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review 2017-04-18 18:30
Nightmare of the Dead by Vincenzo Bilof
Nightmare Of The Dead - Vincenzo Bilof


Nightmare of the Dead was a different kind of zombie/cannibal novel and I'm torn over it.


On the one hand, I enjoyed the creativity and imagination that went into this story. We have the Union and the Confederacy battling it out, with one side using medical experimentation to create the perfect type of soldier. And somehow this was done with a horror/western type feel to it-kudos to the author for that.


On the other hand, the writing felt disjointed. At times there seemed to be parts that were rewritten and inserted without regard for the paragraphs before and after. There were also a lot of missing words. These issues did bother me and took me out of the flow of the story more than once.


The author's descriptive skills were excellent and believe you me, there is a lot of blood, gore, torture, and rape here to describe. In that vein, Mr. Bilof's writing put me in mind of Tim Curran, whose imagination is beyond compare.


This was a quick reading, short novel and I did enjoy it, it's just that the writing could have been better. I would read more of this author's work in the future, in the hopes that he's honing his craft. If that's the case, then we certainly have not seen the last of Vincenzo Bilof.

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review 2016-11-16 20:08
Becoming David, A Novella by Phil Sloman
Becoming David - Phil Sloman

Becoming David is the story of Richard, serial killer extraordinaire.


Richard is a respectable man, with a great job, a beautiful home and his own gym in the basement. Which is also where he likes to drag his victims and carve the fine fillets with which he fills his freezer. When Richard targets David and does his usual thing with the body, he thinks no more of it... until David starts speaking to him. And peering back at him from the mirror.


This was a fun, psychological novella that messed with my head. The tension and atmosphere built throughout and the ending went in a direction that surprised me. I love when that happens! (Another little surprise I noted, with pleasure, was the nod to the Hyde Hotel.)


I've not read anything from Mr. Sloman before, but hey- sign me up!  Because if this is the type of story he's offering up on a regular basis, I want in!


Highly recommended to fans of psychological horror, served up with some liver, fava beans and a nice Chianti.


You can find your copy here: Becoming David


*Thanks to the publisher/author for the free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

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review 2016-11-13 01:03
Enough of the Fat Owl
Billy Bunter Among The Cannibals - Frank Richards

I remember my Dad telling me once that he didn't particularly like the Billy Bunter books where Bunter went for adventures abroad, that is outside of the immediate vicinity of Greyfriar's school. After reading this book I can now see why – it was absolutely atrocious, or more so really really painful. Okay, the excessive use of the N word in reference to people with skins darker than ours may have been acceptable coming out of Bunter's mouth because it is, well, Bunter, but the reality is that even if it is just Bunter's character to be so rude, crude, and racist, it still doesn't mean that I have to accept it. In fact the character of Billy Bunter has become so annoying that I highly doubt I will read any more of his books.



The story goes that Bunter is given a position as an assistant clerk for one of his father's companies, though the catch is that the role is on an island located in the stretches of the South Pacific. Anyway, he is sent out there, all expenses paid, and his school buddies (for want of a better word), the Famous Five, accompany him, if only so he can settle down somewhat. However, upon arrival at the main island they discover that a rather brutish man has taken over, and after giving him a bit of a thumping, they are then taken to the island of Lololo where they discover that the shop has been deserted because the island has been over-run by cannibals.



Maybe Billy Bunter has started losing its appeal, but I was able to read all of the Secret Seven and Famous Five books without being put off as much as this book put me off (though there were some of Blyton's books that I found almost as painful as I found this book). Not only was I rather disappointed at Bunter's excessive use of the N word (and the fact that the guy is a pretty elitist, and quite racist, individual as is), but also the fact that is he so lazy and so oblivious to the fact that nobody likes him, and why nobody likes him. There was one book where they decided to teach Bunter a lesson, namely because everybody had become sick of his attitude, however the thing with Bunter is that he never learns, and you get to the point where you simply start banging your head against the brick wall because you know that nothing is going to change.


Okay, in some ways people love to laugh at stupidity – that is why the Simpsons is not only so popular but why Homer Simpson eventually overcame Bart as being the show's most popular character. However, there are some redeemable features with Homer (despite the fact that I eventually became so sick of the show, and the character, that I stopped watching it years ago) – Bunter has none whatsoever. In fact the only reason that he manages to solve all these mysteries is through sheer luck. The other thing is that Bunter may be the title character but there are a lot of books where he actually ends up in the background (though that is not the case with this book). In the end the premise has started becoming a little worn out where I'm concerned.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1804524510
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review 2016-07-11 10:09
Aftertaste review
AFTERTASTE: An Extreme Horror Novel - Kyle M. Scott

My first sample of Kyle M. Scott proved to be fairly tasty. An increasingly gore laden book that throws in some nasty sex scenes to up the ante, Aftertaste depicts what happens when a new burger franchise that is actually a front for something much nastier than the pursuit of profit at the expense of quality foods opens in small town America.

A simple enough and straight forward premise, Scott's novel begins well enough, introducing main character Slim and her battles with her meat-loving family. But as the narrative progresses, some less than stellar support characters that are neither realistic nor relatable begin to undermine proceedings. The worst example of this is one whose 180 degree arc is not at all set-up and feels too much like a good idea coming too late in the process without the necessary re-write of the early sections to "earn it".

The ultimate villain responsible for the evil inflicted on the town also came across as too simplistic and juvenile for my tastes.

Those criticisms aside, there was some good old fashioned, nasty fun to be had with Aftertaste. I also quite liked Scott's writing style - effectively straight forward without being overly wordy - so I will be back for a second-helping.

3 Parasite-Riddled Burger Paddies for Aftertaste.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1226370799
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text 2015-12-16 06:31
The Cannibal Within Mark Mirabello
The Cannibal Within - Mark Mirabello

The only review I can give this book is "what the fuck did I just read?!?"

This has to be one of the most insane book's I've ever read. The plot and subject matter of this book was interesting, but apart from that I was lost to just what the man was writing about. I mean I can only guess, he had a wanton need to be marquis de Sade?! Not even close. But his rantings in this book almost hit's to his score.

I can't believe Mark Mirabello has Ph.D obviously it cost him his sanity.

The one thing annoyed me the most in this book is he referenced Atlantis book shop in London. As having an underground lair that leads to his demon's lair utter trash.

it is creepy because it's written by a man that clearly has issues that need to be addressed.

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