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review 2017-02-05 06:58
Why You Must Go for Trekking In Dandeli?

Take A Step Ahead In Life: Enjoy Trekking In Dandeli


Trekking is always adventurous and exciting. However, it is not the cup of tea for those who have the fear of heights and are scared. People with cardiac issues and medical problems are also recommended to avoid this adventure for safety reasons.


However, there are some people who just love to go out and get into the shoes of a trekker and enjoy the unrivalled experience which it provides to them. Trekking is not always comfortable and at times it becomes even tougher than one can imagine, thanks to the weather condition.


Whatever comes or goes, a trekker or an adventure lover never gets disappointed and is always filled with a renewable energy which helps them to experience what very few people can even dream of. This is a favourite activity for thousands of people around the world and they have some good reasons to indulge in it. Want to know about them? Take a look at the below-mentioned points:


  1. Getting Closer To Nature- One of the best way to stay in touch with nature is to indulge yourself in the adventure of Trekking in Dandeli. This outdoor sport will introduce you with the amazing landscapes and the various terrains which are a part of the beautiful Mother Nature.
  1. Trekking Helps In Losing Weight- Believe it or not, but trekking does play a good natural role in losing weight. It requires you to trek throughout the day which helps in burning a large number of calories which you just cannot burn in a gym. And another reason through which it contributes is the ability to keep you away from the temptation of cookies, ice cream and all kinds of desserts that would otherwise add on to your calorie level.
  1. Helps You Rejuvenate Yourself- When you are close to nature you just feel perfectly in love with everything around you. This is also the best time to keep yourself stress-free and rejuvenate yourself with all new energy and reasons to love yourself more and more. It is also ideal to revamp your soul and forget all day-to-day tension and headaches which otherwise would have eaten up your brain.
  1. Great Social Sport- You might be wondering what social is related with this? But this is actually a great social sport as it allows you to meet different people, explore various cultures and enjoy the blissful companionship of varied individuals whom you have never ever met in life. One gets the time to talk to people and spent quality time to know about them. There is plenty of time to sit around, relax and chat for as long as you want.

So, now you have some pretty good reasons to fuel your dream of trekking around in regions that had always attracted you and to get to the places which you have only desired for. This is the best time to do so and Dandeli is the best place to start your journey towards achieving your dream. You will be completely floored down with its marvellous beauty and elegant landscape that it offers.


Book your stay today at best Resorts in Dandeli; Jungle Resort Dandeli offers River Rafting, Jungle Safari, Trekking, Water Zorbing, River Crossing adventurous activities.

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review 2017-02-03 08:21
River Rafting in Dandeli – An Experience Worth Enjoying

Enjoy Blissful Moments With Friends With River Rafting In Dandeli


Water sports are always amazing and it lures a large number of people every year. In this monotonous way of life, that keeps everyone occupied with their personal and professional matters in every possible way, what is missing in their life is fun, enjoyment, and adventure. In order to fill up these vacant spaces, people generally do take vacations and plan something different that they had never ever thought of, before.


On top of this, if the vacation is with friends, there is no rule that one is not supposed to break. Every discipline, every warning takes a back seat and what leads the mind, body and soul are the entertainment, and adventure which awaits them at the earliest.


When it comes to adventure, water sports are something that takes a high position. It does involve risk, which adventure doesn’t? But it has a charm of its own and on top of that, you have the safety measures and the guide informing you about everything that might come on your way before hand. And wait, you also have your friends out there with you, so just no issues to take your steps back.


River rafting is one such sport that is loved by people of all age groups. Though children are not allowed for this ride at many places for obvious reasons of course, but they always feel a part of it as they watch others enjoying the ride. This sport basically involves steering an inflated rubber boat or raft on the uncontrolled waves of the river filled with the white foams that arise because of the sudden increase or decrease in the water volume. Does it sound interesting to you? Wait, there are more fun facts to add to it.


This beautiful sport becomes even more enjoyable when it is done in a serene yet wild environment like Dandeli. Yes, you got it rightRiver Rafting in Dandeli is far more adventurous and beautiful experience than you can actually think of.


