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text 2017-05-25 01:11
UM. Why has no one brought up "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" as something I need to include in my project looking at disability in fiction?
Blade Runner - Philip K. Dick,Scott Brick

Judging fitness to be considered human based on range of emotional responses and empathy, among other factors (including intelligence and ability). Bio-chemical control of emotions and urges within proscribed settings. Etc.

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review 2017-05-02 01:10
THE BRICK WALL by Stephanie Julian
The Brick Wall (Redtails Hockey Book 1) - Stephanie Julian
  Good opening for the Reading Redtails series. Goalie Shane Conrad has been having a hard time in the net. Everyone's advice is to take some time off and quit thinking about hockey. He meets Bliss Vescovi and decides the others may be right. Both think it will be a one-night stand or over at the end of the season but their hearts decide for something else.

I enjoyed this story. I loved the characters. I liked that not every character was perfect. They had flaws and disabilities. Bliss has to stop thinking she can read others minds. Shane is a good guy who puts many males to shame. I liked the strong connection Bliss had to her family and I liked how others tried to tell her she could pursue other courses in her life.

I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-02-19 05:34
The Lost World
The Lost World: A Novel (Audio) - Michael Crichton,Scott Brick

Sequel to Jurassic Park. This audio version is also narrated by Scott Brick. Despite being streamed across Overdrive courtesy of the library, it was still broken up into CD sections and announced the change of CDs and repeated the last line of the previous CD section before continuing with the narration - overall, distracting.


I admittedly listened to this mostly while lying in my sick bed and didn't pay it the same close attention as I did the first one. I'm not sure if Scott Brick's individual character voices were less distinct in this adaptation or if I was not aware enough to pick out the subtle differences. As I am already biased in favor of the story, I only mentally docked a half star for the (perceived) performance.


One thing that occurs to me about the story in general though: is Sarah's father actually the vet, Dr. Harding, in the original Jurassic Park? And, if so, WTF, Malcolm? That one, seemingly inconsequential, teasing hint is still bugging me. Plot holes, plot holes...

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review 2017-02-11 11:16
Deranged by Jacob Stone
Deranged (A Morris Brick Thriller) - Jac... Deranged (A Morris Brick Thriller) - Jacob Stone

Deranged (A Morris Brick Thriller) by Jacob Stone is a twisted thriller about a mysterious serial murderer called the Skull Cracker Killer. It has violence galore and a psychopath that found a mate. It kept me entertained and turning the pages, so I gave it five stars.


Morris Brick is a credible character and I found myself intrigued by the preview of the pending book about him called Crazed.


I received a complimentary Kindle copy from Kensington Books and NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Deranged-Morris-Brick-Thriller-Jacob-ebook/dp/B01JEJDH0C


It is in pre-order status until March 7, 2017, so I could not leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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text 2017-01-27 13:07
Brick Lane - Monica Ali
Brick Lane to długa i wąska ulica we wschodniej części Londynu, która mieści się na osiedlu Tower Hamlets. Biegnie od Whitechapel High Road aż za Bethnal Green Road, natomiast niezbyt szerokie drogi ozdobione wąskimi i ceglanymi kamienicami wiją się gęsto, tworząc w tej okolicy charakterystyczny drobnomieszczański krajobraz. Powoduje to nieznaczny ruch komunikacyjny, zaś każdą drogę oraz ścieżkę zapełniają restauracje, kawiarnie i galerie. Zwalniając nieco kroku, można poczuć się, niczym na prawdziwym wielkomiejskim spacerze. To właśnie w tej okolicy skupia się bengalska społeczność, tworząc z niej stolicę curry.
Autorka powieści Brick Lane pochodzi z Bangladeszu. Urodziła się w Dhace (stolica), natomiast w wieku trzech lat wraz z rodzicami wyemigrowała do Anglii. Jej ojciec pochodzi z Mojmoszinho – miasta leżącego w północnej części Bangladeszu. W Anglii Monica Ali uczęszczała do Bolton School, a następnie studiowała filozofię, psychologię i ekonomię w Wadham College w Oksfordzie. Dlatego też historia opisana przez nią w książce jest autentyczna, choć postacie oraz zdarzenia w niej zawarte stanowią fikcję literacką. 





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