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review 2019-05-24 15:12
Book Review for Havoc by Ambere Sabo
Havoc (Silent Sons MC #2) - Ambere Sabo



  • This story was yet another great read filled with suspense,drama,betrayals,secrets and was filled with a whole lot of unanswered questions.This story just got hotter and even more suspenseful as now the Silent Sons have reached out and asked another club about working together to take out a common enemy but, also help them find a traitor or traitor's to bring them to justice for crimes committed against others and MC Clubs.
  • Havoc- I found him to be a bit of a wild card who is set on revenge but, most of all his one main goal is to right the wrongs of the past committed by other's and see that his best friend Cessy is protected and the threats against her eliminated.Havoc is a former member of the Reaper's MC yet now residing with the Silent Sons MC so he has a sake in solving the mystery before them for the sake of both clubs involved.
  • Havoc and Angel teamed up to solve this quest and bring justice to all parties involved but, for Angels it helped her to put her past to rest so that she can move on and embrace her new life.
  • Angel & Havoc had some major chemistry together .This duo made a great couple who were perfect for one another in and out of bed.Angel would make the perfect old lady but, she will never be owned by a man again.Havoc was just one of those characters that you just could love, but, that man was hot as hell and even sexier and carried wounds of his own which made him have a better understanding of all that Angel has suffered at the hands of others.
  • Overall just loved it.You will laugh and cry and the story was filled with a ton of emotion. Havoc and Angel burned up the sheets making the story hotter than hell and the love story a bit usual but, throughout all the chaos there was also healing and love and forgiveness and about letting go ones past in order to embrace the here and now and enjoy it with the one you now call your soul mate.
  • 5 amazing stars


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review 2019-05-24 15:01
Book Review for Cessy by Ambere Sabo
Cessy (Silent Sons MC #1) - Ambere Sabo



We are loving this series so far and Cessy story really starting the series off with a bang.
Cessy is a club princess of another club called the Reapers but, she is seeking help from the Silent Sons MC president Rodeo hoping he can help her solve a bit of a mystery surrounding her club and in the process find out more about her fathers involvement and death.
Cessy learns details of some happenings going on in her club and can not believe her club would be party to the things she learned but, she cannot trust anyone so with the help of Havoc and The Silent sons she hopes to get answers and stay alive long enough to learn them.
Cessy-We found her to be a little biker riding badass with a ton of tat's who was badass with a gun.We loved Cessy as she was brave,determined ,sexy as sin,funny,a bit of a spit fire who had a feisty personality and is a speak her mind kind of girl. Cessy's aura is one that says "Don't Mess With Me or You'll Regret Attitude!"
Venom-Venom is a club Enforcer who was somewhat of a solitary guy who doesn't like to share.We found him to be broody and sexy and dangerous and protective as hell but, also he could be compassionate kind and loving as well.
Venom and Cessy had a passionate love affair that was riddled with secrets,lies and betrayals but, one thing was sure they were perfect for one another.This couple has major chemistry and a whole lot of fireworks between them.One word says it all "Super Hot!"
Overall we absolutely loved the story from to beginning end.The story was full of action had tons of suspense and drama and had a great cast of character's that we really enjoyed getting to know.This was just one of those stories that sucked you right in from the very beginning .This story will be continuing on into Havoc's story and we can't wait to see what will happen next.
After reading this series it is not one that should be read out of order.Once you read the first book you will be automatically be hooked !
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-05-24 00:46
Book Review : Fruits Basket collectors editon vol 9 17-18
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. 9 - Natsuki Takaya
May 23

Secrets of the curse revealed! Dive deep into the twisted relationship between Akito and Kureno, the most elusive member of the Sohma zodiac. Tohru tries to help, but finds herself in even deeper trouble. Good thing she has steadfast friends who will save the day!

Meanwhile, something is going on with Machi. When Yuki and Kakeru pay a visit to her house, will the secrets of her past be revealed? And trouble is on the horizon when Hatsuharu finally learns what Akito did to Rin. Will anything be able to stop his wrath, or will he do something he can't take back?! 

