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text 2022-04-30 03:45
A Simple Guide to Removing Carpet Stains


With a tastefully selected carpet, you can drastically improve your home’s overall appearance. Carpets bring warmth to any room, but one of their greatest disadvantages is staining. While any type of flooring solution can get stained, carpets are the toughest to clean. To banish stains from the carpet, you should adopt stain removal hacks that are effective and easy to follow. Here are simple guidelines on how to rescue the carpet from nasty stains:


  • Apply only water – before you go for a more complicated cleaning method, try to get rid of the carpet stain using only water. Believe it or not, clean water works on many carpet messes, especially those that are non-greasy. Just take a clean towel and soak it in water, then gently dab on the stain and let the carpet dry. Remember to never rub or scrub on the stain, to avoid spreading it on the carpet. Also, choose a white towel, otherwise, you risk colour transfer from the towel to the carpet. Do not over-wet the carpet to prevent mould or mildew from appearing.


  • Apply white vinegar – as a powerful cleaning agent, white distilled vinegar works wonders when treating carpet stains. Get rid of pet accidents on the carpet by mixing a few teaspoons of white vinegar with two cups of water. Use a clean white towel soaked in the mixture and gently dab the affected area of the carpet. After that, rinse with water. This stain removal hack is not only effective against numerous types of carpet stains, but it is also eco-friendly and safe for your health.


  • Apply liquid dish soap – another harmless trick to banish carpet stains is a mixture of a cup of water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Just like you did before, grab a white towel and soak it in the cleaning solution, then dab on the stain. In case you are faced with a stubborn carpet stain, you can upgrade this mixture by adding a few tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. After that reapply the cleaning remedy, dab again and rinse with water to get rid of the mess.


  • Apply baking soda – just like white vinegar, baking soda is an eco-friendly ingredient with lots of cleaning applications around the house, including carpet cleaning. Baking soda is the ultimate cleaning remedy when it comes to greasy stains on the carpet. It is also the smartest choice to neutralize nasty carpet odours without chemicals. Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet stain and then spray the area with your vinegar and dish soap cleaning solution. The mixture should look like a paste as it has dried. Let the stained surface stay covered with the mixture for a while and after that vacuum cleaner to gather residue.


  • Apply shaving cream – common dirt stains or oily messes can be successfully removed from the carpet with the help of shaving cream. Apply the product to the contaminated surface by rubbing it. Wait a few minutes for the cream to dry and wipe the residue with a wet towel. For particularly stubborn stains you might have to repeat the cleaning procedure several times to banish the stain completely.


  • Hire a cleaning service – in some cases, carpet stains are so tough that DIY cleaning approaches might fail you. In those moments the best you can do to rescue the stained carpet is to have it cleaned by professionals. Carpet cleaning experts rely on the most efficient cleaning techniques to tackle any carpet stain, no matter how old or stubborn the mess is.


Stick to these carpet cleaning strategies to easily defeat any carpet stain and make the carpet look brand-new.


© London Carpet Cleaners

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text 2022-02-28 07:43
5 Carpet Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Take into Consideration


There is so much love and joy pets bring the moment they enter a home. However, if your floors are carpeted, the presence of a four-legged friend will make cleaning jobs more complicated than you imagine. Fur and muddy paws on the carpet will be issues you need to deal with daily, which is why you should approach carpet cleaning wisely. Read on to discover amazing carpet cleaning tips that will make your life easier when living with a pet: 


  • Clean wet messes quickly – carpets don’t react well when affected by water and if your baby dog or cat has had an accident on the surface, you need to remove the liquids right away. Grab paper towels to soak up as much of the mess as possible or use a handheld extractor to simplify the procedure. Handheld extractors are life-savers when living with a pet since they suck more liquids and they are pretty easy to keep clean. Once the wet surface seems dry enough, you can move on with applying a cleaning remedy to prevent staining and nasty carpet smells.


