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review 2017-05-24 04:45
Stranger Things Have Happened (An Adrien English Choose Your Own Adventure)
Stranger Things Have Happened: An Adrien English Write Your Own Damn Story - Josh Lanyon,Catherine Dair

I'll say this upfront: if you're not a fan of CYOA books or of the Adrien English series, then you're probably not going to get much out of this. If you are a fan of Adrien-with-an-E and so-so on CYOA, then I think this will still be enjoyable. If you're a fan of both, you will LOVE this!


I used to read Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was kid. Remember those? They were little paperbacks, usually stapled together, and you got to choose which way the story would go by picking what storyline to follow next. They could be quite entertaining to see all the different ways a story could be told. Now, by the time Ms. Lanyon wrote Come Unto These Yellow Sands, I had completely forgotten CYOAs existed, but reading that book sparked a lot of fun memories. Then Ms. Lanyon gifted us with this gem and ... I didn't get it and dragged my feet. I finally got it shortly after So This Is Christmas came out and still didn't read it. I guess I was waiting until the right moment, and this moment was it. 


Oh, what joy! Ms. Lanyon is certainly creative and she's given us so many different paths to choose. There are wacky shenanigans amok, and tentacles, and pirates, and some truly disturbing twists which thank God the actual story didn't go that way, let's just put it like that. The only thing that was missing was the Scooby Doo ending. :) But I'm sure if we ask real nice, she might give it to us as a Christmas Coda.

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review 2015-04-26 23:39
A Christmas Cactus for the General (Angel Martinez)
A Christmas Cactus for the General - Erika O. Williams,Catherine Dair,Angel Martinez
Teer is an Irasolan General who gets exiled to Earth (and he lands in Anchorage) because he fails his mission. Earth is so much different than his planet, but Teer learns to adapt and live among humans. He gets a work as a florist assistant at Benson's where every Friday, one customer comes to buy purple hyacinth ... Bruce is a seaplane pilot who lost his partner in an accident. He comes to Benson's to buy flowers to be put on his partner's grave every Friday and becoming quite aggravated with the pansy twink behind the counter....


Stupid little story, made me teary eyed!!

I am not a fan of sci-fi related story but I am quite familiar with Angel Martinez's writing and this story was recommended by my friend who practiced 'tough love' when it came to rating books (*wink at Irene*). Well, I guess the joke was on me because I ended up LOVING this story so much!!

I loved Teer so much -- I was emotionally sympathized with him and I could feel his loneliness. He's a general in his planet and here he is, in a place that is totally different with how home used to be. It's strange place, full of water, customs that are so different, and Teer also needs to learn about human. It must be quite a struggle for him! I could imagine Teer in his apartment, watching TV and browsing the Internet, learning things that puzzle him so he will not make a mistake. I was championing for him so much (I could totally understand why Teer's boss, Molly, seemed to be very protective of him). Even if Teer is a General and he could definitely protect himself, but still, I fell in love with this little alien.

Bruce at first was totally being grumpy and rude towards Teer (I didn't really understand why, though) but then they struck friendship. I loved the slow-burn romance here; again, it started with friendship since they both connected in that 'lonely' level of their lives: Teer being an exiled alien and Bruce being practically a widower.

I liked that Bruce found out about Teer being an alien early in the friendship though, because it eliminated the drama of him finding out later. I loved reading that part of Bruce trying to teach and introduce Teer to new foods, different customs (Teer learning about being able to bring home the leftovers from restaurant was adorable), and later the way to make love with one another. And of course there was that one scene near the end that just almost made me cried (like I said, stupid little story *sniff*)

If there were a couple of little things that bothered me it would be Bruce's rudeness towards Teer in the beginning. At first I thought it was because he was in the closet, and he hated Teer for being 'too blatant' with his colorful clothes and gloves. But then I found out that he didn't exactly hide his sexuality. So was it because Bruce already attracted to Teer and he didn't want the little 'guy' to get gay bashed or something? It was one small thing that just confused me a bit.

AND, I also couldn't wrap my brain around one thing ... it had to do with Teer's being an alien [
apparently, Teer's 'hole' is basically located in his 'belly button' and in his race, males are the ones carry the eggs until they hatch. It's definitely an M-PREG kind of situation for me
(spoiler show)
] ... my brain just creeped out!! I know, it shouldn't be a problem, but my brain works differently than you guys who like/enjoy these things *lol*
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url 2014-07-23 15:48
Josh Lanyon and Catherine Dair visit Prism and Talk Stranger Things Have Happened
Stranger Things Have Happened: An Adrien English Write Your Own Damn Story - Josh Lanyon,Catherine Dair

Prism Book Alliance would like to thank Josh Lanyon & Catherine Dair for taking the time to talk with us today. There is also a Giveaway, so don’t miss that. Title: Stranger Things Have Happened Author: Josh Lanyon & Catherine Dair Publisher: Self Published Cover Artist: Catherine Dair Interview: PBA: Continue Reading →

Source: www.prismbookalliance.com/2014/07/josh-lanyon-catherine-dair-talks-stranger-things-have-happened-interview-giveaway
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review 2014-07-03 00:00
Stranger Things Have Happened: An Adrien English Write Your Own Damn Story
Stranger Things Have Happened: An Adrien English Write Your Own Damn Story - Josh Lanyon,Catherine Dair This was a fun read and it was definitely the first time I read something like that. It's a great idea, though, and I think it would be cool if Josh wrote books like this for some of his other couples in the future.
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text 2014-06-22 03:51
Stranger Things Have Happened by Josh Lanyon
Stranger Things Have Happened: An Adrien English Write Your Own Damn Story - Josh Lanyon,Catherine Dair

This was my Amazon Prime borrow for June. I was a little worried - I have an old fashioned Kindle without even a touch screen, and thought navigating this "choose your won adventure" book might drive me crazy.  It was actually easy and worked well.


It was a fun little book.  It had enough references to the original book it is based on (Fatal Shadows) but with lots of new twists and turns including a lovely illustration.  :-)  Borrowing it was the right choice though - I don't see going through all the branches of the story more than once or twice.

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