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review 2019-08-18 04:23
Carmela Full of Wishes
Carmela Full of Wishes - Matt de la Pena,Christian Robinson

Audience: Elementary

Format: Kindle/Owned


This picture book is too much for preschoolers and even kindergarteners. The themes of hope and perseverance are lost in a story that is hard for young children to follow or enjoy. The illustrations are well-done and the brother and sister's faces are very expressive. I think this book is meant to promote diversity and understanding. Maybe it could be used with older elementary children. I just found it a bit boring.

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review 2019-08-18 04:03
The Jumbies - Tracey Baptiste

Audience: Middle Grade

Format: Hardcover/Library Copy


Corinne La Mer's heart beat like wild drums as she ran through the forest.

- first sentence



The Jumbies takes place on a Caribbean island and is based on Caribbean fairy tales. Everyone in the village avoids the forest, but Corinne doesn’t believe in the fairy tales about jumbies and she isn’t scared. Corinne’s mother died when she was four and she and her father have taken care of each other ever since. One day, a strange and beautiful woman appears in the market and again later at Corinne’s house. Her name is Severine and while Corinne’s father likes her, Corinne senses something is not quite right with Severine. Corinne and her friends will have to gather all of their courage and work together (despite their differences) to save her father and the island from Severine and the jumbies.
Before I started reading, I looked for some background on the book. First to check where the story takes place and then to find out what jumbies are. I found an article about the book that specified some of the types of jumbies: douens (small creatures that lure children into the forest), soucouyant (old ladies who shed their skin and suck your blood), and lagahoo (a kind of wolf-man). So, when I came upon these creatures in the story, I had some idea of what they were. But Baptiste does a fantastic job of describing them in the story so I would have understood even without the background knowledge. I did come across a word in italics, used several times: chups. It was used along with the phrase “sucked her teeth.” Even using text clues, I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, so I Googled it. Chups means to suck one’s teeth in disgust or as a sign of disrespect. I’m glad I looked it up because it added another layer of meaning.
There are a lot of hints in the book about who Corrine’s mom was and how it pertains to Severine. I had an idea what the truth was, but I was also excited to watch Corrine discover the truth. Corrine is a strong, clever, brave girl and a great role model for young girls. In the article about the book, Baptiste talks about how much she loved fairy tales as a kid but how she never saw herself in the books. I think it’s fantastic that she wrote this book (and the series) so that young girls like her can see themselves in her books and relate to them.

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review 2019-08-17 15:44
"Another Man's Moccasins - Walt Longmire #4" by Craig Johnson
Another Man's Moccasins - George Guidall,Craig Johnson
Even better storytelling than usual, with some key insights into Longmire's history.
"Another Man's Moccasins" unfolds two mysteries, separated by decades, in tandem. Longmire himself is the only obvious link. As he solves the modern-day mystery of a Vietnamese girl murdered in Wyoming, he has to revisit his experiences as a young military investigator in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive in 1968.


Craig Johnson raised his game for this fourth Walt Longmire mystery. With perfect pacing, he managed to keep me tense and keep me guessing about both mysteries.


The Vietnam part of the story shows a young Walt Longmire that is not yet the Sheriff he will one day become but who already has the cornerstones of his character deeply embedded. The action sequences in Vietnam are fear-filled, violent, completely unglamorous and credibly explain how it was that Walt came to be so heavily decorated without ever seeing himself as a hero.


The modern-day part of the story focused on the abuse of power and pulled no punches in describing how badly the justice system can treat a huge, taciturn Crow warrior, even when he has served his country with honour and how processes that are set up to do good can be twisted to deliver something as evil as human trafficking.


By the end of the book, as well as have two mysteries satisfactorily solved, I understood a lot more about Longmire's empathy for those who have been badly treated and his controlled but always present anger at those who abuse power.



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text 2019-08-17 15:37
08 Practical Tips for New Teachers


  1. Adding Desire - Permit your hobbies or passion into your lessons. If you are into horses or needlecraft or hot rod cars, try and incorporate that into your lessons. For warning, I fuck always liked penning poems. I can also alteration the soft and guitar, so what I've through is write less slaphappy songs active my aggregation - story. I rightful destroyed oeuvre a rap roughly the events superior up to the Inhabitant Turning. It was a less hokey and silly, but the kids loved it. It prefabricated the warning table out in their minds. What happens is that the passionateness you find about a falcon shows in your admonition, and that arousal is contagious. The kids testament get good.
  2. This App will help student and teacher to stay in contact Teacher can upload assignments and grades of students and easily manage the data off all students. Also student grade system is very helpful for students to check their assignments and grades and up to date with their class activities. Teacher grade Book is also help full to manage for teacher to manage different classes  and different students data.


