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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-11-20 18:57
Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Let’s just start off by saying that I really hated the fanfiction in this book, I skipped all the fanfiction parts and I know that I shouldn’t have, but I did. It really annoyed me more than anything else. I can’t tolerate the idea of fanfiction and it’s totally not my thing. I haven’t read HP yet (I’m ashamed, yes.) and some reviewers mentioned that the fanfiction in the book [Simon and Baz] represents HP in real life, and I tried to read it but I honestly don’t get it. I guess that the fanfiction part can either make or break the book and for me it totally downgraded it to 4 stars instead of 5.
It was a slow-paced book; it took me around 200 pages to really get into it. Dear Levi, thank you for being the main factor that made me fall in love with Fangirl. Another factor was Rainbow Rowell’s writing, it’s so easy and light. 
On a personal note, I related to the characters and the situations, I felt like this is a real story, and not fiction. Wren and Cath remind me of my sister and I, we fight A Lot and she’s out of control most of the times and I’m the one who gets to talk some sense into her. 
This book branches into many things; relationships, friendships and family relationships. Rainbow Rowell  conveys the beauty of loving someone and loving what they love and trying to better yourself for them. I loved it so much and I recommend it to anyone!
Did the fanfiction make or break the book for you? Comment down below your thoughts, I’d love to discuss this with you all and if you HAVE READ the book, continue reading the post for spoilers.
Have a great day guys. x
SPOILERS START HERE. Continue ONLY if you've read the book. 
ath’s character developed from the start of the novel till the end, she was the shy one, the antisocial, the one who had a guy-friend boyfriend and also the one who never liked partying. With Levi, she stepped out of her comfort zone; she went to a party for his sake. She liked him and he changed her, he made her a more courageous character and their love story blossomed into something beautiful... with their love for fanfiction, something he never thought he’d like.  
I loved that Levi always smiled “like it cost him nothing”, I’m an always smiling person and it annoys people sometimes, but I’d rather be happy and spread positivity than become a grumpy source of negativity. It made me smile just by thinking of Levi’s smile.
I disliked Wren throughout the book, I thought she was a total bitch.  I understand that she’s trying to be someone different and experiment with new things, but her past and not what she is right now is what she’ll always be. That is proof that one can’t change even if they wanted to. Rainbow Rowell juxtaposes Cath and Wren, fraternal twins but completely opposite mentalities.  I loved that in the end, they both came to terms that they’ll never act like frenemies again. I loved that Wren still read Carry On and kept that part of her intact and untouched even when she thought she was changing.
I loved loved loved Cath and Levi.  Their relationship just clicks, they remind me of a lock and a key. They both were made for each other, he accepts her and loves her even though people think she’s weird.. He saw the beauty in her weirdness.
Another thing I’ve loved is when the book started with Cath sitting in her dorm room and said “there’s a guy in my room.”  which was Levi.. Later on in the book, Cath also said “there’s a guy in my room”. When she and Levi were a couple. I LOVED THAT DETAIL, it made me nostalgic and it linked everything together beautifully. 
(spoiler show)
Source: booksbyj.blogspot.com/2014/10/book-review-fangirl-by-rainbow-rowell.html
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-11-20 18:52
Book Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Lux #1)
Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I knew I'd love this book since the very first page, Katy is a book blogger (relatable). She moved to West Virginia with her mother after her father dies. They happen to have moved opposite to a house with two alien sibilings, Dee and Daemon. 
Dee is a bubbly and a fun character, her loyalty and her love towards Katy are amazing characteristics, on the other hand, Daemon is arrogant and snobby. He is a complete douche and Katy can't seem to resist his charm. This whole book is about an almost forbidden love story between an alien and a human, it's beautiful in every way possible.. 

One thing I loved about Obsidian are the conversations exchanged between Daemon and Katy, they are witty and sarcastic and you can sense the tension between these two. Unlike everyone else, I actually didn't hate Daemon, I admired him and I liked how much of a jerk he was ( I have a think for jerks idk).

I couldn't help but compare Obsidian to Twilight; the parallels are way too much. I compare Daemon to Edward, Katy to Bella and Dee to Alice. There are also some other parallels, but these belong in the spoiler section. 
This is definitely a 5 star kind of book and I would recommend it to everyone, I genuinely can't wait to read the rest of the books. 

Highlight to view:

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! It was funny, and adorable. I loved so many scenes.. my favorite was when Katy and Daemon were trying to make the trace fade *winky face* these two are beyond adorable and I wanted them to cave in to their feelings so badly, I want them to be together asap. 

Daemon being a jerk was adorable, he cared for her and beyond his shown hatred, he actualy likes Katy and it shows in everything he does. It's understandable that he doesn't want his sister to get hurt, she's the only thing he has left. I know that he sometimes pushed it; for example the cafeteria scene was so saddening. I expected Daemon to defend Katy, and what's up with Ash being a bitch anyways? I wanted to slap her so hard and when Katy poured the spaghetti on both of their heads, I wanted to applaud her.

