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text 2014-07-22 14:00
Book Haul: Already read these, but I wanted them for my collection


Bambi - New - 14.99

Bambi's Children - New - 14.11

Guilty Pleasures - New - 17.95


From Barnes and Noble I got Bambi, Bambi's Children, and Guilty Pleasures. I had a vintage copy of Bambi's Children that I got from Goodwill, but I realized that it smelled and even though I tried cleaning it, it was still dusty and dirty so unfortunately I had to throw it away. I'm happy with the new editions though. They're veeery nice, and I like how they're both illustrated by the same person.


I have Guilty Pleasures as an ebook, but I really liked it so I bought the hardcover.



Dracula - New - 3.19


I've been looking around online for an edition of Dracula that catches my eye, and I found this edition illustrated Becky Cloonan. I like the art style and how the illustrations are all in color. I bought it from a seller called Pondview Associates on the Barnes and Noble marketplace. The book has a tiny dent on the spine, but overall it's in new condition as it was described. I'm pleased with it, and I got it a very good price.



 Comfort Food - New - 17.38


Another Kitty Thomas book that I liked and wanted the hardcover for my collection. I bought it on Amazon since I was buying something for my brother from there, and I thought why not get something for me too. Plus I wanted to get free shipping.


Married by Morning - Like New - 1.99


I bought Married by Morning on Amazon from a seller called bookmongerltd. I'm a little wary buying something from them again since this book was described as Like New, and when I got it, it had some dirty scuff marks on the bottom of the front cover. Luckily I was able to wipe those off with a bit of work, and as you can see, it looks pretty good in the picture. It's way better than the copy I got from Thriftbooks which I will end up donating.



Seduce Me At Sunrise - Very Good - 3.73

Love in the Afternoon - Very Good - 5.47


Through Abebooks I ordered Seduce Me at Sunrise and Love in the Afternoon from Wonder Book, which is a bookstore in Maryland. I found the books to be in the condition described. The dustjackets just had some worn edges. Definitely a-ok with me.


A Wallflower Christmas - 2.99


I found a hardcover of A Wallflower Christmas at Goodwill. I already own the whole Wallflower series in paperback, but I love the series so much, I want to get the hardcovers.

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text 2014-06-28 01:30
I will be avoiding Thriftbooks

Lately, I've been on a book buying spree, because I want to replace my mass market paperback books with hardcover versions. A totally weird thing to do, but I've realized how nice hardcovers look.


Since of course I wanted to try to do this as cheaply as possible, I went with giving Thriftbooks a shot.


Thriftbooks always pops up on Amazon or Abebooks whenever I search for a book, and usually they have the cheapest prices. (Note Thriftbooks also operates under other names: Green Earth Books, Motor City Books, the Atlanta Book Company, Books Squared, Yankee Clipper Books, Blue Cloud Books, Silver Arch Books and Free State Books. It's kinda deceiving if you ask me. Pretty sure it's just the name of their warehouses.)


Their prices are great, but in the end, I think buying from Thirftbooks is a gamble.


Let's start with what I ordered. In total I ordered four books, all hardcovers.



Title - Condition it was listed in - Price I paid for

Wild at Heart - Very Good - $4.21

Married by Morning - Very Good - $3.79

Seduce Me at Sunrise - Like New - $4.22

Mine Til Midnight - Like New - $3.79


A big downside was the awful packaging the books were sent in. It's basically just a plastic bag. This is how each book came to me.



No protection or padding at all. This might be okay for paperbacks. I ordered a small mass market paperback from them once before a long ago, and it came ok, but for hardcovers it's so much riskier. I could see on some where it got rubbed and dented on the edges of the book jackets, especially on the top and bottom of the book spines. The worst was that Married by Morning got a small dent on the front of the book, and this one here on the edge.



The shipping was free, but I can't get past this. Minimal packaging is cool, because it's better for the environment and all, but I don't want to take a chance every time I order a book and worry whether the book will survive the mail.


They also put stickers on the spine of their books, and the stickers aren't easy to take off.



I was able to get the spine stickers off ok on all except one. Married by Morning got a little paper ripped off. :( Some of the books also had price stickers from thrift stores like Goodwill. It's kinda annoying to take these off too and also see that they were cheaper at these thrift stores.


You see me complaining about Married by Morning. I was a little disappointed in the condition it came in. It's supposed to be in very good condition, but it looks like its journey through the mail ruined it a bit. Because, you know, it came in a thin plastic bag.


But I was most disappointed by my order of Seduce Me by Sunrise. It was supposed to be Like New, but this was what I got.



I'm not sure if it was like this before they mailed it, but whatever, it's really scuffed up. The back is the same too, even has that same white line near the spine. The book itself is ok, but I was saddened by the jacket's condition.


Out of the four books, I would say I'm only truly satisfied with two. I'm wary to buy anything from Thriftbooks ever again. Bottom line is that the prices are good, but I am not confident in the condition of their books. No thumbs-up from me.


Update 6/28/14 1:27 PST:


I emailed customer service last night, complaining about those two books I wasn't happy about. In the morning I got responses. Each was the exact same word for word. (I used the email form on their website so I had to do two separate damage complaints, because the books were in different orders.)


What's important was that they said they will be giving me a full refund for each book. I will update again when I actually receive the refunds. In the meantime, I will be looking for replacements for Seduce Me at Sunrise and Married by Morning.






Hello ,


Thank you for your email. I am truly sorry that the item you received was not in the condition it should have been. I have checked our inventory and unfortunately, we do not have any additional copies of the item you ordered.


I have issued a full refund (item price plus shipping) for this particular item. There is no need to return the item we sent.


Again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If I can be of any further assistance to you please feel free to email me.


For answers to FAQ’s click here





Update 7/1/12 4:37 PST: Looks like Thriftbooks stuck to their word. I got my refunds. You can be sure that from here on out I won't be shopping there again.

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