Review : This volume was crazy we find out so much Kureno tells Tohru his curse was broken years ago but hes still stayed with akito cause SHE needed him Cause akito is a woman who was raised a man by her mother what the hell . Akito is mad at shigure cause he was meeting up with his editor and she asked him if he has slept with her he hasn't but he has slept with Akito's mom oh my god and aparently he did it as revenge for akito sleeping with Kureno what the fuck. Tohru is looking for rin and no one knows where she is . Machi opens up to Yuki since there is a rumor going around the school that Machi killed her little brother which is far from the truth she was tucking him in and her mother thought machi was trying to kill him what the hell. Haru's mom had her baby it's a girl Hinita . Akito she locked up Rin and Kureno found out and they took her to the hospital Haru was pisse d and went to see Akito to yell at her so crazy and Rin is going to stay with the master for the time being . Shigure comes to see Rin to tell her she's been hoodwinked by Akito's mother and that's how se got locked up and he said the curse will break on it's own .

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-05-23 22:36
Book review : fruits basket collector's edition vol 8 15-16
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. 8 - Natsuki Takaya
May 20-23

Yuki's childhood was a long period of solitary darkness. Years later, he met Tohru, but what does he want from her? Yuki reveals to Kakeru what he can tell no one else. Meanwhile, Tohru's class is going to put on a play for the school festival, but miscasting makes it rough going for rehearsal. Will there be chaos on stage when the curtain finally rises?!

Later, Kyo recalls meeting Tohru's mother as a child and talking to her about her experiences. Persevering through a rough adolescence, one that lacked any love from her parents, she one day encountered teacher-in-training Katsuya Honda... At long last, the moving story of Katsuya and Kyoko is revealed!! Then, it's business as usual for Tohru and the others, but something is eating at Kyo?!

Review: we learn a lot about yuki's isolation with akito and how little Yuki met tohru so cute .Yuki sees Tohru as a mother figure in his life since he never really had parents who cared for him. I love kakeru and Yuki's friendship cause hes so odd but brings yuki out of his shell.Tohur's class is doing Cinderella and kyo is playing the prince yuki is the fairy godmother saki is Cinderella and Tohur is a evil stepsister but they end up having to fix it cause Tohur has a hard time being evil so it turns to be Cinderella ish it was funny . Kyo I think is having more feelings for tohru which is sweet . We learn kyo met Tohru mom and we learn the story about kyoko and how she met katsuya and how they had tohru and how he died and what kyoko had to deal with and raising Tohru on her own. Tohru and kyo are staying as his masters place for new year's and rin is staying also .yuki ends up staying at the main house and says to akito that he forgives him and akito gets mad and hurts yuki what the hell is wrong with akito.


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-05-23 22:33
Book review : fruits basket collector's edition vol 7. 13 -14
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. 7 - Natsuki Takaya

May 20
Yuki-alongside his mother, who already has his life after high school all mapped out-confronts his future at a parent-teacher conference. To make matters worse, when Yuki recalls buried memories, he becomes speechless! Meanwhile, Tohru pays a visit to the Sohma compound in order to confirm if Kureno Sohma is really the same man with whom her best friend, Uo-chan, is in love!

Love isn't in the air for Isuzu and Hatsuharu, however, as the two have broken up. Desperately in search of something, Isuzu visits Shigure's house as if driven there, but collapses upon arrival. A shocked Tohru happens to be on the scene, but all she can do is comfort Isuzu in her pain. But Isuzu seems to know all about Tohru fighting the Sohma curse on her own...!? 

Review : I feel like each volume gets darker . Its parent teacher conference and yuki's mother shows up I do not like her and mostly states his future out for him but yuki is not having it an ayame shows up and stands in for his mother I love him.Tohru goes to soma compound and looks for kureno because she wants to find out if the guy arisa likes is the same guy she runs into momo who is momiji younger sister but doesn't know about momiji. She wants momiji to be her brother and she learned to play violin so she could play with him yes I was crying at this point . Tohru finds kureno and asks him if he knows arisa he says he doesn't plan on contacting her again. Tohru wants to break the curse and rin is super depressed her parents were shitty and just ditched her she fell in love with haru but broke it off I feel sad for her .


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