Katy is a good person, it's amazing how far she would go to protect Dee, she daggered an Arum and she sacrificed her life for the sake of Dee.. no one does that anymore. 

Twilight parallels: 

  • Dee reminds me of Alice
  • The Cullens being vampires and pairing from within the family = the Aliens 
  • Lesa reminds me of Jessica (Anna Kendrick)
  • The shopping for dresses part reminds me of Twilight when they went shopping for dresses as well.
  • Mr. Garrison also reminds me of Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) 
  • When Daemon stopped the truck before hitting Katy, images of Edward stopping the truck before hitting Bella with his bare hands.
Am I imagining this or is it extremely similar to twilight, but instead of vampires it's aliens?
Can I just say how much I loved Daemon's POV? More PLEASE! I would love to see his POV merged in with hers in the other books. 
I wonder what will happen next? Will she become a Luxen or.. ?
(spoiler show)
If you've read this book, share your thoughts down below. :)
Have an amazing day everyone!


Source: booksbyj.blogspot.com/2014/10/book-review-obsidian-by-jennifer-l.html
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-10-26 22:24
Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Maybe someday by Colleen Hoover is a truly compelling story, I couldn’t put it down. It tells a story that fate is inevitable and you cannot deny the inevitable. Sydney and Ridge met through the love of music, he used to play the guitar on his balcony and opposite to him, she would sit and listen. Sydney had a boyfriend (Hunter) and so did Ridge (Maggie), but with Hunter being a jerk of a boyfriend, she ended up breaking up with him and leaving her slut of a roommate Tori because they were both cheating on her for two years. She found herself homeless and in the mercy of Ridge, her cute neighbor with amazing guitar playing skills. She didn’t realize then that they were both falling in love..

This is a perfect story of forbidden love, trying to avoid something such as fate is definitely impossible. I’ve never read anything by Colleen Hoover before, but I felt her words in my heart; her beautiful combination of words makes you understand the characters and feel for them. The descriptions are accurate, it makes you have a clear image of them in your head even more than any author does. The two characters’ point of views were corresponding , the similar POVs (since it’s the same author) was perfect, but I guess she intentionally made them more compatible by creating similar POVs. Ridge completed Sydney’s words most of the time and they both had similar mindsets which made them even more perfect for each other.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE! It’s truly an amazing love story. So cute and will make your heart swell besides, it definitely made me cry.

Have you read Maybe Someday? Comment below your thoughts and continue reading this post for a discussion of the book aka SPOILERS.


SPOILERS START HERE. Continue ONLY if you've read the book. 

Okay everything about this book was perfect, the way they both feel about music, the fact that they appreciated music and felt it, even though Ridge was DEAF. They both realized the severe attraction they felt for each other and tried to deny it and fight every urge they had not to surrender to themselves and to their feelings. They had to remind themselves of the routine.. Ridge kept reminding himself of Maggie, that he loved her because his heart cannot belong to two. They tried to find flaws to repel them from each other, but failed.

 The feelings development in this book is super cute; you could tell that the love story will be a great one from the very beginning. Ridge and Sydney cannot help but fall in love with one another, their chemistry is great and the intimacy they feel is natural. They were meant for each other.
They felt the pain of desire, wanting someone but even the thought of being with them is wrong. They both tried their very bests not to turn into another Tori and Hunter, they didn’twant to do that to Maggie too because she was sweet and no one deserves that.

 The way both of them described their kiss as relief was beyond me, this is another technique Colleen used to emphasis on them being soul mates. Their trail of thoughts followed one another and they think alike throughout the book.

The difficulty of keeping yourself focused and not straying away with your thoughts and feelings towards someone is shown in both Ridge and Sydney, they are good people and they feel guilty by even thinking about each other inappropriately, thinking and NOT even acting on the thoughts.
When I knew that Maggie was sick, everything in me collapsed, in Sydney too. We now know what Ridge is going through and how much of a terrible person he would be if he left her for Sydney. The realization hit me instantly-even before it hit Maggie-, Ridge was hanging on due to her disease, he loved her disease and loved being her hero and he didn’t love HER. Life wasn’t fair to both of them. Love isn’t fair.

I loved Maggie’s character, she was a strong independent woman and she loved Ridge too much that she wanted him to be happy. Her reaction to their betrayal just proves how big her heart is. If I was in her place and saw Sydney after kissing my boyfriend, I would’ve punched her right in the face, but Maggie collected her anger and went. She was the bigger, more mature person. Maggie actually gave up Ridge because she knew deep inside that he loved Sydney as much as he loved her.
As much as I knew what Ridge and Sydney were doing was wrong but I couldn’t help but support it, their love is real and genuine and once you find something as amazing as that, you simply can’t let it go.

Ridge is a great guy, he made me believe that good guys really do exist, he kept his faithfulness towards Maggie even though he was torn and tortured, his heart broke into two and so did he. He also gave Sydney up for Maggie, he did the right thing even though everything inside him told him not to let her go.

