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review 2018-06-02 07:02
Silverwood - Betsy Streeter

Silverwood had me at time-travel. As is most often the case. I don't even think I went to stop at this point to wonder how all these things together could make a great novel.

It's overcrowded. There's time-travel, portals and all in the context of an alien race that is living off humans and the family that is supposed to hunt them. It already feels crowded, no? Add to that a bunch of characters, very few we actually get to know a bit, and it felt mostly crowded to me. To the point I had trouble knowing what was going on.

Also the writing was in present tense, which for me also takes some getting used to, and I know some people are put off by it.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2015-02-18 22:51
Silverwood - Betsy Streeter

(I got a copy from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

As of now, I am not sure yet whether I should give this book 1 star or 2. I can't say that I didn't like it at all, because several ideas and themes were definitely interesting, and made me want to know more. But... This is one of those "good ideas, but..." novels, too.

Mostly I was constantly annoyed with the feeling that I was reading a first draft, instead of an edited copy. (Of course, as an Advanced Reader Copy, it was still liable to change; however, I still think an ARC is meant to be as close as possible to a ready-to-be-published version, not to a draft.) Sometimes the story dragged in places, sometimes it went much too fast, leaving gaps in the narrative that were difficult to fill. In the end, too many elements still remained shrouded in mystery—and not the kind of mystery that is justified, since it stemmed, in my opinion, from aforementioned gaps. Keeping revelations for a second installment is nice, but not when it makes a jumble of the first.

As a result, I had a hard time caring for the characters and for their predicament, as well as for the antagonists. The former's decisions often didn't seem to make a lot of sense, and too many secondary characters didn't have enough screen time for their role to be understandable (Chris, Rosie, Eleanor...). The latter's motives were unclear, their moves too sudden to know where they came from (puzzling the heroes is good; puzzling the reader, not so much). Adding time travel, portals, a jail, a Council, alien-like creatures, and a strange little town whose importance wasn't properly stressed... Well, let's just say the mix was too confusing.

The third person present tense style was the second thing that alienated me, so to speak. It is a tricky style to deal with, and while it works in some stories, here it didn't do anything for me, and made me cringe more than once.

This is really too bad, because I did want to like this story, and it did seem like the kind of time travel-filled plot I would normally enjoy...

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text 2015-01-22 08:03
TBR Thursday #24
The End of All Things - Lissa Bryan
The Last American Vampire - Seth Grahame-Smith
Dead Time - Tony Parsons
Arsenic For Tea - Robin Stevens
The Novice: Summoner: Book One (The Summoner Trilogy) - Taran Matharu
Mary Hades - Sarah Dalton
Ever Darkening - Janeal Falor
The Murder of Adam and Eve - William Dietrich
Silverwood - Betsy Streeter
Flex - Ferrett Steinmetz

Moonlight Reader started the TBR Thursday, and I think it's a good way to a) show what new books I've got and b) confront myself with my inability to lower my TBR. In fact, since I started recording it, it has risen significantly. I get the feeling I'm doing something wrong here...


I wanted my TBR to stay under 300 but almost as soon as I stated it, I got another bunch of books, making it all impossible. Just 1,5 weeks though to some unlimited reading time, that I'll definitely need if I ever want to get rid of all these books. =)


At least there are not as much books as last week... (Always look on the bright side of life...)


TBR pile currently stands at 303. (+10)

(Netgalley ARCs at 128 (+8))

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