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review 2017-07-29 17:14
Maybe...I just wanted to like this more than I actually did...this one left me confused as to how I should rate it.
Stalking Jack the Ripper - Kerri Maniscalco,Nicola Barber



Book Title:  Stalking Jack the Ripper

Author:  Kerri Manisculco

Narration:  Nicola Barber

Series:  Stalking Jack The Ripper #1

Genre:  YA, Historical, Mystery

Setting:  London, England

Source:  Audiobook (Library)




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My Thoughts


A fast paced story, full of wit and charm, that felt somewhat disorienting to me.   I'm not sure I can fully explain the why, though.  Seriously, I had this long explanation written out, and it just didn't make sense.  So, I deleted all of it and…well…I did find the forensic science involved to be interesting, and overall the story was entertaining, despite my issues.  The ending could have been done better.  Here is some cool Stalking Jack The Ripper Art…(artist credit Phantomrin)


Partners in crime solving - Cresswell & Wadsworth:)



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  3.8/5

Main Characters:  3.8/5

Secondary Characters:  3.3/5

The Feels:  3.7/5

Addictiveness:  4/5

Theme or Tone:  4/5

Flow (Writing Style):  4/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4/5

Originality:  4/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Narration:  4/5

Ending:  3.5/5  Cliffhanger:  to be continued

Total: 3.8/5 STARS


Will I continue this series?  I'm not opposed to doing so.  I might try reading it instead of listening to the audiobook...I'm not sure, but, maybe it's the narrator that annoys me. 


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review 2017-04-14 15:03
Queen of Always (Stolen Empire Book 3) - Sherry D. Ficklin

♪♫My Pick For Book Theme Song♫♪

Leader of the Broken Hearts by Papa Roach  --Catherine is tasked with some difficult decisions that leave her not so lucky in love. Ultimately, she did it all for Russia…

And now I finally know what it feels like

To risk everything and still survive

When you’re standing on the battlefield

And all the pain is real

That’s when you realize

That you must’ve done something right

'Cause you’ve never felt so alive

*note:  all the lyric video's for this song were not quite the right one, but this one's at least visually engaging…but some of the lyrics are wrong.


Book Title:  Queen of Always

Author:  Sherry D Ficklin

Series:  Stolen Empire #3

Genre:  Older YA, Historical

Source:  Kindle eBook (Library)


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Overall Rating:  4.3/5 STARS (GRADE=A-)


My Thoughts


She's ruthless, because she has to be…she's loved because she's fair.  She's the queen because she took it.

A stunning conclusion to the Stolen Empire Series…a sometimes poignant, sometimes encouraging, with some serious OMG moments leading up to her stealing the crown from her asinine (and that word doesn't even cover it) husband, Peter.  For such a short book it really packs a punch.


⇝Sex Factor⇜ This is older ya for sure because of the graphic content and the sex.  Especially, one scene in particular…wow (maybe a little TMI).


Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  4/5

Main Characters:  4.3/5

Secondary Characters:  4.5/5

The Feels:  4.3/5

Addictiveness:  4.2/5

Theme or Tone:  4/5

Flow (Writing Style):  4.5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4/5

Originality:  4/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Ending:  4/5  Cliffhanger:  No


Will I read more from this Author?  Yes, I would

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review 2017-01-03 00:29
What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler
What We Saw - Aaron Hartzler

Book Title:  What We Saw

Author:  Aaron Hartzler

Series:  Stand Alone

Genre:  YA, Realistic Fiction

Source:  Kindle E-Book (Library)




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♫This book could inspire all kinds of songs, one for each of the main characters, easily…I picked Secrets by One Republic because it gets at the heart of everything that went wrong in this small town…sometimes...secrets should be told.  Plus what I picked originally would have been awfully spoiler-ish.♫ 






⇝Ratings Breakdown⇜


Plot: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

The Feels: 5/5

Addictiveness: 5/5

Theme: 5/5

Flow: 5/5

Backdrop (World Building): 5/5

Originality: 5/5

Book Cover: 5/5

Ending:  5/5  Cliffhanger: no


Will I read more from this Author?  Yes, I wouldn't be opposed to it.






⇝My Thoughts⇜


This was my final book I finished for the year 2016, and it's easily one of my favorites.  So out with a...




A compelling story, brilliantly written and based on a real life actual incident.  It left me wanting to read just a little more each time I had to stop reading, especially at work.  

 The story opens the day after the alleged raping of a girl at a party the night before; and it's told entirely from another girl's pov, Kate Weston.  Kate is just a girl the victim goes to school with; in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else.  It's told from this pov for a reason.  It shows you the lies and secrets that someone will keep just because of their fear of the repercussions.  And it shows how just one person who is brave enough to tell the truth, can change everything.  It's a shocking and enlightening take on a this heavy subject matter.

 ⇝Sex Factor⇜ Yeah, something like that.  It's somewhat graphic...but it's part of what makes this story so compelling.  It's real, and raw, and necessary to the story.



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review 2016-07-24 22:26
She was inspired by a book…
Outrun the Moon - Stacey Covington-Lee

Book Title:  Outrun the Moon

Author:  Stacey Lee

Narration:  Emily Woo Zeller

Series:  Stand Alone

Genre:  Historical Fiction, YA

Source:  Audiobook (Library)


☆My Pick for Book Theme Song:  Love is on the Way by Saigon Kick  --nothing wrong with a little one hit wonder action from the 80's.  The band's name might have had something to do with that pick.



Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  4/5

Characters:  4/5

The Feels:  3.8/5

Addictiveness:  3.8/5

Theme:  5/5

Flow:  4/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4.5/5

Originality:  5/5

Book Cover:  5/5 (Beautiful…love it)

Narration:  4/5

Ending:  4/5  Cliffhanger:  No


Will I read more from this author?  Maybe…if it peaks my interest



4.2/5 STARS



My Thoughts


Set in the early 1900's, this is really just a well written story about a girl trying to overcome the restrictions that society has put on her.  And the things she learns about people and tragedies along the way.  While this hasn't got much romance, just a pinch here and there, actually, it does have a lot of heart.  I really enjoyed listening to this and the narration was well done.


Sex Factor:  None


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