I can shamelessly say I cried when he was letting Sydney go, he SPOKE for the very first time in 15 years so he could properly say goodbye.. this is incredible and if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. Syd loved his voice, she loved him and she compensated his father’s love with her own.. She loved his voice and I loved the way she described his voice, even though his dad hated it and hated him for speaking. It was enough for him, she made him happy and so did he. She learned how to sign so she would communicate with him and he worked on his talking so he would be better at it.
In the end, I was taught that sometimes the moment of epiphany comes late. As late as five years.. it’s okay to realize you don’t love someone even after being with them for 5 complete years. It’s okay to wait for love and you should accept that things change, even if you don’t plan for them to. Love always finds its way of reuniting those who should be reunited even with something as simple as music.


Source: booksbyj.blogspot.com/2014/10/book-review-maybe-someday-by-colleen.html
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-10-26 22:22
Book Review: Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick
Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick

I haven’t read Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush series, so it was my first time experimenting with her writing style. Although this book is completely different from Hush Hush, I actually really liked it.

Black Ice is a thriller/mystery novel about a girl Britt and her bestfriend Korbie going on a camping trip in the mountains. Korbie’s dad insisted that Korbie’s brother (who also happens to be Britt’s ex- boyfriend), Calvin tags along as a chaperone. As the two girls where driving alone up the mountain, the car stops and a snowstorm hits; so the girls walk for miles till they reach a shelter to stay the night in until the snowstorm comes to an end. When they finally reach one, they were introduced to two hot guys in their early twenties; Shaun and Mason. Britt and Korbie both call shotgun on Shaun and start flirting with him, the next thing they know they both were being taken hostages and they were being used to find an escape off the mountain. Britt was the useful one, who has been training and was familiar with the mountains and had survivor skills, while Korbie was being pathetic and whiny and utterly annoying. As things progress, Britt begins having feelings for Mason, but she was unsure of it since he’s the guy who held her captive and she was doubting her emotions all the time claiming that she maybe is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. 



One thing that I really did admire in Black Ice was the incredible progression of the situations, it was very fast-paced and it kept me on edge the whole time; I finished the book in one sitting! Although, I didn’t feel like the writing style was my favorite and I disliked all of the characters, I was actually a huge fan of Becca Fitzpatrick’s development of Britt’s character in the end and her ability in writing a thrilling and an exciting novel.



I honestly did feel like the book was being boring towards the middle, I had the urge to stop reading several times, but I didn’t  let that get to me. I can say that I skipped - well actually not skipped, but skimmed over- some parts that I found really irrelevant.  As I said before, I disliked the characters, I felt like Korbie was a waste of characters (and oxygen), I felt like the girls were so immature at times that you wanted to smack them.

This book gave me serious trust issues, I did like that I couldn’t trust ANYONE at first and towards the end, it really confused me but I pieced the puzzle and I figured out the murderer before it was mentioned. The murder aspect and the setting were the reasons I liked this book and gave it a not so low rating.






I don’t know why the hell Britt is still friends with Korbie, she is extremely mean to her and always trying to be better than her. When Britt found out that list, it should have been an indication that this friendship is a fail anyways, she should have confronted Korbie right away; but then again, Britt doesn’t always make the smartest decisions.


 I hated Calvin so much, since the very beginning, Korbie and Calvin are more like each other, they were both willing to cheat, the fact that Korbie was like “yeah but Bear isn’t here” made me so angry at her! Cheating runs in the family I believe.


Britt also annoyed me. She is the fictional character of 13 year old me, she humiliated herself and was dumb enough to create a love story with Calvin and convinced herself that he loved her as much as she loved him when in fact, he was an a-hole who didn’t deserve her. The fact that she was 17 and she still didn’t realize that she needed a reality check is annoying! She was incredibly immature and it reminded me of how I was years ago. Calvin was a carbon copy of my ex-boyfriend, except for the fact that my ex wasn’t a murderer and wasn’t a cheater; but he actually was a douche and treated me terribly. Yet again, I was 13!!! I knew nothing, I was a kid, I can’t fathom the idea of Britt being so infatuated with a complete air-head who used her multiple times and CHEATED ON HER, he didn’t want to declare her as his girlfriend which surprisingly enough, she didn’t disagree to! Oh Britt.


I really liked the mystery factor, I was so confused and couldn’t trust anyone , I thought that Shaun was creepy at first and his hospitability was an act, but I was mad at Britt and Korbie for not getting the clear picture and fighting over a guy WHO THEY JUST MET and could be a murderer (which he was).  I hated that the girl drama blinded them to a point where they couldn’t realize where the real danger is, it was right there.


To add to the list of characters I didn’t like, KORBIE’S DAD. Who kills a dog for barking? He was vicious and again it imprinted on Calvin. I couldn’t blame the guy.. he had a psycho parent and I didn’t expect that he would turn out perfectly fine, he had to be somehow unstable.




Overall, I really liked this book. I gave it 3.5 stars


If you have read Black Ice tell me in the comments down below what your thoughts were!



Have a great day everyone :)x




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