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review 2019-09-18 22:14
Girl, Stop Apologizing :
Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals - Rachel Hollis
Girls & ladies, listen and listen carefully to what I have to say. If you feel you need someone in your corner, you need this book. If you have goals and lack the motivation to go after them, you need this book. If you just need to hear someone fired up, to get you moving, you need this book. I was not prepared for what I listened to when I put this novel in my car’s CD player.
I have just recently purchased a couple of Rachel Hollis’ cookbooks which I absolutely love. They are composed of dishes that I would actually make. Its real food created from actual grocery stores, not food made with fancy bouquet food where I’d buy a jar of something that I’d never use again but actual food. With these down-to-earth recipes, I figured Rachel would be an easy-going girl yet what I heard in this novel was a woman who was driven, strong, and very motivated. Bring it on Rachel, we need to hear more of this!
The more I listened to this novel, the more I understood where she got this ambition. Rachel just doesn’t try to motivate us women, she gives us some background on her own story so I know where she is coming from. Listening to her read her own novel, I could feel how she owned each word that she had put down in print. The energy and desire that she has to help others feel the same way she feels can definitely be felt while listening to her. It’s as if she’s trying to tell people: “Come on! Wake up and get with the program!”
Do you need Rachel in your life? I highly recommend the audio of this book, the enthusiasm and the passion as she reads her own words is definitely worth it.


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review 2019-09-16 16:05
Codename: Chimera by J K Persy #JKPersy
Codename: Chimera - J.K. Persy

Very pretty cover for Codename: Chimera by J K Persy. I got this book back in February of 2014, but didn’t read it until 1.15.15. I loved it and I don’t have any excuse for waiting so long to share it with you. The cover does not make me think of the cozy mystery that it is.


Codename: Chimera

Amazon / Goodreads




During their investigation, they learned about a project called Chimera and now the mystery deepens. Is it a conspiracy? Will they kill anyone to keep a secret?


A convoluted mystery centered around a medallion. Who does it belong to?


Codename: Chimera lacked a sense of urgency, but a lot of cozies do. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them and I loved this one. I was super curious about the outcome and the deaths that follow the medallion.


I loved the trio and was happy to be along for their adventure. Codename: Chimera by J K Persy is not what I expected from looking at the cover, but it all made sense in the end.


The brain teasers are a bonus. I stopped and spent a lot of time trying to solve them. I wonder if you will too.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Codename: Chimera by J K Persy.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos4 Stars




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Source: www.fundinmental.com/codename-chimera-j-k-persy
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review 2019-09-09 05:16
Walk of Shane
Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly) - Lauren Layne

This was a really cute, fluffy romance. Most of the book was fun and flirty with low drama. The end did have some manufactured drama that was really frustrating and some rushed sequences, but oh well. Georgie was a delight and despite the fact that he could be a jerk once in a while, I liked Andrew well enough that I was rooting for he and Georgie to get their happily ever after. Bonus points for the nods to Enchanted and double points to this book for not putting down the fairytale romance or sparkly, pretty things.

Unrelated to my rating, I listened to this on audio and I ADORED Susannah Jones's narration. She was perfect for Georgie and did a good job with Andrew. However, Joe Arden's narration wasn't for me and I kept stopping because of it.

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review 2019-04-29 22:21
Shame Is an Ocean I Swim Across - Mary Lambert

Libro meraviglioso. Sono fan di Mary Lambert da un po' di tempo, amo le sue canzoni, così intense e commoventi ma...ammetto che non pensavo minimamente di emozionarmi allo stesso modo leggendo i suoi versi. Pensavo fosse la sola storia, la cantante che solo perchè è una cantante e quindi famosa pensa di saper scrivere e pubblica anche la lista della spesa, pensavo fosse un'operazione commerciale per cavalcare l'onda e invece... WOW! Ogni poesia è... arte! Molti versi sono ispirati alla vita dell'artista che senza maschere ci raccontano la sua sofferenza e lotta per continuare a vivere. Si affrontano temi molto forti e che sconvolgono, si parla di abusi su minori, abusi in famiglia, stupro, depressione e autolesionismo, obesità, body shaming, disordini mentali, coming out e amore tra due donne, si parla di lotta continua ma anche di speranza, di voglia di vivere e di abbracciare la vita e ovviamente di amore. Una lettura che mi ha coinvolto emotivamente e che mi sento di consigliare. Nulla da invidiare sicuramente a poeti più famosi, se amate Rupi Kaur beh... questo è DECISAMENTE meglio e fa sembrare i versi della Kaur poemetti da Bacio Perugina. Sconsigliato solo se siete impressionabili e sensibili a certi temi, l'autrice non si risparmia e se vi fa senso sentire parlare di abusi sessuali e psicologici su minori o di stupri beh... passate oltre. L'autrice non ha peli sulla lingua e ammetto che mi ha fatto effetto e mi sono dovuta fermare non poche volte per riprendere il fiato sentendomi come colpita da un pugno allo stomaco. Alcuni testi sono forti e anche chi non ha vissuto certe situazioni può toccare con mano tutto il dolore, il disagio e la vergogna che certe situazioni ti buttano addosso. Per quanto mi riguarda l'ho amato e la mezza stellina in meno è dovuta solo alla confusione, avrei voluti sezioni tematiche o almeno una divisione dell'opera più decisa, purtroppo regna un po' il caos e si passa da poesie in cui si racconta di stupri a dichiarazioni d'amore e... questo mi ha un po' lasciata perplessa spezzando un po' il mood. In ogni caso... nulla da dire BELLO, BELLO, BELLO. Spero con tutto il cuore che si decidano a tradurlo perchè merita tantissimo e soprattutto le donne dovrebbero leggerlo e amarlo con tutto il cuore!

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review 2019-03-09 06:30
Beyond Shame
Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha
Mixed feeling about this one. On one hand, I did like it, it kept me engrossed, but on the other hand there were many things that bothered and annoyed me.
So, Eden it this place that "has it all," depending on your definition of "all." The sectors are wild, lawless. If you live in a commune, you are an indentured servant making someone else money. Regardless of where one lives, sorry if you happen to be female! Eden= subservient homemaker there to make you husband's life better. The sectors= prostitute, stripper. The commune= baby marker.
Noelle happens to really like sex and drinking. She gets kicked out of Eden. Jasper, of the O'Kane gang, rescues her. Her dad happens to be a councilman. I got so tired (so tired!) of reading about how "bad" she was. Oh please. Jasper was okay. This was more Noelle's story. I didn't really know Jasper by the end of this. I did like the difference POVs; Lex, Dallas, Six, Bren, and Rachel are interesting characters. The sex scenes were hot. I thought some of the scenes were there purely for shock value. 
Surprisingly, I was interested in the world, but found the world building severely lacking (what did I expect in an erotica?). There is no explanation of the "Flare" that started(?) this whole mess. Fertility is also an issue- why? It's convenient in an erotica to not have to worry about contraception. Or STDs. For a sci-fi dystopian, this didn't turn over any new leaves. Men are still better because they are physically stronger. Which is everything. Women are still reliant on men for their well being. I might as well have been reading a historical. 
I did (for the most part) like the characters. But, for the reasons listed above, I'm not reading more of this. It'll just piss me off.


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