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review 2016-10-30 18:08
Big Red Lollipop
Big Red Lollipop - Rukhsana Khan,Sophie Blackall

Written by Rukhsana Khan

Illustrated by Sophie Blackall


Rubina has just been invited to her first birthday party, and her mother insists that she bring her little sister, Sana, along. No matter how hard Rubina tries to convince her mother that people just don't bring their little sisters along to birthday parties, her mother doesn't listen. Sana and Rubina go to the birthday party, and Sana acts selfishly and embarrasses Rubina. Sana even steals Rubina's prize from the party, a big, red lollipop. Rubina is fed up. She doesn't get any more invitations to birthday parties for a long time after that, either. Then one day, Sana gets an invitation to a birthday party. Her mother insists that she take her sisters with her, and refuses to listen when Sana tells her that you can't just bring your sisters to a birthday party. Rubina steps in and tells her mother not to make Sana take their little sister to the party, and their mother finally agrees. When Sana gets home from the party, she brings Rubina a big, green lollipop to say thank you.


This book would be great to open up a discussion about diversity and cultural differences with second to fourth grade students. It could also be used with younger students to discuss character traits and the importance of sharing.

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review 2016-09-18 16:21
The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

Written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein


In The Giving Tree, a young boy and a tree love each other very much. He swings from her branches, rests in her shade, and eats her apples. As the young boy grows, however, so do his interests and needs. He spends less and less time with the tree, returning only when he needs something. The tree happily offers him what she has each time he returns, such as her branches to build a house and her trunk for a boat, until she is nothing but an old stump. The last time the young boy returns he is a very old man, and the tree frets that she has nothing left to give him. He assures her that she does, as he only wants a comfortable place to sit and rest. The tree is happy again, because an old stump is perfect for sitting and resting.


This book would be great for a lesson on sharing versus being greedy, or for a lesson about wisely using resources found in nature. It could be adapted for use throughout the elementary grades.

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review 2013-05-23 00:00
A Book About Being Greedy
A Book About Being Greedy - Joy Berry Such a great book for kids and adults to read together!! Joy Berry has a wonderful way of bringing things to a kids level to help them understand things better. Sometimes as an adult we forget kids see and process the world differently than us.

Beautifully illustrated to help kids pay attention while learning valuable life lessons!

This series is wonderful for any home or classroom! I want them for he community center where I work!! I am also thrilled they are being made available as ebooks!!
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