Adventure seekers will now the fun and the excitement which is attached to this part of India. Watching the exotic landscape when you are entirely in the sport will just give you the pleasure and feel of the area in a blink of your eye and you will capture and take with you a moment of blissful scenery which is tough to explain in words.


The river excitement is also something which will completely take away your breathe and will help you add the pinch of adventure which was missing from your life for a long time. The wildlife and adventure enthusiasts are always on their go to catch up with the best of the experiences that they had never been able to get rid of. It is through the beautiful experience that they take back which brings them here in Dandeli over and over again and make them experience the real meaning of adventure. If you are an adventure lover then you have to come here and experience this pleasurable and one-of-its-kind sports that will stay close to your heart throughout your life.


Book your stay today at best Resorts in Dandeli; Jungle Resort Dandeli offers Jungle Safari, Trekking, River Rafting, River Crossing, Water Zorbing adventurous activities.

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review 2017-01-30 15:50
How To Make Dandeli Jungle Safari Rewarding?

Enjoy Dandeli Jungle Safari For The Best Experience Ever


For everyone who loves wildlife, nature in its natural form and adventure, jungle safari is a must-to-take-part-in activity. Being around nature and watching the wild animals living their life in the comfort and luxury of their natural environment is the most peaceful, serene and pleasurable thing that one can ever be part of.


The jungle safaris offer best and wonderful opportunities for individuals to see the wild animals in their natural habitats, away from the noise and pollution of the city. Watching them carefully to caress their babies and move around freely gives an experience which can never be explained in words. It is more rewarding and eye-pleasing to these beautiful creatures roam around in their area without any fear and is far more satisfactory and enjoyable than to see them being in a cage in a zoo.


There are various jungles around the world, and so are there the safaris which you must definitely have dreamt of. Not everyone can afford to go to a jungle safari from their home and thus at times they have to crush their dreams and carry on their monotonous life. But wait, are you doing the same? Get rid of the burden, you have the Dandeli Jungle Safari to enjoy and to indulge in the adventure which you had always planned for.


Yes, now going on a safari is not a pocket cutter for you. Explore the beauty of the jungle of South India and watch the animals around you with this jungle safari that will leave you with some memorable moments for your life. Make your safari trip rewarding and remarkable by keeping some things in mind:


  1. Don’t forget to pack all your essentials carefully before leaving for the safari. A camera and a binocular is a must for your backpack.
  2. When choosing the garments and clothes to pack in your luggage, make sure you put in waterproof pants, fleece jackets, t-shirts and convertible cargo pants. These help you to enjoy the safari without any facing any kind of trouble due to your garments.
  3. Anti-allergic creams and medications should also find a place in your luggage along with sunscreen and dark glasses. Remember Precaution is Better Than Cure!
  4. Make and confirm the safari reservations from beforehand in order to avoid any misunderstanding and clash later. It is also compulsory to make efforts to turn your journey as convenient and pleasurable as your destination, this serves as the cherry-on-top-of-the-cake.
  5. Once you reach the safari destination, make it certain that you listen and pay heed to each and every instruction provided to you by the instructors or tour guides.
  6. Last but not the least, watch the animals, but don’t disturb them. Remember they are in their home comfortably living their life, don’t be an intruder. So, talking loudly, smoking or loud music should be avoided. And one should also not throw any kind of stone or other materials on the animals.

The safaris are all about exploring the forests and watching the natural diversity, enjoy it to the best at one of the most exotic destinations of India!


Reserve your stay today at best Resorts in Dandeli; Jungle Resort Dandeli offers Jungle Safari, Trekking, River Rafting, River Crossing, Water Zorbing adventurous activities.

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review 2017-01-24 18:00
Hornbill Resort Dandeli

If you are looking for a new place to enjoy your vacation then you must go for Dandeli resorts. It is having all those features that will excite you, enthuse you and will offer you a great lifetime experience. It is a great place where you can enjoy many things at one time. you will get accommodation and food facility along with a comfortable stay that will help you in getting better experience. Also, coming to the staying facility at resort, Hornbill resort Dandeli is something that you need to experience.


