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review 2016-12-26 15:56
A Bond of Truth - K.C. Wells

This book was such a delight to read. It had the perfect combination of sweet romance, hot scenes, relationship angst, and suspense to keep me fully entranced and eager to keep on reading.


The three men in this story all managed to seduce me as individuals as well as part of their triad. Prince Arrio was such a charming combination of cocky certainty and virginal insecurity he made me smile. Prince Kei on the other hand is mostly an innocent, having been raised in almost complete seclusion. If it wasn’t for the visions he’s had for as long as he can remember, he would have been completely unprepared for what he encounters. As for Dainon, he was my favourite and totally stole my heart. I loved the battles he fought with himself and his feelings. Having to overcome the grief he’d been holding close for long years was difficult enough for this man; coming to terms with the fact that he’s attracted to not one but two much younger men is almost too much for our warrior. But he wouldn’t be the man I came to adore if it hadn’t been for his courage in the face of circumstances he could never have predicted for himself.


I think what I loved most about this story was the equality between these three men despite their different backgrounds, upbringing, and expectations. They each had their moments of doubt and insecurity just as each of them had opportunities to shine or take the forefront. And it is exactly because the power dynamic in their developing relationship wasn’t a foregone conclusion or even something set in stone I fully believed in the bond they were forming together. They complimented each other in the best possible way to ultimately form a perfect union together.


It was a pure joy to get another glimpse at (now King) Tanish and his husbands Feyar and Sorran and to see them still going strong, still deeply in love and all three equally invested in the life and happiness of their adopted son Arrio. However, while I would certainly recommend you read A Bond of Three before reading A Bond of Truth, I don’t think it is actually necessary. This second book can be read and fully enjoyed as a stand-alone.


It won’t surprise anybody when I say that this story contained quite a few extremely hot scenes. The fact that these three men are all experiencing everything they do together for the first time only set the temperature soaring even higher. But, none of it would be as memorable as it is if it wasn’t for K.C. Well’s talent to perfectly combine heat with tender sweetness. Many a happy sigh escaped my lips while reading this book.


Finally I have to say that while I fell head over heels for the two triads in this series, I have fallen for the world they live in just and hard. I can only hope the author will decide to visit Teruna again in the not too distant future. Surely there’s another triad to establish?

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review 2016-12-26 11:03
Sweet and Fun
Stroke of Luck - Posy Roberts

Stroke of Luck is such a sweet and fun story, even if the title seems completely inappropriate at first glance. Because initially everything that can go wrong does go wrong for Marc and Cas.  Poor Marc is trying to come to terms with having lost everything he owned in a house fire when he first runs into Cas. A misunderstanding makes Cas all defensive before he shows he’s actually a nice guy in the most simple but wonderful of ways.


When they meet again, only a few minutes later, the circumstances are even worse. In fact, you’d be excused for thinking these two men were doomed from the start. Except that fate sometimes plays a strange game with people, as Marc and Cas soon discover. Wherever they turn they end up running into each other because even if they don’t know it yet, they are meant to be together.


I’m impressed with how well Posy Roberts managed to deal with the complex issue of the relationship between Cas and Maisie in a mostly lighthearted and virtually angst-free manner. And the way this book ends is nothing short of perfection. To say it left me with a huge grin on my face would be a gross understatement.


Posy Roberts always effortlessly draws me into her stories. Her characters tend to be charming and fascinating, her descriptions are vivid and the dialogue sparkles. And when it comes to the sexy times…hot barely covers it.


If you’re in the mood for a fun, far from predictable, and very satisfying read, I highly recommend Stroke of Luck. In the meantime I’ll thank my lucky stars that I discovered Posy’s books and that she keeps on writing these wonderful stories for me to enjoy.

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review 2016-12-25 20:00
Fast paced and very erotic
Fall Together: (2nd Edition) (Pretty Boy Book 1) - Isobel Starling

This story in Fall Together takes the reader on a fast paced and very erotic ride. From the moment Emilie and Pieter first literally bump into each other in an overstuffed tube carriage in London, to the moment when they’ve created their own perfect world together, these two barely come up for breath, and as a result, neither does the reader.


From the moment Emilie first glares at Pieter it is clear that these two are made for each other, even if it will be another five weeks before they get to act on the attraction they both instantly feel. And when they do get together Emilie and Pieter manage to set each other alight. When it’s just the two of them, there’s no doubt these two characters belong together, if only the rest of the world would stop putting obstacles in their way.


Personally I enjoyed the chapters and scenes featuring Emilie and Pieter getting to know each other and exploring each others’ bodies more than I did those featuring almost every secondary character. It would appear that both Pieter the model and Emilie the artist have managed to surround themselves with people who use and/or abuse them. The mystery for me wasn’t so much that these things had happened to them, but more that the people who’d caused them pain and confusion where, for the most part, still an important part of their lives. I couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in either Simeon or Darien and was at a loss why they were still part of Pieter and Emilie’s life when the story starts.


The funny thing is that for once it wasn’t the main characters themselves who created obstacles to overcome on their way to happiness; it was the people around them. Where it would have been easy to turn the age difference between them or the fact that Pieter is bisexual, or even their individual careers forcing them to spend huge chunks of time apart, into relationship threatening issues, none of them do. Any conflict in this story is the result of outside forces trying to come between them and forcing them to deal with forgotten or repressed and at times heartbreaking memories in the process.