  • Green clean the carpet – chances are your fluffy friend spends numerous hours playing or sleeping on the carpet. Given the huge contact your pet has with the carpet, you should always steer clear of toxic products that might be dangerous to the health of your beloved pet. Instead, pick eco-friendly carpet cleaning approaches that are just as effective as store-bought products, but at the same time, they contain no dangerous chemicals. In fact, you don’t have to purchase eco-friendly carpet cleaners at the store. Make your own cleaning remedies with natural ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar to banish pet stains from the carpet or tackle unpleasant pet odours.


  • Keep your pet clean – imagine taking your dog out for a walk on a rainy day and forgetting to wash its paws and dry its fur as the walk is over. Obviously, you don’t want the entire mess to land on your carpet, that’s why you should stay serious about keeping your dog clean. Don’t let your pet spend time on the carpet unless it is perfectly clean, otherwise, grime and smells will be transferred from the pet to the carpet. Another thing to consider is the fact that a pet’s claws can scratch and damage the carpet’s fibres. To prevent carpet wear and tear, have the paws of your furry friend well-groomed. Also, brush the pet as often as possible to remove loose hair that will otherwise find its way on the carpet.


  • Buy the best vacuum – having a powerful vacuum cleaner to keep the carpet dust-free is always a good idea, but when living with a pet it is an investment you need to make. The problem is, pets running around your place cause more dust than usual and most of it lands on the carpet. In order to rest assured the air at your place is clean and healthy, purchase the best vacuum you can afford and work with it at least two times a week. This way you will be able to banish a great amount of dust, dirt and pet hair that might compromise air quality indoors.


  • Hire a pro – perhaps you are used to maintaining the carpet by yourself, relying solely on your vacuum cleaner. However, with a pet at home, it is crucial to book a professional carpet cleaning service. Experienced carpet cleaners will improve the environment at home by deep cleaning the carpet, thus eliminating not only pet stains, but nasty germs and bacteria trapped in the carpet. Hire a pro every six months to keep the carpet super clean.


Your lovely pet will be just as tempted to spend time on the soft carpet as any other member of your family. Let the clean carpet and your pet co-exist with the help of these tips.


© London Carpet Cleaners


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text 2021-10-27 08:38
Carpet Cleaning Tips to Remove the Most Common Stains

Some types of carpet stains are difficult to remove, such as red wine stains. However, you don’t have to give up all the hope as the right techniques can help you accomplish your mission. In other words, if you apply the best techniques, you can remove any stain, such as ink stains or pet urine. In this article, we have shared a few carpet cleaning tips to clean most types of stains. Read on to know more.

Pet Stains

Your pets can make trouble for you regardless of how trained they are. If they have an upset stomach, they won’t be able to hold it. In this case, you must act fast to avoid a stain.

For instance, you can use paper towels or tissues to soak as much mess as possible. Make sure you scoop or blot rather than scrub, as scrubbing will spread the stains.

After blotting or scooping the area, your next move is to spray it with a cleaning solution of dishwashing liquid and water. After a few minutes, blot the area dry.

Next, prepare another mixture of vinegar and water and spray on the stained spot. After a few minutes, dab it dry. The stain will be gone.



Coffee stains should be treated right away. First, you should soak up the spill using paper towels. At this stage, we don’t recommend that you scrub the area as it will create problems for you.

Spray a little bit of water and vinegar solution on the stained area. After a few minutes, blot it up and then sprinkle a small quantity of baking soda on the area. In the following morning, you can vacuum it up.


Bloodstains are difficult to remove from carpets. But if you go for the right techniques, it will become easier for you. Don’t make the mistake of using lukewarm or hot water or else it will make the stain get deeper into the fibres of the carpet.

First of all, you should spray the area with cold water. Now, prepare a solution of dish detergent and cold water and apply the solution to the stains. After a few minutes, you should dab it try. If you can still see some of the stains, you should repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.


