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review 2017-12-16 00:51
Flawed, but worth a read
Life And Death Behind The Brick And Razo... Life And Death Behind The Brick And Razor-Code Red Diamond - Isaac Alexis MD

<blockquote>I wanted to use science to heal people and simultaneously teach them about how their bodies functioned and how to properly take care of their bodies. I also wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who traditionally did not have access to care to begin with. So I chose correctional medicine. It had its challenges but also opportunities to save many lives. In my opinion, it also had areas that seriously needed to be addressed.</blockquote>

Years after this decision, Dr. Alexis has turned to writing, using his experiences and point of view, to discuss some health tips and suggestions to help teens through some hot-button and pressing issues.


After a quick autobiographical chapter, the chapters revolve around the treatment of one particular patient, and then using that patient's particular diagnosis (or lack thereof) and struggle as a launching point for health tips and/or discussion of some of the struggles that young people (or everyone) go through related to STDs, Drug Abuse, Gang Membership, etc.


There is so much energy, so much care, conviction, expertise behind this book that it's a shame I can't heartily endorse it. There's a lot of heart here, and I admire that. But it's just not that well written. Maybe it'd be more correct to say that it wasn't that well-edited and re-written.


First of all, it needs a thorough editorial pass on basic grammar. But it needs some work on structure, too. Within the various chapters, things can seem to be randomly organized with a lack of transitions, or foundation for some of what he's talking about. That page count of 100 pages should be 150 at a minimum -- he really needs to flesh out everything just a bit. He's got the material, he just needs to work with it a bit more so his readers can better understand both his experiences and perspective. The nature of the facility he works at -- and its relation to other prisons and hospitals, is a good example -- I think I have a decent idea how all that works out, but it takes using information from all parts of the book to come up with my guess; that shouldn't be, I should've been given a one or two (or more) sentence description of that so I can appreciate his struggles to provide adequate care.


Now, what he doesn't need to give us more of us medical jargon -- often he'll unleash a couple of paragraphs of almost non-stop medical terminology. This is not a bad thing, but I think he could help the non-informed reader a little bit more than he does with some of those streams of terminology. What I eventually decided is, the book reads like a transcript of someone telling stories about his life to a new friend, people just sitting around a table swapping stories. The hopping around, the unclear writing, and so on come across just the way people talk. If you think of it that way, the book is a lot easier to take.


If you can find some way (my suggestion or something else that works for you) to overlook/make your peace with Alexis' style, you'll probably enjoy this book. You can even appreciate the book without that -- it's just harder. Alexis writes from conviction and passion -- with a healthy dose of morality. There's a lot to be gained from this book. I liked <b>Life and Death Behind the Brick and Razor</b>, but it woulnd't take much to make me like it sooo much more. He has important things to say, I just wish the book did a better job of providing the platform.


<i><b>Disclaimer:</b> I received this book in exchange for this post and my participation in this tour -- I appreciate the opportunity, but my opinion remains my own.</i>

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2017/12/15/life-and-death-behind-the-brick-and-razor-code-red-diamond-by-isaac-alexis-md
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review 2017-11-12 00:08
Hold Tight - review
Hold Tight - Scott Brick,Harlan Coben


I listened to the audio of this book. The narrator was a bit annoying at times. I didn't really like his style. The story was okay, a bit dated maybe. The characters had blackberries instead of iPhones, GPS technology was brand new, and teenagers were on MySpace. The old tech was a bit distracting. It was interesting to think about how much easier it is for police as well as regular citizens to track people and find evidence using electronic means. 


The parents are worried about their son because his friend committed suicide and he is shutting them out. So, they decide to put software on his computer so they can track every keystroke he makes. This, of course, leads to them finding out things they can't explain. And then their son disappears. There is also a man killing people, but we don't know exactly why until much later.


I liked the way the book brought together multiple plot lines as the story progressed. But it was more than a bit slow at times. In the end, it was just okay.

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review 2017-10-29 19:22
Doom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by Brick (Young Animal) - Gerard Way,Nick Derington

Reading only the first volume, I have no idea if this stands on its own or if it is some sort of cargo cult replica of Morrison's run on this title. But the book is beautiful and intriguing, so I suppose the answer is to read along until it reveals itself.

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text 2017-10-11 14:26
Natural Stone Sealant – Factors that can affect the Selection Process

The problem of most homeowners is the penetration of water on natural stone walkways, patios, pathways, porches and pool decks but Wakefield Mfg. has introduced an effective solution to enhance and protect natural stone. A penetrating natural stone sealantis applied to the masonry as soon as mortar has been completely cured so that the mortar joints will be fully saturated.


There is a lot debate on whether natural stone must be sealed. All natural stone surfaces must be applied with a sealant for maximum protection. However, not all stones are porous. This means that a very little amount of natural stone sealant is required to achieve maximum protection. When choosing a sealant, it is important to determine the porosity of the natural stone. For example, granite has a higher absorption rate than polished marble. Limestone on the other hand is extremely absorbent. If the natural stone used has a high absorbency rate, it will be more difficult to apply adequate sealant that will cover the surface completely.


Another factor that can affect the choice for a natural stone sealant is surface finish. It is important to perform an absorption test because a polished surface is less absorbent than natural stone that has been honed or flame-finished.


Where the natural stone will be used must also be taken into account in the choice of sealant. Will natural stone be used in the pool deck, driveway or pathway or will it be installed in the kitchen countertop? If natural stone will be used in the kitchen countertop, it is likely to be exposed to stains, spills, oil, grease and water. For best results, oil and water resistant sealant must be used. For the driveway and pathway, a water resistant sealant will be enough to provide protection.


If natural stone is used in the lobby of a hotel that is exposed to high foot traffic, a good quality penetrating sealer must be used to leave a slightly natural finish without compromising texture and slip resistance. The hotel floor will be mopped more frequently than a home and this requires the application of a water-resistant sealant for additional protection.

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review 2017-10-10 00:25
A geopolitical view of the world
Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World - Tim Marshall,Scott Brick

All throughout this book I kept asking what he now had to say about this and that because it is three years since he wrote the book and Korea has a nuclear weapons capabilities now and the US has a new president and a number of other significant changes. Fascinating book. It will give you a whole new understanding of the world we live in.

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