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review 2018-05-10 19:24
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
In Cold Blood - Truman Capote,Scott Brick

This does not read like a true crime novel. It almost reads like a historical fiction novel but unfortunately all of the horrible events that take place happened. I recommend having something light and fluffy nearby to read when you're finished because this book will drag you down into a pit of despair.


The Cutter’s are a farming family and pillars of the community. Dad Herb is fair and liked by almost everyone. His daughter selflessly gives her time to everyone and his son, well, I don’t know much about him but he seems like a fine kid. The only one with issues is poor mom who suffers from depression and social anxiety and spends most of her time in her room.


They are just going about their lives with no idea that two thieves are planning to rob and murder them.


There is so much detail here, a little of it a wee bit unnecessary, and I had to force myself to stick with it in the beginning. Then I switched to audio and it went much smoother. It’s such a sad story but the author does a spectacular job of piecing together all of the historical details and making you feel a whole range of emotions, mostly anger and sorrow for the senseless loss of life. This isn’t a play-by-play emotionless retelling of a crime, Capote fills in the gaps with conversation and private thoughts. How accurate are they? I haven’t a clue but it makes the book go down a whole lot easier. I’m not a big fan of dry true novels and this wasn’t one of those. It’s a riveting story of a beloved family, two criminals with stories of their own, and the aftermath of that one terrible night.


Scott Brick narrated the version I read and his voice, strong and serious, is perfect for recounting this tragic story.

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video 2018-04-26 13:51
Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle Paige

 Amy went home to Kansas to be with her Mom and Jake. But I believe she will go back to Oz. she says her home is not a place but with a person, Nox. He comes to Kansas to be with her


I believe she will go back because at the end of the book her shoes start to glow and another portal, a tornado appers to bring her back to save Oz once again. 



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quote 2018-04-19 14:08
"The Wicked never rests"
Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle Paige

I chose this quote because Amy never stops fighting. She won't stop fighting until oz is safe. This also shows that all members of the Order and committed to OZ. Nox is one of the hardest working of the Order.  

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text 2018-04-13 14:00
Yellow Brick War (Dorothy Must Die) - Danielle Paige

As a reader my favorite type of book to read is fantasy books. When I was little I really liked the Wizard of Oz. As I grew older I read all the books I could find about it. Then I found these books.


Dorothy Must Die is not what you would expect of this classic tale. It is centered around a girl from Kansas, named Amy Gumm. Once again she is taken from her home and moved to OZ.  She is faced wit a set of problems she must solve. Can her new friends help her? Are they really her friends? Can she fight her feelings so they dont get in the way of her work? Will Amy Gumm survive?

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review 2018-04-12 18:21
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Scott Brick,Robert Louis Stevenson

I tried to listen to this audiobook this morning but it was just too wordy for me. I mean, I know it's a book, they're made up entirely of words but these words were not at all interesting to me. They were boring, dry, tedious words and they did not please me nor did they scare me. They made me sleepy is about all they did. And I had no a-hole cat around to wake me up if I fell asleep driving.

A man spies another man trample his way over a young girl. The decent man chases down the dastardly man and begins, what I can only guess because I'm a quitter, his own little investigation into who this man is. I only guess this because he says,“If he be Mr. Hyde" he had thought, "I shall be Mr. Seek.”.

I know I'm supposed to pretend I'm smart and struggle my way through this classic but I have too many other books vying for my attention that I know I will find interesting so I'm not going to struggle my way through another few hours with this sucker.

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