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review 2018-06-18 11:47
Jurassic, Florida - Hunter Shea

The quiet town of Polo Springs, Florida, (It's where you go to die!), is about to suffer from an invasion the likes of which it has never seen. Hurricanes? No problem! Climate change? No worries! Giant Iguanas? What the..what???


That's right, lizards! At first they're cute and remind you of those television commercials. Then, they seem to be larger than your average geckos. Then, they seem like they must be on steroids or something. And then? Then, they are bigger than your car and threatening to destroy your house! Will the people of Polo Springs survive? You'll have to read this novella to find out!


Hunter Shea is the man when it comes to fun creature features. That's all there is to it. There's no shame in serving up fine horror cheese, (and this is cheesy, have no doubt), because, let's face it - sometimes we are just in the mood for some chasing and chomping! What creature is doing the dining? Who cares? Who's getting eaten? Perhaps some of us like to substitute certain members of our families or co-workers for the actual characters... what? Who said that? Anyway, pretty much everyone is getting eaten and that's what's fun about it! There's no fake, drippy sentimentality here. Everyone is fair game.


Once again, I came away from this creature feature interlude totally entertained and with another story to tell my friends. "I just read this great book about..." 


Highly recommended for fans of creature feature FUN!


*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!* 

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review 2018-06-15 23:42
STARLIGHT by Erin Hunter
Starlight - Erin Hunter

Book 4 of series 2 of the Warriors series has the clans finding new homes for themselves. While there are questions of StarClan's approval of the new land, each clan claims a part of the new land. Fighting over the territories becomes hard because the clans are used to working together but for some it is easy to go back to the old hostilities. Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw have their problems to work out while Leafpaw struggles with her feelings for Cloudfeather and his for her.

I like how the clans worked together and still, in some ways, continue to do so. Firestar is still the leader amongst leaders regardless of how other leaders want to go back to the old hostilities. But the younger generation is coming into their own. It will be interesting to see who becomes leaders and who turn traitor.

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review 2018-06-13 20:38
Review: Blood Cross
Blood Cross - Faith Hunter

This sequel to Skinwalker picks up right where the action left off. Plenty of action of the fighting sort, and an almost frustrating lack of any other sort of action. Jane has options, but always higher priorities than sex.


I'm still digging this series. Here, she works more with the police, taking advantage of their archives to do research, and finds some time to connect with her roots even while not understanding much of her heritage. There is also this sort of wonderful domesticity as her friend and her children fill the house with something other than raw steak and knives.


But let's face it, I'm here for the meat and bloodshed. And the action sequences continue to deliver.


Her alliances with humans and mostly humans seems to take the place of her shifting, but at the same time, she's in more communication (if not communion) with her Beast in this one. That's still the most interesting dynamic in the book, no matter how many gorgeous men wander through her path.

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review 2018-06-12 23:32
Strange Magic by James A. Hunter
Strange Magic - James Hunter

I had a lot of fun with this story despite its few faults. Yancy is a rough and tumble character with a good heart. He’s somewhere in his 70s but because of his magic he looks like he’s in his 40s. His lingo made me think of biker movies and James Dean and gritty stories of Vietnam. Also, Yancy is a smoker which I like in characters even though I don’t care for it in real life.

Hunter gives us small glimpses into Yancy’s past which includes his family that he left behind and his time spent working closely with other magic users. It hooked me. I wanted to know more even as I wanted Yancy to get to the bottom of these demonic murders. Yancy has depth and while I wanted some of the side characters to be a bit deeper, Yancy was enough to keep me entertained.

The pacing was good with plenty of action and small moments of reflection tossed in. This story made a good companion was I played Titan Quest. While Yancy was the star, I enjoyed Greg as well. He’s got some snark and he’s tough on Yancy but he’s also intriguing. The building of the magic-side of the world is also well done. There were clear rules for the bits of magic presented and those stayed consistent throughout the story. All together, 4/5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book.

The Narration: Charlie Kevin was a lot of fun to listen to. He is the perfect match for Yancy Lazarus. He’s got a little gravel to his voice, always seems on the cusp of being a smart ass (just like Yancy), and also handles Yancy’s emotions well. All his character voices were distinct and his female characters sounded feminine. There were no technical issues with this recording. 5/5 stars.

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review 2018-06-12 23:27
Cold Hearted by James A. Hunter
Cold Hearted - James A. Hunter

Note: This is Book 2 in the series and can work as a stand alone.

Book 1 was good but this book is much better. It’s a bit darker, more gritty, some great secondary characters, awesome fight scenes, and some twisted fae. Yancy still fascinates me. He has his dated lingo and smokes like a chimney but his ideas of women aren’t dated (which is nice since it would have been embarrassing yet entertaining to see FBI agent Nicole Ferraro kick his butt).

Some of those background questions I had in Book 1 get answered here. We learn more about Yancy’s family and the reasons he left them. We also get to know more about the magic Guild Yancy was once part of through the Guild member James. There’s still plenty to learn about Yancy’s past but I like that we get a little bit more each book.

There’s plenty to do with the winter Fae and Old Man Winter in this story. It borders on epic fantasy because of the big sweeping implications of some of it but I liked that it stayed urban fantasy. That’s Yancy’s strength right now. There were some great messy scenes fighting ice dwarves and such. I also like Yancy’s take on using compulsion, even on evil fae.

Nicole is a great addition to the story. She’s got her own agenda and doesn’t take crap from Yancy. Yet she can play a role, keeping it cool, in order to blend in as well. She’s not all bite; she’s also a lot of brains. I really hope we see more of her in future books.

This is a fun, dark urban fantasy that wraps up the immediate mystery while leaving a few bigger questions for the series arc. Once again, it was the perfect companion to playing Titan Quest. 5/5 stars.


The Narration: Charlie Kevin was great once again. He’s the perfect fit for the gravely, snarky voice of Yancy. He also made an excellent Nicole, his voice being feminine without being ridiculous. I loved his voices for the various fae. He made them sound dangerous and deadly. All his character voices were distinct. There were no technical issues with this recording. 5/5 stars.

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