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text 2022-04-30 03:45
A Simple Guide to Removing Carpet Stains


With a tastefully selected carpet, you can drastically improve your home’s overall appearance. Carpets bring warmth to any room, but one of their greatest disadvantages is staining. While any type of flooring solution can get stained, carpets are the toughest to clean. To banish stains from the carpet, you should adopt stain removal hacks that are effective and easy to follow. Here are simple guidelines on how to rescue the carpet from nasty stains:


  • Apply only water – before you go for a more complicated cleaning method, try to get rid of the carpet stain using only water. Believe it or not, clean water works on many carpet messes, especially those that are non-greasy. Just take a clean towel and soak it in water, then gently dab on the stain and let the carpet dry. Remember to never rub or scrub on the stain, to avoid spreading it on the carpet. Also, choose a white towel, otherwise, you risk colour transfer from the towel to the carpet. Do not over-wet the carpet to prevent mould or mildew from appearing.


  • Apply white vinegar – as a powerful cleaning agent, white distilled vinegar works wonders when treating carpet stains. Get rid of pet accidents on the carpet by mixing a few teaspoons of white vinegar with two cups of water. Use a clean white towel soaked in the mixture and gently dab the affected area of the carpet. After that, rinse with water. This stain removal hack is not only effective against numerous types of carpet stains, but it is also eco-friendly and safe for your health.


  • Apply liquid dish soap – another harmless trick to banish carpet stains is a mixture of a cup of water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Just like you did before, grab a white towel and soak it in the cleaning solution, then dab on the stain. In case you are faced with a stubborn carpet stain, you can upgrade this mixture by adding a few tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. After that reapply the cleaning remedy, dab again and rinse with water to get rid of the mess.


  • Apply baking soda – just like white vinegar, baking soda is an eco-friendly ingredient with lots of cleaning applications around the house, including carpet cleaning. Baking soda is the ultimate cleaning remedy when it comes to greasy stains on the carpet. It is also the smartest choice to neutralize nasty carpet odours without chemicals. Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet stain and then spray the area with your vinegar and dish soap cleaning solution. The mixture should look like a paste as it has dried. Let the stained surface stay covered with the mixture for a while and after that vacuum cleaner to gather residue.


  • Apply shaving cream – common dirt stains or oily messes can be successfully removed from the carpet with the help of shaving cream. Apply the product to the contaminated surface by rubbing it. Wait a few minutes for the cream to dry and wipe the residue with a wet towel. For particularly stubborn stains you might have to repeat the cleaning procedure several times to banish the stain completely.


  • Hire a cleaning service – in some cases, carpet stains are so tough that DIY cleaning approaches might fail you. In those moments the best you can do to rescue the stained carpet is to have it cleaned by professionals. Carpet cleaning experts rely on the most efficient cleaning techniques to tackle any carpet stain, no matter how old or stubborn the mess is.


Stick to these carpet cleaning strategies to easily defeat any carpet stain and make the carpet look brand-new.


© London Carpet Cleaners

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text 2022-01-28 07:29
Learn How to Deal with a Red Wine Stain Like a Carpet Cleaning Pro



Spilling red wine on the carpet might result in permanently staining the surface, that’s why you should master smart cleaning approaches to tackle the mess. However, don’t be surprised if the stain doesn’t come off in a flash. Red wine is one of the most challenging carpet stains to treat and if you own a light-coloured carpet, you need to be very careful with the cleaning techniques you opt for. Here is how to remove red wine stains from the carpet like a pro:


  • Gather your supplies – just like most other carpet cleaning spills, red wine requires quick actions, so that you can improve your chances of getting rid of the stain. However, before you address the mess, make sure you have your vacuum cleaner, some paper towels or clean cloths, as well as baking soda and water at your disposal. While you are collecting your cleaning supplies, you can sprinkle salt on the red wine spill as a quick fix.


  • Blot the spill – use paper towels or a clean absorbent cloth to remove as much of the red wine spillage as possible. A lot of pressure is not required for you to absorb the liquids, just slightly press the stain with the cloth. You should also bear in mind that rubbing or scrubbing the stain is a no-go. This might result in pushing the red wine deep inside your carpet’s fibres or causing the stain to spread even further. Blot the spill working from the edges towards the centre.


  • Pour some water – pouring a little water on the stained area will dilute the red wine, allowing you to absorb the liquid easier. Keep in mind, however, that only cold water should be added to the stain. Furthermore, you shouldn’t go overboard with the amount of water, or else you risk damaging the carpet. Blot the moist surface and go for a dry cloth anytime your cleaning tool stops absorbing the liquid. At some point, this step of the cleaning procedure will no longer be effective and you should move further with the next step.


  • Add baking soda – baking soda is one of the most absorbent eco-friendly ingredients you can employ for carpet cleaning and it is the best remedy to tackle red wine spills on the carpet. To treat the stain, you should prepare a mixture of three-to-one baking soda paste and water. Apply the solution on the surface and let it sit for a few hours. Baking soda needs some time to work its magic, so don’t hurry up and allow it to sit on the red wine spill. After you have waited for long enough, vacuum clean the treated area to collect hard baking soda residue.


  • Add a stain remover – while those steps should be enough for you to remove the red wine stain from the carpet, you might have to add a little stain removal product as well. In case the red wine stain hasn’t been eliminated, use your carpet stain remover as described by the manufacturer to banish all signs of spillage.


  • For a white carpet – when it comes to red wine spilt on a white carpet, you need to prepare a different carpet cleaning remedy. Two parts of hydrogen peroxide mixed with one part liquid hand soap are the solution you can opt for as a replacement for commercial detergents. Apply your DIY cleaner on the stain and wait for a few minutes before you blot the surface and rinse with clean water.


Red carpet stains are tough to banish, but they wouldn’t be able to withstand those smart cleaning tricks. Keep in mind these steps to remove red wine spills from the carpet like a true expert.


©London Carpet Cleaners


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