Dandeli resort is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka and it is very close from the metro cities like Bangalore and others. There are many transportation facilities also available and it is convenient because of which people are reaching here easily. This resort is not very much available vacant during peak seasons and it is preferred to travel with some advance booking too. Dandeli resort is also very much affordable in every context and will provide you a great feel. Above all, you will be having the accommodation that will surely amaze you b its looks among them Hornbill Resort Dandeli is very much attractive. This popular stay is located on the branches of a tree and it is having proper support which offers safety to the people. 


This is located in the forest and greenery is at its peak in this location. Not only this, the unexplored forest and Dandeli River offers you a pleasant stay and you can also enjoy the trip by looking all around. You will also observe the flow of water, the chirping of birds, the cool environment and the natural freshness. From morning till evening, you will surely feel fresh and relaxed at Bison Resort Dandeli. The Hornbill offers you tree houses and apart from this, tents, rock houses are also available where you can get the scenic view. This place is so romantic that couples come here often and especially newly married couples who want to spend some quality time here. Thus, be a part of the nature’s treat here at Hornbill Dandeli Resorts and enjoy other facilities like rock climbing, water rafting, safari and bird sanctuary, camping and other adventurous things. All are affordable and within your budget.


If you are too, trying to book your holidays here, then you can check the website of the resort which is offering detailed information to all the people. Even if you want to speak to them then you can call on their helpline and they will assist you for the same. Also, for availability, it is advised if you can book it online as you will be able to make better ways to come and enjoy your vacation here properly. Talking about the facilities, you will surely enjoy the best in class rooms with all amenities and dishes of your own choice too. Thus, get ready to indulge in a healthy and comfortable stay along with a memorable vacation here at Dandeli resort.

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review 2017-01-22 16:58
Dandeli Forest Resort

A lot of traveller these days looks for the option of resort travelling. This is a phenomenal option not only for the couples but for those who want to spend some time in between nature with their family and friends. Resorts are taking better initiatives in inviting tourism and discovering some new facilities and features that can excite tourists. In the same way, Dandeli Forest Resort is also trying to make tourism better in every possible way. This resort is located in Karnataka and is very popular in South India. Many people are coming here every weekend and in their vacations to enjoy the lavish flora and fauna along with Dandeli River.


The picturesque atmosphere that will offer you happiness and peace is something that is worthy in every sense. Not only for young people, Dandeli Forest Resort is also having many recreational facilities for kids too. They all are surprising and quite enjoyable as well. The most important thing however coming here is to get prepared for lots of adventurous things that will surely make you comfort. Not only those things, even you will get plenty of accommodation facilities available at this place. This resort accommodation will be available for advance booking too. It is better to book things in advance if you are planning initially to avoid any chaos in the end coming here and looking for accommodation.


The guides and transportation facility is also available here at Hornbill Dandeli Resort. You can come from any city located nearer to this resort and buses and private transports are quiet convenient and frequent to take you here. Also, guides will showcase you the things that are located in Dandeli and will also take you to other places which are available. It is a place where you can actually spend few days, away from your office and tensions. Roam around Syntheri Rocks which is a nature’s paradise at this place. Supa Dam is also located where you can see the massive construction by engineers. The Back water will offer you diving and swimming experience. Not only this, while staying in the cottages here at Dandeli, you can enjoy your favourite delicacies too.


Bison Dandeli Resort is a great place and you will have retreat to be here. It is an affordable deal because everything is such good to watch and enjoy. It is actually a paradise. You can experience waking up in morning among the nature, forest and chirping birds. You will also enjoy spectacular view from every side. If you are choosing this resort among other to enjoy your quality time, then you are on a positive side. There is nothing more magical than watching the sunset and sunrise. For all adventure lovers, it is a pleasant place to enjoy. Many youngsters usually come here to enjoy the same. Everything clubbing up to offer you a magnificent stay and memories for lifetime here. You can just take out sometime and book your trip to Dandeli Resort and you will surely not going to regret it.

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