Although ink stains are stubborn, they are not difficult to remove. Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol or hair spray on the stain and let it sit for one hour.

Afterwards, dab the area until the stain disappears.

Red Wine

Red wine stains are the most difficult to remove. As soon as you spill it over your expensive carpet, you should rush to your kitchen and fetch some tonic water. Pour a little bit of tonic water on the stain but don’t drench the area.

The solution will create bubbles and break up the wine stain. Dab the spot until the carpet is completely dry. Afterwards, spray the area with the water and vinegar solution.

Finally, blot and sprinkle some baking soda on the spot and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it up.


Of all the stains mentioned in this article, chocolate stains are the easiest to remove. First of all, you need to freeze the stained area with a few cubes of ice. After the stain turns solid, all you need to do is scrape it away.

Make a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. Second, spray it on the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes before dabbing it away. And the stain will be gone.


Although chewing gum doesn’t leave stains behind, you may need to freeze it before detaching it from your carpet fibres. Fill a small shopping bag with ice cubes and place it on the spot for 15 to 30 minutes.

Now, scrape the chewing gum slowly so as not to damage the carpet fibres. So, you must bear patience and do it carefully.

In short, you can try these tips if you want to remove these 7 types of stains from your office or domestic carpets.

If you are looking for a professional service to clean your carpets, we suggest that you try out London Carpet Cleaners.

© London Carpet Cleaners

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text 2021-09-22 07:27
5 Vacuum Cleaning Tips to Use from Carpet Cleaning Pros


Did you know that vacuum cleaning the carpet can prolong its lifespan? Going over the carpet with your vacuum is one of the most effective cleaning methods to remove dust and dirt from the surface, thus extending the durability of the carpet. Although vacuum cleaning might seem like a simple chore to handle, you should try a few expert tips and improve your carpet cleaning routine. Here is how to become an expert on vacuum cleaning:


  • Vacuum clean regularly – it is a carpet cleaning rule expert cleaners would never get tired of insisting on – stick to a regular cleaning routine. The longer you postpone vacuum cleaning the carpet, the more stubborn messes become, therefore they might damage your carpet’s fibres. Furthermore, air quality indoors becomes worse if you don’t remove dust from the carpet frequently. To make the most of your precious carpet, keep it clean with a reasonable vacuum cleaning routine. Professionals believe vacuum cleaning the carpet once a week is enough for maintaining the addition in great shape, but if you live with a big family, tackle the chore two or three times per week.


  • Pick hidden dust – if the surface under your furniture is carpeted, don’t forget to vacuum clean it too. While these areas are tougher to reach, you don’t have to deal with the task every time you clean the carpet. Vacuum clean under furniture pieces at least once a month to eliminate buildup dust and improve air quality at home. In case you are dealing with relatively light pieces, you can even relocate them for a while so that you can give the carpet a thorough cleanup with the vacuum.


  • Get the best vacuum cleaner – and do your best to keep it in perfect working condition. Vacuum cleaning the carpet with a powerful machine goes a long way in extending the lifespan of the rug, that’s why investing in a brand-new vacuum is a purchase worth making. Surely the latest models might seem quite expensive, yet preserving the carpet is crucial in the long run. In addition to dealing with the job effectively, quality vacuum cleaners allow you to complete the chore in no time. However, don’t forget to provide decent maintenance for your machine. Make sure you always start with an empty bag or container, otherwise the vacuum cleaner might fail to perform as expected.


  • Address stains first – even the highest quality vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be able to clean the carpet if the surface is covered with stains. Sticky or greasy messes should be removed from the carpet before vacuum cleaning, or else the machine wouldn’t pick dust and dirt stuck in the rug. So before you grab the vacuum cleaner, inspect the carpet for nasty stains. Treat the stains using safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to prepare the surface for vacuuming.


