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review 2015-06-30 00:20
And now our story continues...
Wedding Favors - Anne Tenino

So in my review of 'Lights, Camera, Cupid' book #6 and the 'Bluewater Bay' Valentine's Anthology the last story was called 'Helping Hand' and this is the book that it connects too. I thoroughly loved this book.


Lucas and Gabe have a history, as explained in 'Helping Hand' and now Lucas is drawn back to Bluewater Bay at the request of his best friend, Audrey, who happens to be planning on marrying Lucas's brother who also happens to be Gabe's best friend. Like or not these two men are going to have to deal with one another. Gabe's ok with this because he wants to finish scratching that itch and get Lucas out of his system so he can move on...oh that life should be so simple?


At times it seems like everything is conspiring to bring these two men together including Lucas' own attraction to the crush he never really got over.


This one was sweet, sexy and at times funny as these two men struggled to keep their equilibrium and guard their hearts from the inevitable collision course they're on.


So far this series has been absolutely delightful and I'm looking forward to August when we get book #9 When to Hold Them by G.B. Gordon...new characters from a new to me author = the opportunity for another great story to read.

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review 2015-06-29 23:53
Cupid, draw back your bow. And let your arrow go...
Lights, Camera, Cupid! - Amy Lane,L.A. Witt,SE Jakes,Anne Tenino,Z.A. Maxfield

Overall I really enjoyed the stories in this Valentine's Day Anthology. Reading this while I was in the process of reading 'The Bluewater Bay' series was perfect timing for me and just worked really well. It was a nice break from the longer stories involved and a chance to go back to some of the characters from stories that I really liked.


Just Another Day by L.A. Witt was a sexy, enjoyable peek at what happens with a couple (being Levi & Carter from Starstruck) have different opinions on a holiday and how sometimes after those opinions clash the true meaning of the holiday is what brings them back together.


'I'll Be There' by Z.A. Maxifield was definitely my favorite. I love Nash & Spencer and this story just made me love them both all the more.


Probably my least favorite story was S.E. Jakes 'No Easy Way'. This one just didn't quite click with me. I didn't hate the MC's, I just didn't really get them. Honestly, I have to admit I feel like maybe I'm not being fair to this one because the rest of these stories tie into books I've either read or will read, so maybe if there was more to this I would have enjoyed it better...I truly don't know.


I loved Amy Lane's story 'Nascha' probably more than I would have if I had read the series in order but because I took a little jump ahead to her book 'The Deep of the Sound' I understood the significance of his story and who and how it affected things in the future. This is a story that would seriously be better read after book #8.


And last of all Ann Tenino's 'Helping Hand' this one just turned out perfect for me because it read like a prequel or a  background story and it was for book #7 Wedding Favors' which is the book I read next...so perfect timing for this story and it was just a really, sweet story and the perfect lead in to book #7.

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review 2015-06-26 00:23
I'm giving this one all the stars and then some...
The Burnt Toast B&B - Heidi Belleau;Violetta Vane,Rachel Haimowitz

I love, love, loved this book. It was...I don't even think I have the words to explain this so I'm going to suggest that you go see Dani's review on GR because I couldn't do a better job than she did no matter how hard I try and here's the link... https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1120036665?book_show_action=false&from_review_page=1

Now for my part anyone who knows me can probably take a good guess at why this book grabbed me and wouldn't let go. That's right it's all about Ginsberg. He's fabulous. He's the type of person that makes others a better person just for having known him and that's what he did for Derrick. He didn't try to change Derrick but he did enable him to be honest and true with himself. Derrick needed to redefine a lot of who he was. Not because he was bad. He truly wasn't but a lot of his fundamental beliefs were misguided and he needed to rethink them in order to become the person that he truly wanted to be.


The other person in this story whom I really came to like was Derrick's ex, Jim. I'd love to see him get his own story and his own HEA. He was adorable and I think there's so much more to be told about him.


'The Burnt Toast B&B' was a story that touched my heart on a personal level and made me appreciate my Ginsberg so much more than I already do. We all have a Ginsberg in our lives the question is do we realize it. Do we see and appreciate that amazing person who makes us strive to be more, to be better. I know who my Ginsberg is and I thank god for him every day, do you?

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review 2015-06-24 05:04
Remember 'The Neverending Story'...
Lone Wolf - Aleksandr Voinov,L.A. Witt

My son loved that movie. Me...not so much and apparently that still holds true. I really liked Hunter and Kevin they definitely had chemistry that went on and on and on. 


