismayed at receiving this one because it is not my type of sci-fi. When it comes to sci-fi, I like shoot-em-ups, ships, hard sci-fi, and such. Basically, stuff that requires me to think all left brain or not think at all. So, when I read the back, I winced but figured I'd give it a shot. And, as expected, Barren Cove is the exact opposite of the types of books that I usually like. Its slow-paced, explores the future robot psyche, and goes in depth into the drama of one particular family in Barren Cove.

But... that's not to say I didn't like it. Because some part of me did. Barren Cove is filled with interesting ideas about robotic's future. The likening of drugs for humans to sims for robots was something that I had never encountered before. Nor had I seen Winter's idea for robot procreation. Barren Cove makes you think. About basic things, but also about the circle of artificial life. If humans create robots, then robots develop their own versions of human feelings, eventually what could have been good circles back around to the mess that humanity is.

It took me a while to get into the rhythm of the novel. There were several times when I had to flip back to earlier pieces of the story just to make sure I was clear on what I was reading. Barren Cove is a short novel, but it is filled with all the drama of a much longer one. And, unless you're one of those people that enjoys seeing 'tortured soul' characters and all that, it's hard to find a character in this novel to like. And being unable to like them makes it hard to actually care about any of them.


Barren Cove is a book that you need to read a few times. I think that by the second or third read through, you'd have a much greater understanding of the characters and their relationships and interactions. I feel like I missed things in the novel. I didn't understand, for example, how one robot could feel hatred, but another one couldn't feel love. There are also other layers within the story, like that of robots wanting to 'pass; versus the robots that display their mechanics openly.

This book left me feeling vaguely depressed. The end of Sapien's story in Barren Cove is a non-ending. Its incredibly realistic in that aspect, but still makes a person feel glum. I read somewhere that this was Wuthering Heights for robots? Re-imagined with robots or something like that. If so, it reinforces my desire to never approach that type of classic literature.

I don't regret reading Barren Cove, and I'm glad Atria sent it to me because it meant I forced myself to read it. And in forcing myself to read it, I pushed my boundaries a bit further than I generally push them. This is a well-written science fiction drama that lovers of softer sci-fi will enjoy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go read about giant monsters smashing things to smithereens to regain my reading equilibrium.

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review 2016-04-22 04:56
Barren Cove, by Ariel S. Winter
Barren Cove: A Novel - Ariel S. Winter

I didn’t know when I started Barren Cove, by Ariel S. Winter, that it would be the second book in a row that dealt with existential crisis. The difference between this book and The Elegance of the Hedgehog is that the protagonists in Barren Cove are almost all robots. Winter’s brief tale is a retelling of Wuthering Heights. But, you know, with robots...


Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review consideration.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-10-19 16:09
REVIEW: Barren
Barren - Elizabeth Miceli



Recommended for ages 16+. Includes scenes that depict drug use, self-harm, teen sexual situations, and sexual assault.

This book contains mature content and depiction of a seventeen-year-old girl’s rape at the hands of another student. It is a chilling, first-hand fictional account of an incident – the likes of which occurs across the country at parties just like the one depicted in this story - and one we wanted to feel as raw and as devastating as incidents which occur in real life. We also understand that these scenes may be difficult and uncomfortable for some. We recommend this novel for readers ages sixteen and older.

“I cried, praying for him to finish. I closed my eyes and tried to envision myself somewhere else… somewhere where I was happy. I thought of my family all piled around our tree on Christmas morning. I thought of singing with my band. I thought of Caitlin and me baking cookies and watching movies together. But after just a few seconds of pretending, Mike would hit me or thrust deeper, and I would be back in reality. I was being raped. I was all alone. I was a damsel in distress. And there was no one there to save me.”


My Thoughts

3 Hearts/5: A Good Book

3/5 Sensuality Rating: There is sex, but not explicit.




Barren, oh my god, what a book of emotions.


In this full novel we met Stacey, she’s in high school and has a typical high school experience of boys, friends, drugs, insecurities and whatever else comes along with being a teenager. A teenager especially in this day and age.


* Warning this book does have trigger warnings


Stacey has been through a lot. She’s going through changes from the beginning of the book and she has her problems like almost every teenage girl. She has her ups and downs and reading through what happened to her was hard. Stacey was trying to find her way, trying to find out who she is and why a guy who she really likes doesn’t like her. Why was she raped? She had normal questions, like was it her fault, did she do something, wear something too slutty?


Stacey had problems, on top of problems and high school was the least of them. After a while though the throwing up stopped and she now developed cutting her self, another problem developed after the rape. And  lets not forget that Stacey would sleep with anything that would show her any kind of attention. I was literally screaming at Stacey for most of the book because of her decisions. I mean I get her decisions, Stacey had demons, big bad ass demons but still, I felt bad for her.


Boys, I felt should have been the last thing from her mind. Instead it was like she drowned herself in them. In the first half of the book, there were maybe two love interests and by the 50% point there was a new boy like every chapter. All these boys from school, all these boys calling her pretty but of course she doesn’t see it because of her insecurities. All these boys wanting a little more from Stacey who can’t deliver because she’s not their mentally and emotionally.


Physically Stacey is experimenting heavily with sex. All these new, mixed emotions since the guy who raped her took her virginity. All these feelings she had to work through by herself and I get how scary that would be for her.


What I didn’t like with this book is that Stacey told many of her peers that she was raped and no one really tried to push her to talk to someone. No one pushed her to report what happened. Maybe this Mike does that at every party he goes to then disappears. Even her best friend and everyone else around her acted like this wasn’t a big deal. News flash, Rape is a very big deal and this book, Stacey and her friends pushed it under the carpet. 


I mean no one out of all the twenty people that she informed of what happened, mentioned anything about her reporting it. That just confused my brain. The only reaction she got was her band members who said that they would find him and kill him. And Stacey was content with her band members hypothetically stringing Mike by his dick and beating him.


And then don’t get me started on Devan. I don’t know why Stacey liked him, he was an asshole and even after she told him what happened and they kissed, I thought okay…. But then he takes her to this house party, gets Stacey drugged up, drunk, then leads her into a backwards room and commands her to go down on him. Like are you kidding!?


And since Stacey has no sense of self worth, she does it. I was so livid at that point. Oh and Devan, the shit face, asshole was the only guy, or only person out of the 100 people who knew and told her that she should get help. But once again he said it in such an ass hole way, that even I felt really bad for her. He showed barely any compassion for her situation.


This book gives you a lot of drama and keeps you interested enough. Like for me, I wanted to know if there was light at the end of this long, long, dark tunnel. Was Stacey gonna wake up and realize her mistakes? Was she finally gonna talk to someone? I thought maybe her sister would find out and force her to talk to a therapist and get her help. I mean I was begging the author to give me something and then one of Stacey’s boyfriends die. 

Near the end Stacey finally tells someone who will do something about everything and that is her mother. Mother’s know best. And then I guess we’re kind of fast forwarded to a time and place where everything is semi-okay. Stacey is going to a therapist and she has finally chosen one guy and is settling down.


It would have been nice to actually see her changing, verses the author telling us that she has changed. I think the book would have had a bigger impact for me.   

Stacey dealt with a lot of serious triggers that a lot of girls deal with in real life. The friends didn’t take certain situations that serious, except for Devan… maybe.

Don’t hold it in, talk to someone!


Below are some recent resources for victims and survivors of college sexual assault.


Organization: PACT5
Documentary: The Hunting Ground
PSA: Till It Happens to You with Lady Gaga
PSA: It’s On Us: One Thing

Enough is Enough: New York State legislation on college campus assaults

* I received this book in an exchange for an honest review



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