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text 2018-12-09 19:28
Stranded! Book Swap 2018

So nearly a week later, I've found a minute to post my box.  Mallory, thank you so much, I love it!


Where to start?  Okay, how cleaver were you to send me a message in a bottle?!  I never thought to do that and was tickled by it.  I adore the wrapping paper and the fact that I got to open a box AND unwrap gifts!  As you can see the hat and gloves are loved and look great on me (orange is so my color.)  Pocky and Ferrero Rocher are total faves!  The lint brush, first aid kit, and hand sanitizer were also very cleaver and will definitely be put to use.  I'm a stationery freak so all of those supplies are in good hands.  I have not crocheted for years, but I've been itching to get back into it as well as learn how to knit, and this just added fuel to the fire, so thank you!  I love tea and peppermint so I cannot wait to try the tea.  I LOVE my sailor scouts (my oldest daughter was so jealous.)  I adore Melissa Joan Hart--especially Clarissa Explains It All--and who didn't love Bob Saget growing up?!  I also enjoy a good (auto)biography, so great choices.  And I got an awesome backpack to carry all of my survival gear in. 


Thank you so much, this box was absolutely: 


I feel like my box pales in comparison; however I always feel like that, so that's just a me thing.  I cannot wait to see the rest of the boxes; so far they are all looking wonderful (as per usual.)  This group is awesome and I'm so glad I joined.

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text 2018-11-01 10:53
Stranded! Book Swap 2018


Welcome, lovelies, to the Stranded! Book Swap. 

Why "stranded"? Because you're now officially stranded on a desert island. (Or it can be a rich, cold evergreen island, if that's your thing.) You don't know how you ended up here, but you are alone. With one thing: a box! A box someone magically prepared for you so your stay on this lonely island won't be so boring. It's full of so many goodies! Just you wait and see!

So here's how this goes. Grim and I have a list of things we think your box needs. You complete the list, pop the swap in the mail, and then, just like I said, YOUR box will appear soon enough. The things this swap box needs are as follows:

1. If you were stranded, you could only read one genre or author. Pick a book from that category. (Or 2 or 3. It's a long stay on this island, after all.)

2. A travel item. Something handy, like a toothbrush. Morning breath after living on coconuts is awful. Or a flashlight. To read by at night, of course!

3. A survival item. I always think Swiss Army knife, but there are lots of other things. Waterproof matches. Warm mittens. Or go the book-nerd survival route and include a book light, or bookmarks or little post-it's to mark lines you want to remember. This item can really be up to interpretation. 

4. If you're stranded, you're only allowed one food. Your magical benefactor included something for you that they know you can't live without. My favorite is potatoes. They're the greatest thing ever. What would yours be?

5. A note to your partner to let them know why you chose what you did. If you want to, make up a scenario of how they ended up stranded!

That's it! Anything else is just a bonus.

The budget is our usual $20. Used books are fine. We encourage people to not stress their finances over this. It's coming up on the holidays, and we understand people can be really strapped.

Sign-ups are November 1st thru the 14th. Partner info will be emailed out November 15th. Boxes need to be mailed by December 10th. That's an extra-long time because, again, the holidays. Just DM me or Grim with your tracking. If you need an extension, as always, just say so. :)


We look forward to seeing how all of you fair on your island getaway! I know I could use a vacation. Have fun! Be creative! And thanks for entering!


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text 2018-09-24 19:00
My Swap from Debbie! Amazeballs!

I got my part of the Fall Magic Swap today! From Debbie's Spurts. It's so cute!



Presentation, people!


Here's what I got:


So many unicorns! *heart eyes* And all the tea smells amazing. In the winter hot drinks always help sooth my sore throats so I will put all that to use. I will even use the basket this all came in. I'm an organization freak. 



This is such a spectacular box. (Well, they all are. But I digress.) I said I love unicorns, and Debbie delivered. I had a hard time deciding between dragons and unicorns, but I went with the more fabulous creature. I have a tone of dragons. I don't have too many unicorns. This has made my day. Thank you so much, Debbie! I hope your swap is just as great!




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text 2018-09-02 02:12
Fall Magic Book Swap OPEN


The Fall Magic Book Swap is open!

Who doesn't love a little bit of hocus pocus? A bit of myth and magic? Let's all gather round the bubbling cauldron, grab our brooms and dust off our wands! It's time for another amazing book swap! Here's the timeline:

Sign ups are from September 1st to the 14th.
Partner info will be sent out on the 15th.
Mailing will be due by the 30th.

Extensions are always fine as long as you check with me first. We all have busy times or get distracted.We get it. :)

Here's the requirements:

1. A grimoire. (a book, of course)

2. A witchy brew (a tea, drink mix or something similar)

3. A focus (a cool object that you think your partner may like. Focuses are often used by witches or other spell casters to help them concentrate their magic without exhausting themselves. Stereotypical items are crystal balls, but they can be anything, even a boot. lol)

4. Something to help prep your partner for winter. (they're so busy with their magic that they may have missed something vital in their getting ready for the cold weather. help them out! get creative!)

5. A spell (a note from you)


I hope you all have fun with this! Magic can mean anything. You can lean toward the magic of mind reading, to the magic of time travel, to the magic of friendship ala My Little Pony. I don't care! Just enjoy yourselves! You know I'm laid back and just want us all to have some laughs. All questions can be sent to me, Mallory. Like I've already said, if you need an extension, just ask. 

I love you guys! You never stop amazing me with your creativity!

Amok! Amok!


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text 2018-03-14 14:57
Spring Fling Book Swap - OPEN



The Spring Fling Book Swap is open! 

Spring is a time of love and colors and renewal and all kinds of cool things. So this swap should be about bright, romance, fun, silly. Make-overs and insta-love and tea on the veranda. (Okay, I'm a Southern girl, so cut me some slack. I almost said Mint Juleps.) 

Here are the must haves:
1. Books, duh. In good condition. Used is fine. Some of us even love those beat-up, well worn hardbound old type books. So you're pretty free here.

2. Something whimsical. A scarf with a pretty print. A picture of a unicorn. A cabochon or a cool bracelet. Have fun with this.

3. Something bright. Pretty self explanatory. Can be anything, just keep your partner's taste in mind.

4. A fun spring snack. I totally love Milano cookies.

5. A surprise. Whatever you want to give your partner. A total off-the-cuff gift you think they may like, but try to keep with the theme. 

And the fine print:

Budget is $20.Deadline for signing up ends March 25th. That's 10 days! Deadline for mailing is April 10th. If you have any questions, I'm totally here for you guys. If you need an extension, as always, just ask. As always, this is anonymous. No spoilers. No peeking. 


Once you ship your box, please remember to message or email me with your tracking number. Now go have fun, my little spring fairies!


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