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review 2017-09-15 00:29
Fog, Snow, Fire, AKA the Losing Christina Trilogy
Fog, Snow, and Fire (Losing Christina, #1-3) - Caroline B. Cooney

Christina is an island girl. Her home on Burning Fog Island in Maine is a resort in the summertime, but, with only a tiny year-round population, students have to go to school on the mainland when they start 7th grade. This means boarding in a stranger's house and being away from their families, but Christina is excited to hear that the new school principal and his wife, an English teacher, are opening their colonial home to all four of the island children this year. They'll all be together, what could happen?

The Shevington's home is as beautiful as they'd heard, but they are relegated to cheerless attic rooms. The boys shrug off the inconveniences, but it quickly becomes apparent that something is wrong with the eldest island student, the brilliant, but fragile, Anya. No one wants to hear Christina when she begins to ask questions about the Shevingtons and their mysterious past, or about the other promising girls who have vanished after crossing their path.

Caroline B. Cooney is one of the founders of tween suspense, so I was thrilled to come across this omnibus of a trilogy I'd read back in middle school. Part one, The Fog, is a masterful setup, introducing the characters and making a good effort to get the reader to doubt Christina. Too soon, however, the plot creates spectacular tragic accidents and blatant cruelty that is ignored by almost every adult. Trick psychology and gas-lighting go only so far, even in a small town in Maine in the late 1980s.


It's also clear that Anya was heading for a fall long before she set foot in the Shevington's house. Impossibly twee.

If the reader gives in to the fun of the story, however, it is a fun ride and some of Christina's responses to the bullying and harassment she receives from fellow students and adults are inspired.

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review 2017-02-02 04:09
I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug! - Caroline B. Cooney,Tim Warnes

I am going to give you a bear hug, is a sweet adorable book. It has some rhymes in the book. It has animals and their cubs. This is good bedtime book for young readers. Young Readers could learn to read of this book as well.


It is done well. The pictures are well drawn. The pictures can tell the story themselves. It about giving a big hug and getting ready for bed.

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review 2016-12-21 18:08
The Face on the Milk Carton - Caroline B. Cooney
The Face on the Milk Carton - Caroline B. Cooney

Eh. Duller than one would expect, but with some interesting ideas. I expect it is way more popular with an appropriate age group. I read it because it was banned, and I try to keep up with those out of sheer contrariness.

Library copy

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review 2015-11-25 02:25
THE LOST SONGS By Caroline B. Cooney
The Lost Songs - Caroline B. Cooney

The Lost Songs

Caroline B. Cooney

Hardcover, 256 pages

Published October 11th 2011 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

ISBN:  0385739664 (ISBN13: 9780385739665) 


This is a book I would definitely pick up again. The Lost Songs follows 4 totally different teens with only 1 thing in common. Music. Cooney does switch narrators between them so the reader can get their different perspectives. I found this worked well for this story. Being inside of each teen's head brings the stories together fluidly and allows the story to complete well by the ending. I did like the characters. Cooney gave just enough background of each to give the characters a little fuller depth to what each was struggling with as a teen. The one thing that I thought wasn't quite right was the character, Lutie, having 2 different residents and choosing daily between which aunt to stay with. Over all, though, I did enjoy the book and would recommend it.








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review 2015-07-17 06:15
What Janie Found by Caroline B. Cooney
What Janie Found - Caroline B. Cooney
Janie's father, the one in Connecticut, has had a stroke and a heart attack. The responsibility of his papers and bills that need paid have fallen into Janie's hands.

While going through the paid bills, Janie finds a file about Hannah. And what she finds is hard for her to process.

It seems that her father has been sending money to Hannah for years. Despite all the trouble she put her parents through with the cult, he still worried about her.

And all it did was make Janie angry.

Janie found the address where Hannah picked up the checks. She figured it is time to pay Hannah a visit and finally get some answers.

This book continues Janie's story. It seems when it was originally published, it was said to be the conclusion to the series. It's not, apparently, since there is now a fifth book in the series. Even though it was originally the conclusion to this series, I felt the ending left it open for future books.

I liked the book. It was intense at times, and often very emotional. All most of the characters had something they were going through as what happened had affected them all in someway.

Stephen was much more likable in this book. I can't say that I really liked Stephen's girlfriend or her father all that much. To me, they seemed insensitive. Asking questions about Janie and the kidnapping even though Stephen said he didn't want to talk about it.

The book was good though, and I will read the fifth book in the series to see how it all ends.


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