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review 2018-09-29 00:18
Carnival Of Fear
Carnival Of Fear - J.G. Faherty

For any small town a traveling carnival is a huge event. This traveling carnival is a little different because not everyone will survive this one. This carnival's Castle Of Horrors is the real deal. Aliens, zombies, vampires and werewolves. They're all here and waiting for the unsuspecting townspeople.  When JD Cole and the other kids from the local high school entered the castle they thought it would be fun, instead they have to count on each other to survive.


Carnival Of Fear by J.G. Faherty is the type of book that to me shouts: "Read Me Now!" Monsters, a traveling carnival and a bunch of teenagers who can't get along, what's not to like? This book was really a mixed bag though, it kind of felt like a YA novel but with more violence. It has its moments though, I liked the idea that all these kids from different social backgrounds had to work together to survive and because of this they grew and changed. On the bad side there was so much going on in this book it bordered on ridiculous. If you can suspend your disbelief though this is a fun book.

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review 2012-02-28 00:00
Carnival Of Fear
Carnival Of Fear - J.G. Faherty The concept behind Carnival of Fear is cool and innovative. A mysterious horror carnival arrives in an upstate New York town. Naturally the high school kids in town feel the need to check it out. Little do they know that all of their worst horrors are there to greet them. The cast of characters are fairly typical. You got your jocks, your stoners, your cheerleaders, your brainy, nerdy types, and then there is JD, the all American, all around good guy, and his girlfriend. Inside of the carnival is a haunted castle containing rooms with all different kinds of horrors, each one a different challenge for our cast. There are werewolves, a Salem type town conducting with trials, zombies, vampires, aliens, and just about any kind of nightmarish monstrous scenario, including a trip to hell in the finale. In order to get out alive, the kids have to enter each of the room and defeat the enemies that await them. The end result is a real page turner where I kept wanting to find out what was going to pop up next, or how JD and company were going to get themselves out of the next situation. JG Faherty is a highly skilled writer and he managed to artfully guide the reader through this carnival of terror. This is a book worth reading.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity
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