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review 2019-04-08 04:32
A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance #3)
A Way Home (Gay Amish Romance Book 3) - Keira Andrews

FINALLY. I've never gone so long between 5* reads before, and after the last book, I wasn't that hopeful for this one. I figured this was going to Melodrama City, what with

Nathan's cancer and Issac and David's relationship being on somewhat rocky grounds at the start.

(spoiler show)

While there was drama, it managed not to teeter over into Drama Llama territory.


Going back to Zebulon so soon after getting away from it could have been a serious misstep, but it helped to reinforce for David and Isaac why they left and why they're better off away from their Amish roots. Especially for David. He had so much guilt in the previous book for how they took off at the end of the first book that he needed to see with his own eyes that his family was all right and getting on. The time away from the bustle and confusion of San Fran also helped them to slow down and really figure out where things went wrong with them.

Still think that whole nonsense with Clark was unnecessary, but I'm glad it wasn't made a big deal of here and that Isaac quickly realized that nothing happened between David and Clark.

(spoiler show)


I really liked how things were resolved with their families. It was believable and sad, but also there was some hope there, and the epilogue was perfect.

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review 2019-03-31 19:46
A Clean Break (Gay Amish Romance #2)
A Clean Break - Keira Andrews

Isaac and David are in San Fran and trying to get used to the outside world. Naturally, it doesn't go so well.


I liked getting David's POV here and seeing events from the previous book from his eyes. His guilt at leaving his family behind is palpable, and his fear of losing Isaac to the world makes a certain amount of sense. David puts a lot of pressure on himself and see only what he does wrong - or thinks he's done wrong - and he doesn't have the skills to communicate those concerns what with his stoic, stiff upper lip upbringing. The stress takes it's natural toll, and it was sad to see him having such a hard time adjusting to freedom.


While it made sense for the miscommunications to happen, it was still frustrating to read. When the Big Misunderstanding happens though, it feels unearned and cheap. Isaac just so happens to be in the wrong place at the right time two times

first to hear that Clark is going to go after David, and again at the club to see when Clark actually makes his move

(spoiler show)

and it just felt contrived for the sake of melodrama and a cheap cliffhanger. They had plenty of other struggles to deal with that it just wasn't necessary.


I wish we'd have seen more of Aaron and Jen. Since Aaron admits to being in therapy because of how hard it was for him to adjust to outside life, I kept waiting for him to see the signs of David struggling but he was just kept off page for most of the book. I thought it also got too repetitive at times.

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review 2017-11-29 20:13
Smoke Through the Pines (Night Fires in the Distance, #1.5)
Smoke Through The Pines (Night Fires in the Distance Book 2) - Ruben Moule,Sarah Goodwin,Alan Moore

This novella is set between the first and second books in this series and starts up right where the first book, Night Fires in the Distance, ends. Laura and Cecelia are heading north after the disaster that laid waste to the prairies, hoping to start over. They have no plans, just a grim determination to get away from their former life and the sorrows they left behind there. They eventually decide to try their luck in Minnesota, where the loggers are destroying nature for profit. Where's Treebeard when you need him? *clears throat* Anyway, things don't go as planned and they have yet more troubles to face as winter comes on. And Laura and Cecilia finally get to have some sexy times. <3

This still needs an editor, but other than that, I really enjoyed this. I did see in reviews for the second book, One Nation Afire, that it ends in a cliffie and focuses more on Laura's daughter Rachel, so I'll hold off reading that one until book 3 is out.

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review 2017-08-17 04:45
Summoner of Storms (SPECT #6)
Summoner of Storms (SPECTR Book 6) - Jordan L. Hawk

That was one hell of a ride!


I liken this series to working similar as a season of tv. This is a complete arc and can be read on its own, with a beginning, middle and end. There is room left though for more stories to be told, and if the second series Ms. Hawk is working on is anything like this one, I'll be eager to read it. But I don't know if I can wait months in between books, and she's only halfway through the next series. Dilemma! 


I'd sworn off vampire books way back in high school when I tired of Anne Rice, and I really haven't read very many at all since then where the vamps were front and center. There's the Dresden Files, and now this, and both that series and this one do some really refreshing things with their version of vamps. (I guess the Kate Daniels series does too but that whole series was bordering on corn with a hefty side of cheese. ... Cheesy popcorn? Yeah, I think that fits. Starts off promising but you just can't finish the whole bag.) Here, the "vamp" in question only has the blood drinking to liken it to common vamp lore, and even that isn't used in the usual way, so I really enjoyed how everything was changed up and made its own thing. Also, no sparkling. No sparkling is always key to a good vamp story. :D I'm not going to rush and start reading more vamp-centric stories after this, mind you. I really am done with that genre, but I'll make an exception for this series.


I did get rather bored with the sex scenes. Maybe reading these one at a time as they came out, they might not have seemed as numerous. But reading the bundle, one story after another, I just started finding the sex scenes tedious halfway through, and by this one I was skipping them to get back to the plot. 


Another thing that got repetitive was how Ms. Hawk reiterated basic information - characters' appearances, basic background info, etc - in each book, I guess so those who decided to come in halfway through wouldn't be lost. It started to drag things out that didn't need to be dragged out. Thankfully, she did keep these bits to the bare minimum, but even those bits I started skimming/skipping. And what is her obsession with tigers? No, stahp!


Once again, Ms. Hawk shows her flare for action as the team figures out the big conspiracy afoot and all the plot threads come together in one epic climax. This is one of those stories I would love to see on the big screen. There's even a new development with J/C/G that opens up all sorts of possibilities for the next series. And then there's Sean, who inspires various complicated feelings. He's easily the most interesting character here and has the most potential to really grow in the next installment. 

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review 2017-08-15 04:38
Destroyer of Worlds (SPECTR #5)
Destroyer of Worlds - Jordan L. Hawk

SO MUCH ACTION! Which Ms. Hawk has always been good at writing and it really shines here. Things with Spectr are not all they seem and the reveals here are nerve-wracking. There are twists and turns aplenty, so I won't say more so as not to spoil things. :D


As I said in my review for the first book in this series, I don't read M/M/M or polyamory of any kind. I was hesitant to start this one at first, but eventually decided to give it a go when the first one was offered free. I thought that it being M/M(/M) would make this series more along the lines of what I'm used to while still offering something new. I'm not a fan of insta-love, which this series definitely uses, but the implications of it aren't ignored and I do like that. The somewhat dubcon-y undertones of the first book, what with the involuntary possession and all, didn't help but that hasn't really been an issue for awhile now. I do wish though that John and Gray had more interactions prior to this, because while I can see why Gray would be falling for John, being influence by Caleb's feelings and thoughts, it's much less clear why John would be falling for Gray beyond having a yen for "phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space." It's at least acknowledged, so I'm hoping we'll get more of that interaction in the final installment. 


Can't wait to see how this ends!

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