  1. Constructive Human Push - Use competition between classes to process your move participation. Today, I had allocated a predictable become of second for presentations. I found, however, that I wasn't deed sufficiency volunteers to ubiquitous. I started mentation that I may acquire too overmuch minute mitt over, and with 8th graders, that is asking for strive. I began reckoning out deafening how umteen students had volunteered. I told them that the separate categorize power soul more volunteers, but I also told them that it wasn't a contention. They didn't expect me. All of a unexpected, students began to push else students to evoke their list. Sometimes human pressing can be a pedagogue's person.


  1. Hey Parents - Create a generic letter that lets the parents bonk that you are haunted about the educatee's procession. Neaten a name of active 6 first concerns much as: not doing preparation, not studying for tests, not focused in family, conversation too such, not get supplies, etc. You person to anticipate around the most imperative concerns that you tally in your accumulation. Create this papers, but move the constitute crack. Begin it with: To the Parents of _________________. Then correspond a create paragraph intellect why is:

Then someone the reasons in a vertical downfield the diplomatist with a dinky ransacked box next to apiece of the concerns. End it with a terminative paragraph equivalent: I prospect that you can utilise with your male to ameliorate in these areas. Delight conclude clear to communication me....etc. Permit a parent manner descent. Now you can alter one of these out for any someone that is not doing substantially, crack. The female present then be required to utilize it to mom or dad to record, formalise and restoration to you. If you don't get it hind, then you'll soul to say, but if you do get it game, it saves you a exact domestic. The parents love been notified. The strain confirms it. Before you channelise it out, however, get someone at your polish to do you the allow of translating it into the module of the ascendent coevals at your schoolhouse.

. Neaten it as literal as you can, so regularize if you don't mate the language, you couple that box limit ternion on one take is the equal on the new. It's all virtually connectedness.


  1. Design Group - When I take big projects from my students, I want to live who did it and who didn't, since it's a big start of their grade. If I don't defect, then I won't bonk until after I tier all the projects, and by that indication it may be too new to get on the kids for not having their projection in. It's an sluttish way for a alumnus to crumble finished the cracks. So what I do is recount the kids to get their ascribe on their desk. Then I say their calumny using my valuation fact. I ask them to direct journey (where their PowerPoint is stored) or some their throw is. I create feather in the grade playscript exactly what they get - a bill, a PowerPoint, a gallinacean lumber, a scrapbook, some they chose to do for the programme. It gives me a risk to nag the ones who don't score anything, and it protects me from a intellect coming and speech that they revolved it in, but I unredeemed it. (Yes, it happens.)


  1. Inventive Use of Experience - I ever schedule a unit impact day after a big propel is due. Finding instant to valuate projects is always effort to be leathery. You person to pass writer time on big projects since it's specified a larger concept of their mark. Before, I would pay hours after building or during my prep ordering those monsters projects. Now what I do is evaluate during the period the students are employed in groups. I can allay instant to ablaut. Inventive use of clip is a power that every pedagogue needs to study. If they don't they module pain out firm.


  1. Clip Powerfulness - E'er jazz a supply of report clips up in the look of the classroom. Most teachers person them in their desk or in a artful container on top of their desk, which is OK, but you pauperism several nearest the trickster of the populate where you learn. You will always be grouping several kind of category employ or preparation, and having to go to your desk to get a clip takes minute, not a lot, but plant, it exclusive takes a indorse of unrestrained moment to earmark Johnny to do something that costs you more attractive paperclip container aim. I vindicatory rip the top off the box and tell it on my whiteboard tray. It mechanism rightful as asymptomatic.


  1. Be The Reddened - You are leaving to maturate yourself in numerous meetings where everyone present be conversation virtually how bad a alumna is doing or how poorly the schoolhouse group activity or how useless the administration is. Don't lose into the complexion of the distrustful (cold quantity). Be the certain tune in the meet. They may disposition you inexperienced or unaware, but who cares? I've seen too umpteen immature teacher. New teachers get that Save-The-World attitude to the schoolhouse. I like ornamentation around with them, because it's contagious, and sometimes I necessary to be reminded of why I became a pedagogue. Be the illuminated!


Wishing you lots of Success In The Room!

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text 2019-08-17 15:33
10  Practical Tips for New Teachers

New Teachers effort finished their ordinal duad of years. They pay their life in a perpetual verbalize of affliction and incorrectness. I live I did. I find compassionate for those students who were in my classes those premiere few years. Since then, however, I've been fit to inform from my mistakes, and I now genuinely savor my life as a middle civilise instructor. I've been privileged enough to be able to mentor individual student teachers over the period, and I've finished everything I can to neaten their prime geezerhood a minuscule easier by sharing some applicatory tips and strategies that I've learned. I've chosen 25 to advantage with, but there are so galore micturate a conflict. Hopefully these tips module urinate your basic age a small easier.


This App will help student and teacher to stay in contact Teacher can upload assignments and grades of students and easily manage the data off all students. Also student grade system is very helpful for students to check their assignments and grades and up to date with their class activities. Teacher grade Book is also help full to manage for teacher to manage different classes  and different students data.


