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review 2018-12-17 00:55
Better than the first time around.
Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas

Really enjoyed my reread much better than the first read. The first time I read it, I gave it 4, even though it was more like a 3 1/2 star read. 

My favorite character is definitely Dorian, like always, I just freaking love my Prince so much. Chaol still isn't my favorite character and he does some really stupid things, but I still feel sorry for him. Either choice he made, he would still be screwed. Celeane I still have a love hate relationship with, I do feel sorry for her, in regards to all that happens to her throughout this book. I also paid a lot more attention to the book this time around. I love what we find out about Dorian in this book. I am going to start probably in the next couple of weeks Heir of fire, which was my favorite book, my first time reading the series. So I am excited to see if I feel the same thing this time. 

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review 2018-12-06 17:20
Loved this book the second time around even more!!!
Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

I read the series before but I will be rereading one book each month from the series, to see how I feel this time around. 

I really loved the characters so much more this time around, even though Dorian is still my favorite character in this book. I know that might be an unpopular opinion but I love characters that aren't perfect and I love guys who are considered "playboys," who really have a sensitive side. I really don't consider him a player at all, but I know some readers do. I also love his friendship with Celaena.

Celaena I still get mad at a lot, I really feel like she was just using Dorian, not the friendship part but the relationship part. I really liked Celaena and Chaol's relationship a lot more this time around. Last time I didn't care at all for there relationship and I didn't really care for Chaol. The first time around I just was like okay his just there, and the only thing I liked about him the first time around was his friendship with Dorian. I actually felt more of a chemistry between Dorian and him. Of course not in a sexual way, but as brothers. If they didn't think about themselves as brothers then, I wouldn't have minded them as a couple. But they definitely had a Bromance going on that is freaking awesome. 

I thought Celaena for being an assassin was pretty stupid at times. And I really wish she would have used that skill set more. I did like the ending but of course you could know what was going to happen. Even if it is your first time reading the book. 

Favorite scene was the library scene with her and Chaol. And when she wanted to read some books, and the note she sent someone, to get permission. And of course my absolute favorite part with the puppy. 

Favorite side characters Nox and Nehemiah, (sorry if I spelled her name wrong. )



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text 2014-02-24 00:10
sick of amazon?

Sick of Amazon going all one world on our ass's. thats cool, never an issue for me anyways, i always bought my paper books from the The Book Depository, never amazon.
not only are the prices usually pretty decent they also do free shipping all over the world!

see why i love it? besides it always good to have a few places to buy books from so you can compare and get the best option for you.


though in saying all that i'd still prefer to go to 2nd hand stores or the library. i never SET out to buy books... i just wonder about come across a book store and BAM! plus i always try never to spend more than $5 per book and i never go over $10 unless it an amazing hardcover version and its my fave series.

otherwise i'd be broke and homeless....... living in the gutter with all my books... which prob wouldnt last long in those conditions anyways and well that would just be depressing. lol.


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