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text 2013-03-22 13:56
In Bookish Vicious Circle i.e. Guilty Towards Books I Haven't Read

Bookish vicious circleI feel tremendous guilt towards the books I ignore.


The following quote haunts me recently. My reading hunger is not fulfilled but the clock is ticking, time is passing by, books are getting covered with dust and even buying them is postponed because of growing number of TBR books. I would like to touch every book genre - because how can you tell that you like or dislike something without trying it first?


With books it's the same. This year I had resolution to read more classics. Nearly three months passed and I've read all other genres but classics. So now I feel guilty because of that. But then if I ended up reading something else, I would feel guilty of not reading something else... And so on and on. Bookish Vicious circle. 


I would like to read all books of the world, classics, fantasy, awarded reads, business related, horrors, romances, chick lit, literary, mystery, thriller, YA, nonfiction ... Of course, I can read faster (can I?), I can skim books, enroll to fast reading course (is it working anyway?), stop sleeping or working (kidding) but then how can you "live through the book". You know what I mean? There are some books that are still back in your head when you finish reading them and don't want to unstick.


You need to think about the book, mull it over, absorb, adapt, take a stance, identify with characters and then go back to yourself. This process has to be over and only then you can grab another book. At least me. Should I resign from this process? Can I resign? Or maybe should I pick books in different way? But then where is this pleasure?


For me, book choice always was a free choice and not official list of books chosen in advance. My book choice is time sensitive. I often choose books that fit my current emotions. Can I resign from that? Would I want to?


But telling the truth, as far as I appreciate book choice freedom, I feel imprisoned by this rule at the same time. As if it wouldn't give me space but limits. Maybe it would be better to follow some kind of reading plan? Would I read more then? Do we need external motivation to read more?


Oh, why there are so many books and only one Me. But anyway, is it really possible to read all books you ever wanted to read?

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