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review 2021-08-26 23:55
Southern Playboy (North Carolina Highlands) by: Jessica Peterson
Southern Playboy (North Carolina Highlands) - Jessica Peterson






Southern Playboy by Jessica Peterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Southern Playboy is a redemption song that lures the heart into it's melody. Peterson spins a tale of hard choices and missed chances that tell the story of life. Rhett and Amelia are learning the language of love, even as they break each others hearts. From young love to adult heartache, Amelia and Rhett are a soul cleanser that makes you stop and think. I was swept away.

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review 2021-07-19 04:34
Sweet Carolina - Roz Lee

 Carolina takes over as the Hawkins racing team owner after her father passes. Offers have been made to buy the company but she refuses to sell. She needs an aggressive driver to win races for her team so she goes to childhood friend Dell Wayne who was fired by his former team for being too reckless on the track. Neither has been around the other for years and did not know how they both grew up. Fighting their attraction for each other does not help the rumors about them, especially Caro. Little things keep happening until trouble springs up after the first race Dell wins for Hawkins Racing. Is Dell guilty of sabotaging Hawkins or is something else going on?


I liked this story. I liked Carolina and Dell. They are a good couple. The racing was exciting as was the behind the scene stuff. The secondary characters are a mix of good and bad though we don't get to know them as well as we know Carolina and Dell. I would have liked to see a story with Richard Warner, a driver with another team.


I always enjoy Roz Lee's stories. I look forward to reading more of her.

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review 2021-06-21 03:47
Knight of the Captive Heart - Carolina Valdez

Christina wants to be a knight but she is the daughter of Lord Michael, Earl of Gladsbury. Her father wants her to dress and behave as a girl. He has a plan but Christiana is not happy with it. Arriving to joust at Gladsbury is Rowan, the fifth son of a Normany lord. He pledges his allegiance to Lord Michael but his heart belongs to a woman in Normandy. Guy DeBere, a knight who saved Sir Michae's life in the Crusades, wants to marry Christiana. Chistiana does not want to get married. What is she to do?


I enjoyed this story. I did not think I would but I could not put it down. Christiana is feisty and has a mind of her own. Rowan is at a loss as to what to do. He has been besotted for years with Diantha but does not have enough money to provide a house for her. Now he is attracted to Christiana. When Christiana runs away, Rowan goes hunting for her and they come to an understanding. I liked their solution as well as her father's.


The medieval period comes through very well. I felt I was back in that time period. This is worth reading. I also have seen a few more books by Carolina Valdez that I want to read.

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text 2021-03-11 15:08
My Husband Flirts With Oher Women

Dear Love Helper: I am sad and angry at the same time. My husband is constantly looking at pictures of unclothed women in magazines and wherever we go he flirts with other women. If we are at a party he ignores me and spends the whole evening talking to a pretty woman. If we are in a restaurant he flirts with the waitress or someone sitting at another table. We are only married for a year and he didn't do that when we were dating. It seemed then that he only had eyes for me and no one else existed. I find it very hard to make love to him because I feel so awful. He brushes my hurt feelings off as silly and tells me all men are like that. What can I do to convince him that my feelings count? - Gina



Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake NC. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.


Dear Gina: Most men enjoy looking at beautiful women. However, once a man falls in love and gets married, he has more than himself to consider. My definition of true love is, "When someone else's happiness and well-being is just as important as your own." The fact that you have told him how unhappy his behavior makes you feel, means that he either doesn't take you seriously or he doesn't care. I can't help you if he doesn't care but I can help you learn how to show him that you are serious. Make one more attempt to sit him down and tell him how deeply hurt you are when he looks at other women in a magazine or flirts with other women. Ask him how he would like it if you stared flirting and looking at other men? If he lies and says it wouldn't bother him, then you really have to question this marriage. The other thing that I want you to do in that same conversation is to tell him that the next time he stares at another woman when he is with you, you will leave immediately. Your job is to follow through. If you are at a restaurant, do not say a word, just get up and call a cab and go home. If you are at a party, ask someone if they could give you a ride home or call a cab. You have to act immediately with no more explanations. You have already told him what you would do, so in order for him to take you seriously, you have to follow through. It is the only way his behavior will change. You do not want to turn into a nag. The truth is that if he continues this behavior, you will turn into an angry, cold, bitter and unresponsive woman. A mature and loving man knows that he has to sacrifice certain things for the sake of a marriage. When you become parents, there are even more sacrifices for the sake of the children. You may want to "party" till 4:00 a.m. but, if you are a responsible and loving parent, you know that your child needs you to be alert the next day, so you don't! If looking at women in magazines and flirting with strangers hurts your partner, then you simply control your impulse and do not do it! By the way, you can't stop him from looking at other women when he is not with you, but out of love and respect, he can and should not do that when he is with you. As for the pictures, if he truly cares about your happiness, then he will get rid of them as well. - Dr. Love Helper

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text 2020-10-01 11:18
Grow Hair Product Illinois

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