This is a very erotic story and the sex scenes are beautiful as well as imaginative and enticing. There isn’t much Emilie and Pieter aren’t up for, and the reader gets to enjoy it all with them.


One thing that didn’t work very well for me is the fact that the story is written from multiple perspectives and that the point of view freely jumped from one character to another. A small voice in the back of my mind kept on saying ‘stop head-hopping already’, even though I was well aware that strictly speaking this wasn’t head-hopping at all, just a different way of telling the story. This however is a personal preference and I can easily imagine that other readers might be delighted to for once get to see everybody’s motivation rather than having to infer it from what the main characters chose to share.


Overall this was a sexy, fast paced and intriguing story. And while I really didn’t care for Simeon in this story I have to admit I am kinda intrigued that the next book in thisPretty Boy series will focus on him. He’s got quite a bit of redeeming to do and I’m very curious as to what form that will take.

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review 2016-08-21 11:58
Very Pleasurably Surprised
Looking for Group - Alexis Hall

To say this book surprised me would be the understatement of the year. About five pages into the first chapter I was all ‘wtf am I reading?’ and ‘what does any of this mean?’ I was fully convinced this book might turn into my first DNF in ages because I couldn’t imagine getting hooked into a story half of which meant nothing to me. And then I did...get hooked that is.


The thing is, I know nothing about video games, I don’t play them and I’m not even the slightest bit curious about them either. And a lot of the story in this book is all about video games. In fact, about half the story takes place in Heroes of Legend, and therefore in a world I’m totally unfamiliar with. The characters use terms and abbreviations I don’t understand. Initially I felt so far out of my depth that I ended up bookmarking this Wikipedia page: Glossary of Video Game Terms. It proved to be a big help, until I got so caught up in the story that I stopped caring or noticing that there were terms I didn’t understand. Of course, that was before I realised there was a very good Glossary of gaming terms and abbreviations at the end of the book.


The ‘am I gay or what’ issue plays a relatively small role in this story. Sure, it takes Drew some time to get his head around the fact that he’s fallen for a guy, but not very long and he doesn’t obsess about it nor does he get all angsty. No, this story is far more about figuring out what are and what aren’t ‘real’ friendships. Can friendships with people you’ve only ‘met’ online / in game be as real and deep as those with the people you meet face to face? Drew is inclined to think that they can’t, while Kit’s closest relationships appear to be with people he’s never met face to face. Unless Drew can accept that connecting with people is real, whether you do it in the real or in a virtual world, he will lose Kit.


Like I said, I lost myself in this story. I got completely caught up in Drew and Kit getting together and finding a balance between their two different approaches to life. In many ways this was a sweet story with a definite young-adult feel to it. The on page intimacy is sweet and innocent, while growing up, learning to compromise, and accepting yourself as well as others exactly for who they are, were the bigger themes in this book.


I love how this story made me think about the friends I have made online, and how sometimes it’s easier to talk to people I have never met—and may never meet—face to face than it is to open up to friends I meet in real life. In fact, I think that’s the reason this story really worked for me; I completely got both Kit and Drew. I made that journey from ‘online people aren’t really real’ to ‘some of my best and most trusted friends ‘only’ live in my computer’ some time ago. And of course books, for me, always work best when I can truly relate to what’s happening in the story.


I fully expected this to turn into a ‘if you’re not into video games this might not be the book for you’ sorta review but, as you can see, that is not what happened. While it may still be true that there’s too much gaming and too little real life interaction between characters in this book for some readers, I can honestly say that whether or not Drew and Kit were in a game stopped making a difference for me pretty quickly after starting this book.


I’m so glad I took a chance on a book that might not have been for me at all. This sweet, thought-provoking and very well written story fascinated and charmed me so much I couldn’t put the book down until I’d finished it.


On a final note; this is the second book I’ve read by Alexis Hall and the second time he’s managed to blow me away with his story-telling and writing skills. Clearly I need to go back and read his other books as soon as possible. (Click on the link for my review of For Real)

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review 2016-07-23 20:35
Charming, if somewhat frustrating
The Dark Angels: With Wings - Z. Allora

If I had to label this book I would probably say: a favourite among titles containing my pet peeve. J


It is no big secret that one thing to always get my reader’s hackles up is characters not communicating with each other when just a few words at the right time would have dealt with the issue at hand. Sure, I get that the story needs drama, and that the fact that the characters aren’t talking means the drama is high and mighty, but it infuriates me as much in books as it does in real life.


Having said that… (I bet you saw this coming) I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Even while I wanted to smash Angel and Dare’s heads together in order to make them see sense, I adored both of them and couldn’t help hurting with them as they ran into what they thought were obstacles.


In fact, apart from the lack of crucial communication, I loved everything in this book. Dare and Angel are sexy and charming main characters. The secondary characters surrounding them are as intriguing (and as potentially sexy), and I’m looking forward to reading their stories. Seriously though, what’s not to love: A rock band with sexy band members, a sweet yet torturous love story and a trip to Bali? If those ingredients don’t spell out wonderful read, I don’t know what else you might be looking for.


Sexy times play a huge role in this story. And when I say ‘sexy’ I mean ‘steaming hot’. Dare’s introduction to experiences and feelings he’d been denying himself for far too long was as beautiful as it was arousing. Angel sure knows how to turn on his seductive charms and over the course of this book he managed to hook both Dare and me. 


Overall this was a fast paced, fascinating and very hot read. I’ll have to read more books by Z. Allora in the not too distant future. Clearly I’ve been missing out.

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