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review 2017-10-24 21:00
Kitty’s Big Trouble
Kitty's Big Trouble - Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Norville, Book 9

I Picked Up This Book Because: Continuation of a series.

The Characters:

Kitty Norville:
Ben O’Farrell:
Cormac/Amelia, Sun, Anastasia:

The Story:

This title is misleading, Kitty is always in trouble but with so much going on I see why the author kept it simple. This story was anything but simple. With monsters and relics and gods and centuries old vampires. Oh and pack members that are now magically inclined. There is an excellent setup for the next book which I look forward to getting my hands on.

Marguerite Gavin deserves a shout out because her portrayal of Kitty and company is unbeatable. I think a great amount of my love for this series is due to her.

Writing: Intricate and slightly overwhelming, like I like it.
Forward Motion: Excellent,not a moment of lull. Seriously the characters have to be exhausted.
Overall Interest: Great. I actually listened to the last 45 minutes at work this morning.
Length of Reading Time: Good
Re-read-ability: No.

The Random Thoughts:

I kinda hope we get to see Sun again. I really liked his character.

I just had a thought: Is the title related to/a play on Big Trouble in Little China? I’ve never seen the film so I am clueless.

The Score Card:


4 Stars
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review 2017-05-22 19:18
"Kitty Saves The World - Kitty Norville #14 - last in the series
Kitty Saves the World - Carrie Vaughn

"Kitty Saves The World", the last Kitty Norville book, reflects my experience of the series as a whole, strong on good guys, albeit sometimes flawed and haunted good guys, but weak on really evil villains who are a terrifying threat to the world.


Still, if you enjoyed the first thirteen books, the lack of palpable evil will neither surprise nor disappoint you.


The book read like a fond farewell, bringing back some of my favourite characters, having Kitty give another great performance on "The Midnight Hour", showing Kitty and Ben as a strong and loving couple and finally resolving the conflict with Roman so that Kitty can indeed, save the world.


I liked Kitty in this book. She continued to be strong and brave and witty, even when deeply afraid, but she was also willing to lead and to accept her right to take the help offered by her friends.


The resolution with Roman was clever, original and plausible, within the context of the series. It was drama rather than melodrama. I enjoyed it partly because it felt like something that Carrie Vaughn had been carefully leading up to for some time, rather than a "how am I gonna end this so I don't have to write any more of them?" ending.


It seems to me that Carrie Vaughn has never quite known what to do with the pack that Kitty and Ben lead. She had one book, after Kitty took over, where the pack dynamics were important but mostly, Kitty's pack have been passive elements in the story. Sadly, this remained true for the final book, although there was a good explanation for it.


I ended the book and the series very glad to have spent time with Kitty and watched her grow from a frightened victim of terrible abuse into a strong and compassionate leader who inspired loyalty and created hope.


I think the final book honored Kitty and her readers by staying true to the spirit of the series and by bringing many story arcs to satisfying conclusions without closing everything off so neatly that it became too "happily ever after".


I'm sure the Kitty books are over but I have a suspicion that Carrie Vaughn isn't quite done with Cormac yet. Which is a very fine way to end a series.

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review 2017-05-11 01:08
Martians Abroad by Carrie Vaughn
Martians Abroad: A novel - Carrie Vaughn

Book, it’s not you, it’s me. Actually, to be honest...some of it is you.


This book initially annoyed me with its conflation of mass and weight, but it was mostly just a boring new-kid-at-school young adult novel (or children's book, maybe). Most of the book is pretty dull, with the main character, Polly, acting like a bit of an idiot, and when things actually start to happen, the book just becomes unbelievable.


This book’s setting is a future science fiction world where there are some colonies on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system. Polly’s mother decides to send Polly and her “twin” brother Charles to a school on Earth called Galileo and they have to acclimatize to the stresses of Earth’s gravity as well as the snotty attitudes of the Earth kids. Because they're Martians. Then some stuff happens and it gets just a little too ridiculous.


I’d probably have liked it more if I had read it as a kid but the plot still seems silly so I doubt I would have thought it a great book even back then.


In case anyone’s wondering, I didn’t read this for booklikes-opoly because it’s a library book that is due back this week and I started it before I could legally roll again.

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text 2017-05-09 02:41
Reading progress update: I've read 15 out of 287 pages.
Martians Abroad: A novel - Carrie Vaughn

"Five kilos on Mars or Earth?"

A kilogram is a unit of mass, not weight. It's the same on Mars and on Earth.


Time to bail? Or should I give it another few pages?

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review 2017-04-01 23:53
"Low Midnight - Kitty Norville #13" by Carrie Vaughn - Cormac gets his own book
Low Midnight (Kitty Norville Book 13) - Carrie Vaughn

"Low Midnight" is the first book in the Kitty Norville series that ISN'T about Kitty. We see everything in this book through Cormac Bennet's eyes.


It was this fresh vision that I enjoyed most- The plot is slight but fun; a fairy-tale quest in order to win access to information about Roman and a shoot-out with characters from Cormac's past.¨


The story is unfolds with skill, keeping a nice balance between action and mystery.

"Low Midnight"is a pleasant read rather than a compelling one but it's a must for the fans.


Two things made the book for me: getting to see Kitty as Cormac sees her rather than how she sees herself and finally getting an insight into how Cormac deals with the having the consciousness of Amelia, a wizard executed for a murder she didn't commit, living inside him.


There are only a few scenes with Kitty in the book but they are what energises Cormac on his quest. Kitty has changed Cormac's world. First she talked him out of killing her, making him question his belief that all werewolves needed to be put down, then she folded him into the circle she thinks of as family, refusing to let him retreat back entirely into his silent-loner lifestyle.


When Cormac looks at Kitty he sees boundless energy, unconscious power and influence and inexhaustible altruism. She makes him want to be a better man. Despite her strength, she makes him want to protect her. Cormac brought Kitty into focus in a way that explains the impact she has on other people more clearly than Kitty has ever been able to explain it to herself.


Cormac has played a strange role in the past few Kitty books. Suddenly this silent hunter of werewolves and vampires has stopped hunting and started protecting and he's been using magic to do it.


I understood the explanation of how this came about - Cormac agreed to host the disembodied consciousness of Amelia, a dead  Edwardian English gentlewoman with magically abilities. In return, Amelia kept Cormac from harm in prison - but I had trouble understanding what it meant. Cormac didn't talk about it and Kitty couldn't decide whether Amelia was ally or parasite or friend or something entirely new unique.


in "Low Midnight" Carrie Vaughn does a great job of breathing life into both Cormac and Amelia. I was fascinated by their relationship. I loved the idea that they would meet "face to face" in the memory of meadow from Cormac's past, when Cormac went to sleep. The characters are so compelling that I could easily imagine a spin-off Cormac and Amelia series.


"Low Midnight" moves the "Long Game" story arc forward by gaining new information on Roman that should help Kitty.



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