  • Has the carpet occasionally been cleaned by the pros – taking advantage of a professional carpet cleaning service has amazing benefits not only for the looks of your rug but for the healthy environment as well? At least once a year, book a professional carpet cleaning company to eliminate all allergens trapped in your carpet. While learning how to vacuum clean like a pro can set the carpet free from dust and dirt, relying on the experts will boost the result of your efforts by deep cleaning the carpet.


Follow these vacuum cleaning tips experts recommend for keeping the carpet clean. Vacuum clean the carpet as often as possible to banish dust and dirt from the surface. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner and keep it in top shape. Address carpeted surfaces under your furniture. Before you start vacuum cleaning, take care of oily or sticky messes on the carpet. From time to time have your carpet professionally treated to provide the best care.


© London Carpet Cleaners


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text 2021-08-23 05:27
Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes You Should Never Make

Whether it is a grease stain on your sofa or some oil stain on your white shirt, a significant splatter or spill is enough to disorganized an individual. In the frenzy, one can make one or two cleaning mistakes while trying to remove the stains immediately, and getting it wrong would mean making matters worse. Nobody can stop you from panicking once you encounter a sudden stain, however, we are saying you should try your best to avoid making those rash decisions that can complicate matters.

At London Carpet cleaners, we share a lot of cleaning tips and hacks that can help one remove even the most stubborn stains from clothes, furniture, and carpets. But there are also some things you should never do. We will be discussing some of those common mistakes people make while trying to get rid of stains below;

Trying to scrub a stain: When a stain occurs, the same basic instinct might tell one to start scrubbing straight away. Well, this should not be the case because dabbing or blotting out stains is a more viable option. Scrubbing at a stain can do more harm than good in that it would potentially increase the diameter of the stain and even weaken the fabric at the same time. So instead of rubbing at a stain, stay calm and blot it out.

Drying the item before the stain is completely reduced: Once a stain occurs, you should make the first move of trying to make sure you remove the stain. Removing the stain may prove to be a little stressful, but you need to go through that stress before drying the material. Just as hot water can make stains permanent, sun-drying can do the same. They both have one thing in common; heat. So treat the stain first, no matter how stubborn it may be, then wash the item, before drying it. As long as the stain was removed before drying, you are good to go.

Immediately trying to rinse with hot water: Before you use hot water to attack that stain, take a second to reconsider. Basic instinct may suggest that hot water can dissolve the stain in an instant, but is that all? The same hot water can also set some stains permanently to the material, especially stains that are protein-based like blood. Hot water makes it more difficult to be removed. So instead of rushing to use piping hot water to directly attack a stain, consider using cold water to at least rinse it out.

Allowing stains to sit too long on the fabric: Once you have come up with a plan to tackle the stain, take action immediately. Resist the temptation to just throw it into the laundry bin and let it stay there till you are ready to wash all the clothes. The longer stains sit on materials, the more difficult they are to be removed.

Using a mixture of stain removers: Contrary to what most people believe, mixing different stain removers is never a good idea. Some think that the potency of cleaning becomes double once you mix stain removers but that is not true. The effects are the opposite. First, it can create some harmful gases depending on the solutions being mixed. Then, it can have a damaging effect on the fabric. So if you use a product and you do not get the required result, try another after the first one, instead of mixing them.

Application of too much stain remover: Yes, we understand that you want to get rid of the stains as soon as possible. But oversaturation will not do you so much good. If the product is used in excess, it becomes a lot more difficult to rinse it out completely, especially when the item is a carpet or upholstery. Instead of oversaturation, apply in lesser quantities but do it repeatedly if necessary.

Attacking stains from their centre: Doing this ultimately increases the chances of spreading the stain. Instead of this, try to tackle the stains from the edges and slowly work your way to its centre. That way, you will keep it from seeping or spreading.


Taking the right cleaning tips and avoiding these mistakes will make it possible for one to clean effectively. So what are you waiting for? If you require professional cleaners for your rugs and carpets, please contact London Carpet Cleaning services, and we will convince you we are the best.

© London Carpet Cleaners

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