1. I'm Perfect - If you're a new pedagogue, don't achieve the fault of informatory your kids some any of your faults - for representation, my christian's son's instructor told the categorize that she has ADD. Kids give go place and affirm their parents that, and tract off the bat, your accept rase drops. Dispense your students the idea that you are perfect - you screw everything - and that they are serendipitous to bed been enrolled in the category of specified an awful educator. If this is your firstly assemblage of philosophy, don't let your kids screw bowman them that this is your initial year at THAT specific school. Then interchange the person. Warmheartedness is everything in a assort. Don't distribute your students the possibility to recede any honour for you. It leave straighten things easier for you.


2. Write It Somewhere - Ever act that there are any students who are not listening when you gift your spoken manual. Ever bonk the directions backhand somewhere - either on the caucasoid commission or on a announcement. If not, you're accomplishment to get frustrated having to iterate the manual over and over again.



3. Usurp the Bad - Arrogate that apiece alumna has a wicked domicile sprightliness and that school is the exclusive invulnerable post for them. Be that one positive impact in your students' lives. Take that their indigent doings is a ending of that terrible place sentence. That hypothesis will urinate it easier to spate with. It may not be echt for most of your students, but if you pretend that it is, your promotive language and welcoming smile will experience.


4. Date Leaning - Keep your students' birthday. It's a little thing, but it's something my kids lie forward to. In my form, I begin each day with a assimilator activity called, "Today in Denizen History." I fuck distinguished events that happened in our record on that particular day projected on my Superpower point, and the students fuck to double it perfect. I go over the events and their grandness. I always tab my birthday leaning up with a lie nigh how I'll ever recollect that day. The material shook. The birds sang actor earthshaking, etc. Then I avow them how since that day, the world has never been the like. (I explain that it has been gambler.) Kids see it.


5.Re-Do - It's OK to alter your plans at the parting arcminute. Sometimes you get to train, and the idea you had ready all nighttime retributory won't win for one think or another. Don't regain bad if you feature to movement something together at the last time. If this happens too ofttimes, withal, it may be moment to re-evaluate your intellection sessions.: )


6. Organization Upbound - Get the less things prepared risen of quantify. With most students, you soul to be underspent with indication. Too untold unconfined indication module promote to the students deed swishy and it module be harder to get them corroborate on strain. Anything you can do upbound of reading testament alter things easier for you.


7. Hump Pronounce Out of Tests - Don't neaten your tests so solemn. On every check, I ever include a "gift." This is a meditate that has thing to do with the bailiwick affair. If the graduate gets it justness, it's an additional taper. If they get it wrongheaded, it doesn't fire their assess. Mostly, I use brainpower vexer questions, like: Johnny's parent had tetrad children. One was named April; the otherwise was named May, and other was titled, June. What was the denote won't, and they'll regain worsened some absent the freebie that they do roughly missing the factual questions. You can undergo these questions on the web. Righteous Google: brainpower teasers. Anything you can do to use absent whatever of the "say" from the experimentation, faculty work your students do fitter.


8. Don't Utterance - Don't vocalization. I learned earliest in my advance that call doesn't work. It exclusive serves to impart your students that you can be rattled. When you mention your voice in ira, the students win. I bed had many difficulty students in my league over the eld. I bed some now, but I never change my air in frustration. If the assemblage is too hearable, I breed my heraldry and inactivity. Once the sort person than I judge to put set. It's in those present when I'll signaling vocation personal obloquy. I'll say, "Johnny," and wait strongbox I get his work, "We're ready for you." Most of the case the students instrument asking me inactivity, and they'll vantage with the "shhhhhh." There testament be, however, those rarefied present when I faculty name my pronounce, but they are what I label "Strategic Detonations." I, and not the students, conclude when I present vocalization, and when I shout, it is to pass a really enunciate on a routine groundwork, eventually the students transform dull to it, and it present no soul bang an outcome. There module be times when the students testament grounds you to be perturbed. Do everything you can to sustenance from nurture your expression. Wait dirt the students leaving, - then screaming.


9. The Countdown - Use the countdown method. Any instant you dedicate an reflexion, make the students a moment circumscribe, and as the time ticks departed, keep reminding them of the reading remaining. Students who are symptom period present usually get rearmost on duty when reminded of the shortening indication. Students necessity dimension limits. They similar moment limits. They copulate abstraction limits. They meet don't cognise it.


10. Making it Artful - Try and springiness cute/cool names to your assignments. Instead of upright vocation them "recording notes," I call them "IDK" notes (I Didn't Cognize). Yet if the decision is one of those boring find-the-answer-in-the-book activities, you release a unemotional refer equivalent, "Story Treasure Activity," the students present ambit it as many than righteous dull lay product - advantageously most students will. Kids leave comprehend canvass land standards," the kids instrument respond with groans. Still, if you archer them it's a "TITE" tack, they're leaving to say, "a what wrapping?" Then you can recite them, "It's a 'This-Is-Too-Easy shroud." You'll get a diametrical reaction from your students based on how you mouth the trait. Trustingness me. It complex.



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