Hunter Easton is the author of book series that spawned 'Wolf's Landing' the fictional television series set in Bluewater Bay and the common thread that runs throughout this series and Hunter has been suffering from the dreaded writer's block and it just seems to go on and on and on...


that is until Wolf Hunter (Hunter Easton's on-line persona) reads 'The World Tree' a piece of fanficion written by Lone Wolf who is Wolf Hunter's on-line friend. Kevin Hussain who is Lone Wolf agrees to meet with him. Thus begins our story and from this meeting things go on and on and on...


Hunter and Kevin end up collaborating on incorporating The World Tree to into Hunter's series this collaboration goes on and on and on...until...our two authors start to heat up more than the pages of their book collaboration...and this also goes on and on and on...until...


Kevin let's his insecurities get the better of him and he flees a fan event only to return to his home where he hides from everything not sure what to do or how to handle things, riddled by insecurities and guilt that goes on and on and on...


Yes, we have a theme here everything just goes on and on and on...until...it felt like the never ending story.


In general I liked the story, the characters, their interaction until it started going on and on and on...maybe if some things had been tightened up I would have felt differently. I can honestly say that I find it quite easy to believe that another time, a different frame of mind and not quite so much on and on and I would have enjoyed this story a whole lot more.


I knew I was in definite trouble when I realized that even though I sincerely liked Kevin, I was starting to find him a bit whiney and annoying and in spite of the fact that the sex between these two was smoking hot I still managed to get to the point where I was skimming those sections as my mind silently moaned 'Oh my god! Again? Really? How the hell are these two ever going to get things done?' then much to my surprise towards the end the book they seemed to have the same thought.


So now it's time for me to move on to book 5 because I'm starting to feel like I'm going on and on and on...

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review 2015-06-21 03:26
This one's out of order...
The Deep of the Sound - Amy Lane

'The Deep of the Sound' is book 8 in the 'Bluewater Bay' series. I jumped to it so that I could read it with some of the best Buddy Read ladies around. I shared this Buddy Read with Eleftheria, Jewel, Renee & Sandi. These ladies are one awesomely fun group to read with and this story was one that begged to be shared.


First off it's Amy Lane that right there is an automatic yes for me. I had zero doubt going into this and was not disappointed but I have to admit it's not that often that an author almost has me in tears with the dedication...


"...This is for the parents and the grandparents and the brothers and sister who love their family very much but who just need more help, better help, any help, to keep their family together, to keep their troubled young men and women someplace like home."


This was my first clue that once again Ms Lane was giving me so much more than a love story...she was giving me a story about love. As well as an incredibly wonderful story about two men finding each other and then finding love. This is about family in all it's heartbreaking, frustrating, gut wrenching, agonizing, soul consuming beauty. I have a plaque in my home that says "Family is where your story begins" and in the case of both Avery and Cal this is so poignantly true.


Avery's family consist of his mother and father. As parents these two people are toxic. They are the personification of what a parent should not be. Their love is built on conditions, they are not only not supportive they are critical and nasty...toxic there is no other word for them. The fact that Avery survived them is a testament to his inner strength, the fact that he was able to retain as positive of an attitude as he did about himself and life was amazing.   Add to that a boyfriend who is every bit as nasty and toxic as Avery's parents and really small wonder he decided to pack up and move away.


Family when it's good, it's good. When it's not it can tear you apart...


but what happens when a family is good and loving, but still circumstances conspire to destroy that...parents are taken from children too soon, children are left to care for remaining family, giving up their hopes and dreams along the way, struggling day to day just to keep what they have left...we're told love endures all things, but what about the human heart that it lives in can it endure all things? This is the challenge that faces Cal.


Two men one looking for a future and the other trying to make it to another day. This is the background Ms Lane has given. I adored Avery in all his sweet geeky glory. He was sweet, smart and so much stronger than anyone realized. He didn't know what he would really find in Bluewater Bay but anything was better than what he had. So he went for it...that takes courage.


Cal...Cal with his sweet, volatile brother, Keir, his loving, Alzhiemer afflicted Uncle Nascha. Cal with the weight of the world on his shoulders as he struggled from day to day to make ends meet to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, to keep up with the much needed medications for Keir and Nascha, money to have someone with them to keep them safe when he couldn't because he had to earn the money. Such a vicious circle and one that Cal was trapped on by his own choice because the alternative was unthinkable.  You don't quit trying not when it's your family and you love them.


Somehow in the midst of their own personal chaos Avery and Cal managed to find each other and fall in love. Neither making anymore of a promise than 'until we can't anymore'.


This was not a smooth or easy trip to happily ever after. It was filled with challenges and obstacles. But, as heartbreaking as the dark moments were the happy moments were like beautiful rays of sunshine that kissed my soul and left me wanting more...


"...Oh that was wonderful. That was the reason the gods let old men live, Cal. So we can watch young men fall in love..."


and this...this is the reason the gods gave us authors like Amy Lane. So that we can read about and share in the heartache and the beauty of those stories.

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